BlazeBlue: Knight of Souls

By MasterBleach

Action / Adventure

Contest Catatstrophe

In the 6th Hierarchical City, Yabiko, Ikaruga, Noel Vermillion was having a secret meeting with the current head of the Duodecim and the Mutsuki family, Kagura. The weather was calm, the city peaceful, and completely contrasted with conversation they were having.

“NOEL IS A WHAT NOW!?” Yelled out one female’s voice that could be heard nearly all around Ikaruga.

“Maktoko, please try to contain yourself.” Another much quieter female voice said to her.

“Tsubaki , how can you be so clam after all that Nowellers told us?!” The loud voice, Makoto asked the quiet voice, Tsubaki, in much less louder tone.

Noel wondered if she shouldn’t have asked Kagura to summon Makoto and Tsubaki to the meeting. It seemed like a good idea at the time, since they’ll all be on the same page at the same time. Though now Noel was kinda wishing she kept it to herself and thought out a better way to tell them instead of this way. She was thankful Kagura’s office was closed and had measures against people trying to spy on the goings on inside it.

Kagura managed to maintain some composure after hearing Noel’s story, as his arms were crossed and looking between her and a much less composed Makoto, he cleared his throat so the three girls would focus their attention on him.

“So, Noel babe, if I’m following this correctly, this group tried to capture you for your power.” She nodded in confirmation. “Though they failed and this Nolan kid came about from the aftermath of the failure.” She nodded again vigorously. “So now you’re taking care of him since he’s your child somehow? That part didn’t make sense.” She laughed nervously, as Tsubaki nodded in agreement.

“Who are these guys? I’ll pound them into the ground for messing with Noel and then that whoever he was guy who took advantage of Noel and making her have a kid!” Makoto asked and declared brandishing her weapons.

“You can count me in too.” Kagura said putting his hand back to grab his blade.

Noel shook her hands, “No, no! It wasn’t like that guys! When that device malfunctioned, our powers kinda felt like they were bleeding into each other. Sorta like an ink bleeding through paper.”

Tsubaki nodded as she listened, “Alright, but that still doesn’t change the fact he left you to take care of that child on your own. Plus there is the fact that if that one group is targeting you due to your power, that extra responsibility would make it harder for you to avoid capture if you had to also worry about his well-being.”

“Yeah, Tsubaki is right! He at least deserves a couple good whacks in the head for doing that!” Makoto said eager to chew out this mystery man who Noel spoke about.

Noel looked away from the group, “Well about that...”, she began to quietly mutter to herself, the other three being unable to make out all of what she said.

“Wait, what!?” Makoto asked Noel, looking at her in surprise. The other two looked to Noel, the blonde now feeling really uncomfortable now. “Well he actually-”

The battle was brutal, many great souls engaged in the contest of wills, only to be overwhelmed by the greatest of them all. A crowd of watchers all started to cheer as the triumphant ones stood before him.

“Ladies and the Gentlemen, this year’s winner of the Kazamostu Pizza eating contest is none other the majestic and fearsome team known as the Shinigami Shinobi~!” The announcer said with zeal as Bang, Taokaka and Nolan all stood proudly before the crowd of onlookers. After the ceremonies where the group was presented with a trophy, the crowd dispersed as the contest was now officially over.

“That was a wonderful contest!” Bang said to the other two as they all began to leave.

“Yeah! Tao loves eating. Meow! There should be a contest happening everyday so Tao could eat all Tao wants. Meow!” Taokaka said as happily walked along, with her tail swaying along.

“We even got a trophy for each of us! Normally, they just give out one huge trophy for the team to try murdering each other over.” Nolan commented as he followed the other two.

“Normally that would be the case, but after the brawl that happened last year, they decided to make three smaller trophies for each person, rather than one huge one.” Bang informed him motioning his trophy.

“Smart move. Didn’t they have to stay closed for two months of the year to repair the damages?” Nolan asked as he sensed something nearby. “Do you guys sense that?” Bang looked around, “No, unless you’re talking about that wonderful aroma coming from down the street.”

Tao ran off towards the smell, “Tao hopes whatever that smell is that it’s delicious so that Tao can eat it!”

“Ironically enough, that sensation I felt was towards downtown. Shall we investigate, Master Bang?” Nolan asked as he prepared to run after Tao. “Yes, let’s get moving discipline #4!” Bang replied as they too raced after Tao.

They managed to catch up to Tao within a few minutes of rooftop jumping, though the two were surprised at the sight before them. A small girl with long hair and a bright colors along with a ruffled skirt was yelling at Taokaka, who was covered in what seemed to be like pudding of some kind.

“Now you made Luna, mad! THAT WAS MY PUDDING YOU’RE COVERED IN!” The little girl screamed at Taokaka, who was happily licking the pudding off her paws. “Tao had to pounce on that pudding meow! That smell called out to Tao and begged for Tao to do it!”Luna wasn’t buying it for a minute, “Like hell it did! Get ready! I’m going to make you pay for stealing MY pudding!” With that, Luna pointed her staff, the Muchorin at Taokaka, who flashed her claws at Luna. “Nobody gets in the way of Tao and her pudding time!”

The two began to brawl, Luna’s using her Muchorin to fire cat missiles at Taokaka, who returned to blindingly fast claw swipes. Luna managed to knock Tao away by having her weapon turn into a bat that literally made Tao’s head spin, along the rest of her body. She then followed off by chaining Tao to a heart and then having a bell slam into the heart where Taokaka was chained. Taokaka managed to recover by rolling away from Luna, only to pounce on her and rapidly claw at her face before thrusting her upwards into the air. All, while this battle was occurring, Bang and Nolan watched from the sidelines or well on a rooftop, whichever you would say if describing this situation to someone else.

“Should we break them up?” Nolan asked Bang as they watched the battle rage on.

“One shouldn’t get in the middle of a cat fight, disciple #4.” Bang told him as he watched his 1st and 3rd disciples fight each other.

“Well then you might want to say that to that knight-looking person waltzing right up into that cat-fight of carnage.” Nolan said to him as he pointed to the newcomer appearing from the crowd that gathered to watch the fight.

After Ragna and Celica were gone; it was just Rachael and Valkenhayn.

“Madam Rachael” Valkenhayn began.

“I know Valkenhayn.” Rachael replied

“That girl, she is no ordinary girl is she? Rachael questioned.

“I’m afraid not madam.” Valkenhayn answered his master.

Rachael’s eyes narrowed. “Her presence, it’s nothing I’ve ever felt before. And by that I mean I’ve mean it’s a presence I’ve never acknowledge before. It’s almost as if she was here the whole time, but her presence was never felt until now.”

“Would she be same case as Noel Vermillion? Valkenhayn asked her.

Rachael shook her head. “No, Noel’s existence was a result of a phenomenon. That girl ‘Elisa’ hers just appeared out of the blue as if she was hiding.”

“Hiding Madam? Perhaps she may have some kind of technique to hide herself.” Valkenhayn assumed.

“I highly doubt it. I sensed her the moment she popped out of where ever she came from.” Rachael replied.

Valkenhayn’s eyes widened almost as big as the moon. “Madam, you don’t mean.”

Rachael nodded her head “You assumption correct Valkenhayn. It’s if she came into our world somehow.”

Elisa reappeared on top of a building. Her eyes began to wander and she was amazed by the city she was in. “So this is Kazamostu huh?” Using her left arm as a table for her right arm to rest on and placing her chin in her right hand. She thought to herself while still gazing at the city and its beauty. “If I can remember correctly, Kazamostu is the 7th hierarchical and one of the allied hierarchical cities of Ikaruga and it’s a tourist city. Hm, maybe I’ll go sight-seeing.”

Just then Elisa’s stomach growled.

“Awww man, I knew I should’ve had mom fix me something before we left. I starving.” Elisa said while holding her stomach. She checked her pockets. “Amount of cash on me. Five platinum dollars. I’m definitely gonna starve.” She thought too herself still holding her stomach.

Then someone shouted “Fight! There is a fight!”

Elisa heard the shout and saw a crowd of people gathering. Now filled with curiosity she leapt from building to building to the get a better view. When she was able to get a good look that what the commotion was she saw a fight between a female kaka cat and a little blonde girl with a staff.

People were getting rallied up by this and some of them were shout words of encouragement to each of them.

“Hmm. Everyone seems to be really in to this. Oh, I know.” Elisa had a devilish grin. “I can make some money off these people. Ohoho yes, if I can make enough money off these one track-minded chumps then it’s an all you can eat buffet for me.” She said too herself with a mischievous laugh.

With that she jump down to the street and pushed her way through the crowd. When she got to the front she shouted. “Place your bets, place your bets. Come on people words of encouragement and shouting obscenities isn’t enough. If you want to really have a reason to win then we need to give them some incentive people. Come on place you bets, place your bets we have the super-fast energetic kaka cat girl and the magical lolly. Place your bets, place your bets!”

And all at once almost instantly people were handing out money to her from left to right.

“I bet $50 on the cat girl!” one man yelled.

“What are you stupid? That magical girl has it in the bag! I bet $90.” screamed another.

“Amateurs let met me show you how betting is done.” Said a woman who obviously seemed like she was rich. “Young lady, I will bet $50,000 and the cat and $30,000 on the little girl.”

A few of the people around the women looked that her.

“Are you serious? You’re giving that girl $80,000.” said one man.

“So what, if you run several industries and live a life like I do. You can never run out of money.” she replied.

Elisa couldn’t believe it. These people were actually giving her money just to see these two fight. And not to mention a woman who is filthy rich is betting the most, hell way more than anyone. This idea has far exceeded her expectations.

Oh my gosh, if things keep going that this rate. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.′ she thought to herself. While Elisa was collecting her money from the rowdy crowd, a suspicious looking man wear knight-like armor stepped out from the crowd.

“Is that a guard? I thought NOL personnel wore uniforms, not armor?” Elisa thought to herself.

“Hey, watch out don’t get to close to that.” Elisa shouted to the person. But the person didn’t even listen to her and continued walking towards the cat fight of carnage. Elisa immediately got a very bad vibe from the person.

“Something doesn’t feel right. Could this be the suspicious characters mom was talking about.” she asked herself.

Kokonoe grew restless as she waited for Tager and Lambda to report back with data and those collection samples she wanted, with reports of suspicious characters being spotted in several Hierarchical cities throughout Ikaruga, Kokonoe wanted to see what the fuss was about. Just as she was about to contact them to find out what was taking so long for them to report in, she got called.

“This is Kokonoe. What is it?” She asked wondering who would be contacting her at such a time.

“This is Kagura.” ′Of course he’d have crappy timing like that.′ She thought to herself as he replied to him.“I was calling to see if you have any idea on what’s been going on recently? There was a specific incident that happened a while ago and the current influx of reports about suspicious characters showing up in various cities.”

Kokonoe raised a finely arched eyebrow at Kagura’s inquiry. While she was looking into the suspicious characters, she wasn’t sure of the incident he was referring too. “Incident? Care to clarify what you’re asking for specifically?”

“So you’re unaware of that incident that happened recently in Ibukido? I see.” Kagura seemed surprised but managed to keep himself composed. Kokonoe was now getting interested, what happened in Ibukido recently?

“Well I do have data on those suspicious characters you asked about, but I am curious as to what Intel you have about Ibukido.” She smirked, “So how about you show me yours and I’ll show you mine, Kagura?”

As much as Kagura loved to hear those words from a woman, this wasn’t the time. Now what to say to that? “Well-”, he was cut off.

“Colonel Mutsuki! Are you entertaining a woman with your office door unlocked, again? Sir, I have urgent news so you’re date will have to wait.” Hibiki had cut Kagura off and from what Kokonoe could tell, busting into his office with important business. “I’ll have to take a rain-check on your offer. Later.” Kagura told her before signing off.

Well Kokonoe’s mood improved somewhat, she wasted no time in contacting Tager.

“Tager, update. I need you to gather data on Ibukido.”

The battle between Platinum and Taokaka had reached a fever-pitch, the crowd of onlookers had now started placing bets on who would win. Nolan and Bang weren’t going to intervene, that was until someone decided to try walking right into the battlefield filled with explosions and swipes of seither filled claws.

“Teardrop TYPHOON!” Luna yelled out as she began to spin around with the Muchorin, a green vortex of energy formed around her as she charged toward Taokaka, only to hit the knight-like person who decided to get too close to the action. Tao managed to avoid the vortex, but the knight had been thrown back towards her as a result of the attack. Tao crouched to avoid getting hit by the flung knight at her, but once she tried to lung at Luna, she countered by shooting bombs out of her Muchorin, repeatedly. Did I mention that knight was close enough to get caught by the explosions of said bombs? Yeah needless to say that knight was not looking so hot after all that.

Nolan was debating on teleporting the guy out of there and then asking Celica to heal him, but the sight of the knight made him feel uneasy and on edge. First, he thought maybe the sight of the broken bits of armor hiding singed flesh was what bothered him. Though it was when he looked into their eyes, that he could say for certain that this person existence bothered him greatly. Their eyes were black, but their pupils were glazed over so much that he could hardly distinguish them from the rest of their eyes. The look gave Nolan the feeling of being like a caged animal, powerless, helpless and at the mercy of something far greater than one’s self. As Nolan was about to move, he saw the knight get back up and cling to Luna.

“Get off me you pedo!” She had Muchorin create a paper fan to smack the injured knight away. However, it kept coming back for her.

“This person must be stopped before they get themselves killed!” Bang said as he was about to intervene in the fight. Nolan grabbed his wrist and motioned to several spots around the area where the fight was taking place. “There’s at least five or six of the guys wearing knight suits, just like that one. We should just get Platinum and Tao out of here now.”

Bang looked at him concerned, “Why is that? DO you think they might all try to avenge their injured comrade?” Nolan shook his head, “They all seem to be closing in and if they’re like that other knight, they might try killing Platinum.” Nolan left out the part of how he for some reason felt profound anguish if he managed to look into the eyes of the one that was injured.

However, before the two men could act, one of the hidden knight drew a sword and made their way towards Platinum. The rest pointed guns at her and Taokaka and started firing at them. The crowd started screaming and running away in panic as the knights closed in on Platinum and Tao. “That’s it!” Nolan teleported to where the two were, using a barrier guard to block the gun shots. “Master Bang! Let’s get these two-”, he was cut off when the one knight with the sword managed to damage the barrier so bad that Nolan nearly lost focus and thus causing it to vanish.

“Tao’s gonna beat up all those meanies who get in the way of her and that yummy pudding! Meow!” Despite being banged up from Platinum’s attacks, Tao was ready to fight!

“Yeah, I’ll kick the asses of all those pedos who think they can stop Luna!” Luna declared before Sena took over. “Luna, you’re too weak from fighting Tao to beat all those strong looking knights!” Luna grit her teeth in irritation, “Shut up, Sena! Luna can totally handle this sorry bunch of wimps! Come on! Bring it on!”

Nolan glanced back at the two before drawing out his own guns, “Looks like your disciples aren’t backing down, myself included. So, Master Bang, shall we kick their collective asses to kingdom come?” Bang originally wanted to get them all out to safety, but their fighting spirits ignited his own, the result being a blazing inferno of passionate fury! “Yes, let’s show those evildoers our mighty will and indomitable spirits! Charge!”

With that Nolan returned fire at the Knights that shot at them while Tao began to pounce and claw the face of another knight. Luna tried to beat down one of them with her cat hammer, all while Bang dashed around and attacked multiple ones at once, vanishing and appearing before them to land deadly blows against them!

In the 2nd Hierarchical city of Iwatsuchi, Relius Clover and with his son, Carl Clover were looking over one of the knights that got too touchy-freely with Nirvana.Litchi Faye-Ling assisting them with analyzing their new test subject.

“This technology isn’t the market standard or the like the weapon’s grade ware in Ikaruga. This union between flesh and robotics is very intriguing.” Relius said as he examined the weapons on the knight, noting that with the way the tech was graphed onto the biological subject, it would function and continue to do so until the energy source ran out. So even if the subject died, it could be still be used until this mystery power source was depleted.

Carl and Litchi both traded uneasy looks as they became more aware about how this knight worked.

“It seems that locating the power source for this subject will require more time. I wonder if Kokonoe has managed to get her hands on one yet. It’s truly a fascinating piece of work.” He turned to Carl, “Hazama hasn’t brought back the sample I had asked him to get for me. I believe I’m beginning to understand why he wanted to keep this information to himself.” He then turned to Litchi, “You’re going to Ibukido, bring the liquid seither along with you to collect data.”

“Y-yes, Colonel Relius.” Litchi answered as she went to prepare to leave.

Nolan could hardly see due to all the dust and smoke that had kicked up all over the battlefield during the fight. The Knights were tough and deadly, using it to their advantage masking their movements and making their attacks harder to read. That was Bang and Nolan’s job, thanks, since they were the ninja here! He heard the sound of gun fire on either side of him, so he pointed he own guns at either side of him, hoping he get kill two birds with two shots. However, he had to quickly dash forward to avoid getting cut in half by one knight attacked him from above with a sword.

“Annoying little bit-”, he had block another slash with the guns, kicking the knight away in the stomach. “I’ll show you how to use a sword you fairytale reject!” He drew his own sword as he put away his guns. The knight tried to slice him in half, but Nolan parried the blow before vanishing in front of the knight, only to appear behind him getting a clean cut across their back.He tried to go for another slice, but the knight managed to garb Nolan’s blade with their hands and then punched him hard in face, knocking him back.

“Fuc-”, before Nolan could even finish swearing, the knight tried to slash him in half while he was trying to regain his footing. Thinking fast, he stabbed his sword directly in front of him before crouching down. As the knight tried to switch their aim from mid-air to lower to the ground, Nolan teleported once more, the knight stopping their attack in a vain attempt to locate his new location.This time he transported above the knight, hold his sword between his legs as he swiftly came down the knight.

The knight couldn’t have used their sword to parry in time, but they tried a last ditch effort to avoid being split clean in half by moving back a bit, the result being them just getting slash clean down the front of the head and torso. The knight move their body back as the massive gash they were sporting started to paint the ground red. Nolan frowned, “If you don’t back off, you will die.” His green eyes had a now began to show a mix of red in them and his tone was more firm and direct.The knight didn’t seem to hear him or care about a single thing he said as they launched into another attack, this time using their left hand to throw their own blood at Nolan’s face, while using their sword in their right, to try to pierce his chest with repeated stabbing attempts.

“Shit!” Nolan said irritably as his right eye got blinded by the knight’s blood. He managed to avoid the stabbing strikes by moving back, but that changed once his backed into a wall, barely parrying another blow from the knight. Nolan managed to use momentum from the knight’s own strike to push them off, then his eyes glazed over.

“Terminating Target.” Was all he said before his sword started to glow with tribal flaming pattern appearing on his sword. He swiped his blade at the knight, a narrow flaming wave flying off toward the knight. The knight managed to avoid the attack, but quickly had to guard from another aerial attack from Nolan, except this time once their blades crossed, he unleashed flames that caused an explosion directly in front of the two. The knight was sent flying back from the explosion, only flying directly into Nolan’s blade, who had appeared directly behind them, using the explosion as a cover for his teleportation. However, he wasn’t finished with simply impaling the knight through, he made his sword create more flames and with it still inside, had boiled the knight’s insides before saying one phrase:

“Martian Immolation!”

The knight’s body was completely covered in white-hot flames being reduced to ashes.

Nolan’s eyes returned to their normal green coloring, his body staggering a bit as he recovered from his fight. “Damn. I got pushed that much by one of those knights? Something so miserable, I wouldn’t be surprised if they welcomed any kind of death to free them from that repugnant sea of anguished despair?!” He spat on the ground, “Disgraceful.” He looked to see that Bang, Tao and Luna finishing off three of the knights by having them all get blasted by Platinum’s Superbeam. However, there were two knights left. One was fighting a blond woman, while the other...was being carried off by either Nu-13 or Lambda somewhere, Nolan barely managed to see them before they teleported off.

Nolan went over to see Bang, Tao and Platinum. They all looked like they were sent through the ringer, all three bleeding a bit.

“Oh no, you’re all hurt!” Cried out a voice all too familiar to Nolan. Celcia ran to the group with Minerva right at her side. “Don’t worry, I can heal your wounds, just say still, okay?” Without waiting for them to reply, she began by healing platinum many scratches and bruises.

“Just what the hell happened here?” Ragna asked Nolan as he looked around at all the destruction that occurred.

“I’ll explain later, Uncle. Right now you might want to be on guard, I’m not sure which one I saw, but I know I saw either Lambda or Nu-13 around here with one of those knight freaks bodies.” Nolan told him as he looked Ragna right in the eyes. “Nu? Lambda? Oh great, that’s the last thing we want to deal with right now.” Ragna said as he looked around, waiting for Nu to come out to try to kill him.

Nolan, meanwhile, as he waited in-line to get healed by Celcia, caught sight of the blonde girl that was also fighting against one of the knights. He walked up to her, unsure of why, but it felt like the two were alike somehow.

“Hello, you had some nice moves there. Are you an observer or a chronophantasma?”

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