BlazeBlue: Knight of Souls

By MasterBleach

Action / Adventure

Nightmarish Onslaught (Pt.2)


Luna: Last time on BlazBlue: Knight of Souls: Luna was being awesome as usual and was enjoying a nice pudding cup...that is until SOME greedy cat came, pounced and ate it!

Taokaka: Meow! It was tasty! Also Good Guy, Hot Guy and Punchy Gal all promised to get Tao all the meatbuns she could eat! Meow!

Elisa: Like hell I did!

Nolan: Lies and Slander!

Ragna: This is supposed to be a recap not a fantasy, Tao. Plus none of you even mentioned those freaky knights that showed up and started fighting us!

Luna: I was getting to that you pedo!

Sena: Really? You skipped right to that pudding part and didn’t even mention the other events that happened-

Luna: Shut up, Sena!

It was a busy night at the Kagutsuchi all-you-can-eat restaurant, waiters and waitresses were running back and forth trying to keep up with customer’s orders. Among those customers was Bullet who was eating her food in silence and was sitting by herself. In the mist of the loud crowd a voice of a young woman shouted out “Everyone the news! Look at the news!” A young waitress came running through the crowd and turn the volume on the TV to the maximum level, everyone turned their attention towards the TV to see what had the waitress in such a panic. “BREAKING NEWS: This is Ikaruga News and we are coming to you live from the 7th Hierarchical city of Kazamotsu and chaos and turmoil are raging on its streets as we speak.” Reported a young female news reporter who on an arus magus air vessel.

“As you can see the scene is quiet catastrophic, smoke, rubble, and explosions fills the city’s streets. A squadron of suspicious knight-like characters stormed on the streets and engaged a confrontation with a group of seven. Who the identity of the knights and the group of seven is unknown, but reports from witnesses say that the Grim Reaper, Ragna the Bloodedge, is somehow involved in the fay. Some believe that the Grim Reaper lead the attack of the knights and others say that they witnessed the Grim Reaper fighting against the knight forces alongside the group that was mentioned earlier. The story of this event is unknown, but we will be back to update you more.” and with that the TV scene switched a male reporter sitting at a table relaying the reports he was just giving.”

People started to talk amongst themselves about what they just saw. Bullet who was slowly chewing her food still had her mind on the news report “What the hell is happening over?” She thought to herself.

Luna was not having a fun time, when those knights starting attacking everyone at the same time, she didn’t expect to get tag-teamed by two knights from the start! She managed to trap the first knight that charged at her with those huge twin battle axes within a bubble. Sadly, this left her open for the other knight to wrap their chain around her. She was struggling as they pulled her in close to cut her clean in half with their axe from what she could guess. However, things wouldn’t go down that route thanks to two knights being blasted and flung into the knight dragging her by the chain, leaving the three struggling get up from the knight pile they created.

Just as one managed to get both their arms on the ground to push themselves up from the pile, said pile of three knights got blasted by a powerful blue beam, the result being that the three had large chunks of their armor missing along with exposed burned flesh.

“Minervea! I think that might have been a bit too much!” Celcia scolded her bodyguard, Minerva, stood ready to continue on ruthless onslaught against the knights.

Nolan meanwhile, tried to study the knights attack patterns by dodging and teleporting away from their attacks. He noted that they had excellent synchronization, taking any opening that the other’s actions created. One tried to attack him from the front with their twin axes, but Nolan managed to side-step their attack and shot them in the shoulder as a counter. The other one tried to get him with their electrified chain, but Nolan used two shots to counter them. The first at the chain itself, making its trajectory veer off the mark of hitting him. The second would be at the knight’s hand, the reason being simple, if they couldn’t use their hand, they couldn’t use the chain and the axe to attack. Thus, reducing their threat-level and making them easier to deal with.

When everyone heard Elisa yell out the knight’s weakness, what happened next was almost instantaneous! Bang simply threw two kunai at the orbs at the center of the chests of two knight’s he was fighting against. Once those shattered, both were engulfed in an electrical discharge before blowing up from the result of the power overload. Ragna used his blood scythe to stab one in the chest, blowing it up and knocking back the other two that were trying to get him while he was busy. He punished them for that by slashing one’s helmet orb with his blood scythe and then hitting the other with a creature of darkness, also known as dead spike. Both had their orbs cracked and from that it was the end, both blew up.

Nolan smirked as he aimed two shots at the chests of the one’s he fought, ending them. He then looked over to see Minerva crush the orbs in the chests of two of three in the pile, like the rest, they had an electrical discharge and then blew up. As Minerva was about to kill the final one, Nolan teleported near Platinum and transported her out of the last knight’s chains before Minerva crushed their orb, causing them to explode.

“Nice work.” Nolan said to Elisa as he teleported next to her with Platinum.

Tao used her razor blade claws and lunged at the knights in an attempt to slash their orbs in half, but one of the knights slid under Tao and kicked her in the stomach and into the air. The other knight who had an electrified chain threw and wrapped it around Tao’s ankle. “MEOOOOOOOOOW!” Tao cried as she was being electrified, with that the knight slammed her to the ground. While Tao was struggling to get up the two knights took the opportunity to charge in with their axes to finish her off.

Elisa grabbed Platinum’s Mochorin “Sorry, but I’ll have to use this for a minute.” She said as she took it from her.

“Hey! What the HELL do you think you’re doing?!” Platinum yelled.

“Do you want that cat to be mincemeat or what?!” Elisa replied and with that she threw Mochorin up and kicked it towards one of the knights with the pointy end aiming for their orb. Nolan pulled out one his guns and fired a single bullet aiming at the other knight’s orb with precise accuracy. When the Mochorin and Nolan’s bullet struck the orbs Bang jumped in and grabbed Tao and jumped away from the knights before they exploded.

“Are you alright disciple #1?” Bang asked Tao as he helped her to her feet.

“Meow, those guys are mean meow.” Tao said rubbing her eye.

“Yeah their not pulling any punches.” Elisa said as she handed Mochorin back to Platinum.

“Don’t do that ever again you hear me! No one touches the Mochroin, but Luna you got that?!” Luna yelled as she snatched the Mochorin from Elisa. “Luna, she had to do something. Tao was in trouble.” Sena said defending Elisa. “I don’t care, she kicked it like it was trash!” Luna argued.

“Tch!” Elisa didn’t even bother to argue with the bratty persona, so she simply ignored.

Kokonoe was once again getting restless. It has been hours since she has heard from Tager or Lambda before sending them to Ibukido. Was there really anything out there or was Kagura just bluffing. “What the hell is taking so long.” She said too herself as her patience started to run thinner and thinner. Just then she got an incoming call that popped up on her hologram screen, assuming that it’ll be Tager or Lambda due to her impatience, she wasted no time answering the call. “This is Kokonoe, what is it?” she answered the call hoping to get the report she had waited so restlessly for.

“Good even, Professor Kokonoe.” Said a calm female voice.

Kokonoe frowned and her facial expression tensed, this wasn’t Lambda and it definitely wasn’t Tager“Who is this?” She asked the questioned in a demanding tone.

“If you want the answers your looking for you will come to the 8th Hierarchical city of Wadsutumi.” The voice said ignoring her question.

“Wadsutumi? Who the HELL is this? How did you get this radio frequency?” She asked again with even more demand in her tone.

“You will see when we meet. You can bring your bodyguards if you want.” And with that the call was ended. Kokonoe sat in her chair trying to comprehend on what just happened. “Who the hell was that?” she kept asking herself. Whoever it was obviously knew something if they wanted to meet. And it’s been hours since she’d heard from Kagura. This might be her only opportunity to really find out what’s going on. As much as it pained her, she decide to follow along with the mysterious caller. “Tager, Lambda, news orders. Meet me in Wadsutumi.”

Kokonoe stood waiting for Tager and Lambda in Wadsutumi. It was night, the moon was full and the sky was starless. The moonlight shined on the ruins that once use to be a great bustling city, the shadows of the ruins moved as the moonlight gradually moved as well. The cold night wind blew at Kokonoe, making her lad coat flap, but the wind didn’t faze her. As she was staring off into the city Tager and Lambda teleported behind her.

“Professor Kokonoe we have arrived.” Lambda reported.

“Kokonoe why are we here? Tager questioned.

“The person said Wadsutumi, I can see why they chose this location. Away from preying eyes and ears, but on the downside there is still a possibility it could be a trap. I’d made countermeasures just in case, but still stay on your guard.” She told them and started to walk toward. “Roger” they both responded and preceded after her. As soon as they were a little ways into the ruins a female voice spoke out “So you came after all.” Tager and Lambda were immediately on alert.

“You two pick up anything?” Kokonoe asked the two.

“No, I haven’t, Lambda you?” Tager asked.

“Negative” she responded while still scanning the area for any signs of life. Just then she picked up something. “Vidal signs detected, 7 meters away.” Lambda informed the others.

They both looked in the same direction she was looking. A girl stepped out of the darkness. She was a physically young short girl with long braided blonde hair with a navy blue ribbon that was over her right shoulder, she wore a white elegant blouse, a black overall skirt with modified navy ribbons, black tights, and black Mary Jane shoes with navy ribbons. Her eyes were an ember color. The three stood there staring at the girl and the girl did the same. “A child?” Tager said in confusion. “What is a child doing in a place like this? Is she lost?” He continued his question.

“Tager, I don’t that’s a child. Look at what she is holding in her right hand” Kokonoe said causing him to look closer. Then he noticed it she was holding something that seemed to be a case for a sword, but it was way too large for someone her size. But the most shocking thing was that she was carrying it with such ease. Tager got a notice of one of his systems. “Uhh, Kokonoe?”

“What is it Tager?” she respond still looking that the girl. “For some reason I’m picking up Azure reading that are off the charts.” He answered her.

“Wait, What?! When did this start happening?!” She asked in intense confusion. “I don’t know. It didn’t start until-” Tager didn’t even finish his sentence, they both looked that the girl in front of them. And as the two were still studying the mysterious girl Lambda spoke out “Subject unknown. But appears to be a field device and similar to a continuum shift agent. Designation code of model is unknown.” Saying that caused to be in shock.

“A Field Device?! That girl is a prime field?!” Kokonoe couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around what was going.

The girl smirked “So it seems we are the same as we always were, but just a new look.”

Kokonoe’s eye narrowed “Who are you? Are you the one who called us here?”

“Yes” the girl simply replied.

Tager and Lambda were on edge, they were waiting for something to happen.

“There is no need to be on alert. Remember, I called you here to talk.” The girl said in an attempt to calm them.

Kokonoe took a deep breath and exhaled. “Okay, earlier you said you know what’s going on, right? Now spill it.”

“Gladly, but not here. Too many eyes are watching.” The girl said while gradually shifting her gaze from left to right as if she was trying to catch sight of someone ease dropping.

“What? Eyes? There is no one here but us.” Tager said to her.

“She doesn’t mean regular eyes Tager.” Kokonoe corrected him. “Am I correct?” she then asked the girl.

“Precisely” the girl replied.

“Kokonoe, I don’t understa-” Tager was once again cut off for the surrounding area started to turn white and both Tager and Lambda disappeared. The only ones left was the girl and Kokonoe.

“A sealed space huh?” Kokonoe said a little surprised.

“I figured you catch on. You live up to your name.” The girl commented.

Kokonoe only smirked she can see that this girl had no intention to pose a threat.

“So you’re a prime field. What are you called?” she asked.

“I am called Es, no my name IS Es.” Es replied back.

“Ok Es, if you don’t mind me asking. Who created you?” Kokonoe ask another question.

“You’ll learn in due time, but that is something we can’t waste right now.” Es said with a serious look.

Kokonoe closed her eyes and crossed her arms. “Alright, tell me everything.”

“Understood” Es replied and to explain the situation.

As Es explained everything Kokonoe could only nod. She was informed about the ongoing war against a mysterious third party outside of this world and about the events that happened in Ibukido. And the more Es told her the more Kokonoe understood. “That’s everything I can tell you about the current situation. Kokonoe, with your knowledge we can have the edge to dive them out of our world.” Es told Kokonoe after giving her the offer. “Heh, to know that someone of your kind still cares for this world” Kokonoe smirked.

“I love it so is all I can say. So do you accept?” Es asked her.

“Why not? You pretty much answered all the questions I had. It’s the least I can do.” Kokonoe replied.

“Good, and don’t worry about equipment. I have that covered. Till next we meet.” Es said with a grin. And with that the sealed space was lifted and Es was gone.

“Kokonoe what happened? Kokonoe!” Tager was yelling out to her.

Kokonoe was laying on the ground, she got up on her feet and dust herself off “I’m fine, Tager.”

“What was that bright light and what happened to that girl from earlier? He questioned.

Kokonoe looked back “I don’t know. Let’s go we’re leaving.”

“So let’s recap of what happened since you left the castle. You won an eating contesting, got into a fight with a bunch of random knight looking people and then got into another fight with another batch of them.” Ragna said looking at Nolan, who nodded in response. “Yes, also you forgot the part where we grab some Udon before we go back.” Nolan added with a cheeky grin, which made Ragna roll his eyes at Nolan’s antics.

“Tao wants some Udon too, meow!” Taokaka added as she appeared right beside Ragna. “No way. We’re going back before some more stuff happens!” Ragna protested, much to Tao and Nolan’s dismay.

“Aww, come on Ragna, it can’t hurt to go get some before we head back!” Celica said hoping to win him over.

“No way Celica!” Ragna didn’t seem to want to budge on this. “Plus I got a bad feeling about sticking around here any longer. Let’s just go.”

Bang shook his head, “Come now, grim reaper! What’s the worst that could happen after all the fearsome battles that occurred earlier?”

“From the looks of it, twenty airborne enemies and ten ground troops.” Nolan answered as he pointed before the group, the next wave of enemies coming toward them.

“Oh what the-”, before Ragna could swear, the airborne enemies began shooting at the group. The air units wore what looked to be light-weight armored compared to the armor of the first two waves. Furthermore, their armor was pure white, their only visible weapons seemed to be sniper rifles. The ground units ...well at first glance it looked like a mixture of brown, gray and yellow colors made up their armor. They had what looked to be claws as their only weapons and appeared to be running at theseven using a bird run style.

However, the ground troops seemed to vanish, only a wave of heat seemed to be where they used to be. As the wave seemed to move closer to the group, the air units started firing at them.

“Everyone take cover!” Bang yelled as he threw out a couple of smoke bombs to hide their escape.

“Why do they keep attacking us?” Celica asked as Minerva carried her away. “I don’t know but they seem just as desperate as the last ones for Luna to lay another beat-down on them!” Luna said, “Luna you’re going to get us killed at this rate!” Sena scolded her.

Nolan saw Elisa and ran beside her, “You a long lost princess of a kingdom or something? You have any idea where these guys keep coming from and why they’re trying to kill us?”

Elisa looked that Nolan with a crazy look. “How the heck should I know?! I was just earning some money to get some food and the next thing I know, I’m being attacked by one of these guys!”

They all ran inside a Chinese restaurant and jumped over a counter. The restaurant owner was furious that them for barging in their restaurant like that. “Hey! What you doing here?! You here to buy food or you leave!”

Elisa turned to look at the restaurant owner. “Would you shut the hell up! Wait, why the hell are you still here?! Are you stupid?! You must be a real money grubbing person if you still thinking you’re gonna get customers during all this chaos!”

The Restaurant owner was taken back by what she said. “But I uh-”

“Uh nothing, do you seriously wanna die?! Then the hell out of here!” Elisa cut the owner off. The restaurant owner ran out the back door after being scold so harshly. Elisa blew her hair in frustration. Everyone looked that her, some surprised, some terrified.

Celica put her finger up to her chin. “You know, her attitude kinda reminded me of someone.”

Ragna gave a nervous laugh. “I wander who that could be?”

Just then 10 of the airborne knight launched rocket and missiles at the Chinese restaurant. Nolan who was still focused on the situation jumped over the counter and activated his barrier. The rockets didn’t stand a chance against his barrier alone, but the missiles told a different story. Shit! “Guys, I need some help here!” He yelled back to everyone. Everyone jumped over the counter and activated their own barriers. The airborne knights continued to launch more rockets and missiles.

“Just how much longer are they gonna keep this up?” Ragna asked as the onslaught of missiles and rockets continued. And right when he said it, the attacked stopped.

“Wh-what happened? Why did they stop?” Celica asked.

“I’m not sure, but don’t deactivate your barrier. There is no telling what their planning.” Bang said to everyone as they kept their concentration on the barrier.

Just then Celica saw something in the distance. “What is that?” She said pointing in its direction. Everyone looked to where she was pointing. “Is that an ars magus vessel?” Bang questioned.

“I’ve never seen an ars magus vessel that looks like that.” Ragna answered his question.

As the ship got closer its lower hatch opened and the group could see rows and rows of knights. Elisa and Celica both said “HOLY!” and Ragna, Nolan, and Luna simultaneously said “SHIT!”. Now things were really getting bad, no worse beyond belief. “How many do you guys see?” Ragna asked while staring that the ship in terror. “Thirty, Fourty, no FIFTY!! THERE IS FIFTY OF THOSE GUYS!” Elisa exclaimed after taking a quick count of the knights.

Ragna looked to Minerva. “Minvera, I need you to take Celica outta here now! It’s too dangerous! Take her to Kokonoe if you have to! Just make sure she is safe!”

“No, I’m staying here! I can still fight! And plus you all will need me to heal your wounds!” Celica protested against Ragna’s request and refuse to go.

“Now is not the time to argue with me Celica! Minerva, take her outta here NOW!” And with that said Minerva garbed Celica and bolted out the back emergency exit. “MINERVA LET ME GO!!! RAGNAAA!!!” Celica kicked and screamed as Minerva took her out of the restaurant. Ragna sighed.

“Showing concern for the girl. I like that uncle.” Elisa said to Ragna. “Shut up, she’ll just be in the way.” He responded. “And you still haven’t answered my question on who your father is.” He added. “Like I said you’ll learn in due time.” She said with a cheeky smirk. “What the hell is that suppose to-” Ragna didn’t even finish his question for Sena shouted “Look!” The group looked and saw that the knights began to drop out of the ship, row by row.

“Are they crazy?! What are they thinking jumping out of ships like that?!” Luna shouted.

The knights were free falling towards the ground rapidly and when they made contact with the ground it cracked under them and electricity was coursing from their bodies. They had thin armor, their helmets seem to have visors that are similar to Nu-13′s. On their backs they had a katana-like swords and around their waist were ball-like devices. They placed their hands on the hilt of their swords and drew them with electricity coursing through them.

“Whoa, whoa what the hell is that?! Is that some type of ars magus?!” Ragna exclaimed. “No, what you just saw were electrified shock suits.” Elisa said to him. Everyone looked that her. “You know what they have?” Bang asked her. “Yeah well sort of, all I know is that the suit are used for halo jumps. You can jump from any height and the impact from making contact with the ground won’t kill or injure you. They are also used for sneaking mission and ambushes. And as for the swords, their electrified enhanced blades. It is said that with enough power it can cut through almost anything.” she informed everyone. “Just how the hell do you know this?” Ragna questioned her while giving a crazy look. “My mom has friends are in the R&D field.” She answered him.

Nolan nodded, “We can play twenty questions with each other after we deal with these guys.” He looked around, “Six of us versus over fifty of those guys. We’re going to need to have air tight teamwork if we want to make it out of here alive.”

“Well said disciple number four!” Bang said as he agreed with Nolan. “We can’t let these evildoers go unpunished!”

Nolan looked to Ragna, “I think I may have a plan that we could pull off, but you’ll have to be our heavy hitter and main offense.” Ragna smirked, “No problem, count on me. Kicking ass is what I do best!” Luna rolled her eyes and huffed at his boasting.

“First, those guys that can turn invisible like those animals you read about. Next, those guys in the sky with those guns and freaking rockets. Finally, all those other freaks that seem to trying to look like ninja.” Nolan turned to Bang, “Could we get your ninja to help us out here?” Bang nodded, “Yes, you count on the Ikrauga ninja to aid in the battle against this evil army that dares mock us true ninja with their attire!”

“If we can get Master Bang’s ninja to mark the invisible guys on the ground, so we can see them and deal with them much easier. While we’re getting rid of them, the air troops have to be taken out as soon as possible, or else they could simply blast us while we’re focused on the ground troops. So with that in mind, Platinum, we need you to deal with them.”

“Whoa, what do you expect Luna do against all of those guys!?” Luna’s usual bravado was absent. “In your battle with Taokaka, you made magical jack in the boxes that sent her flying high into the air. That along with your cat missiles, will be the key to how we handle the air troops.”

“Tao remember those boxy thingies, meow! Tao didn’t like them much cause they didn’t have any food!” Taokaka commented, earning a snicker from Luna.

“Uncle Ragna, Elisa and I shall form a triangular formation, using our attacks in conjunction to give ourselves cover and take out foes. Platinum will be at the center, setting traps with the boxes and shooting at them with her missiles. Taokaka will also be at the center, countering any stray blades or shoots at us with her seither claws.” Nolan looked among the group, “Any questions?”

No one said anything until Elisa broke the silence. “Your plan seems pretty concrete, but what do you plan on doing if something unexpected happens. On paper this plan seems well thought out, but to see if it is executed as planned all depends on what happen next.” She said to Nolan while still looking out towards the knights who were closing in on them.

Nolan nodded, “If anything else happens, we can regroup back here and plan out our next move if we can. If not, deal with what happens with our instincts.”

Hazama and Nu-13 were standing in a abandoned construction site in Shinastsu. “Who does that little shit think he is? Telling me to go look for something that I have no idea what the hell is-” Hazama heavily exhaled. “No matter. That ′thing′ little Carl brought in seemed to be quiet the specimen. I too am curious about how it functions and how it was made. I hear a few of them have been spotted in Kazamostu. Maybe I’ll find one to snag for myself.” He said to himself. And with that He began his observation on Kazamostu.

Amane was in the 6th hierarchical city of Yabiko, he was in a cafe drinking coffee and watching the news. Just then he caught sight of Jin who was happening to be walking by. ’Oh just look at that beauty, chin so define, luxurious blonde hair and oh that facial expression. He just might be a good addition to my dance troupe. He thought to himself. Before he could pursue after him a news reporter on the TV shouted “BREAKING NEWS!” The sound of terror coming from the announcer’s voice caught the attention of Amane and Jin.

In the 9th hierarchical city of Akitsu-Kou, Azrael was roaming the streets with the intention to find Kokonoe and Tager. The freezing wind and snow didn’t seem to bother him one bit, probably because he was trapped in a freezer the first time Kokonoe sealed him away. “Argh! Where the hell are they? I know their somewhere in Ikaruga. The next time I find them I’ll devour them for sure, the same goes for the Black Knight!” He said as he grind his teeth together. Just then he heard what sounded like a voice shouting “BREAKING NEWS!” Azrael noticed an open window and there were people watching TV. Azrael walked up to the open window to get a closer look. The people were so glued to the TV that they didn’t even notice Azrael peeping through their window.

“Once again we are coming to you live from the 7th hierarchical city of Kazamostu! The onslaught of carnage reported from the previous news report is still underway. The mysterious army of knights are continuing their siege on Kazamostu and and as you can see an strange ars magus vessel has appeared and is deploying more knights, but these knight don’t appear to be like the last! We have knight flying in the air, knights that seem to camouflage, and knights with electrified suits and weapons! And it seems that they are still fighting against the group of eight, no wait, now there are six. Two of them are missing, but that doesn’t seem to stop the group! It has been confirmed that the ‘Grim Reaper’ is in fact fighting against the knight army! And-” Before the news reporter could continue they’ve gotten a report from their news station. “Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay. We just got word that NOL forces have been dispatched from the 6th hierarchical city of Yabiko to assess the situation! Who are these mysterious knight forces? And why is the ‘Grim Reaper’ involved? Those questions are still unanswered! We’ll report back with more information!

Azrael instinctively wore a murderous grin in his face. “Well now. A battle happening in Kazamostu and the Grim Reaper is involved. That seems to be something to get into.” Azrael said to him as he walked away from the window before anyone noticed him. “Kokonoe and the Red Devil of Sector Seven can wait. I believe there is a feast waiting for me.” He said as he let out a laugh with a sadistic glee and made his way towards Kazamostu.

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