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The Regina Mills Affair


Henry Mills Regina Mills, Multi billionaire father has passed down his company to his youngest but hard working daughter Regina. And while she makes plan to expand a certain blonde with the power of persuasion worms her way through her heart breaking down her walls with simple ease. But will they be able to be happy or is some fucked up shit going to happen I will let you ponder on that. this is also a g!p so beware -------------------------- And I don't own outa or the cover art so who ever made this it's awesome and Um I'm pretty sure the person who made the cover name is on the cover but this is my story, but I don't own any of the characters so please don't sue me also very heavy sexual content And I hope you enjoy if you have any opinions or criticism leave them in the comments or feel free to dm me I do want to get better as a write so don't hesitate.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Feeling Colors

Regina walked into the art gallery, and saw many people gathered around one of her recent popular paintings.

She walked over and stood beside it and everyone's gaze fell on her along with their whispers of gossip. She wasn't surprised that most of the people over here were mostly news reporters or people looking for a picture of her to put in their magazine.

Furthermore Regina Mills, is a famous business Owner and a famous artist. She owns the Mills tower passed down to her from her father.

Regina went to college getting what she needed to take her father's place, studying and working her ass off for his approval and to her surprise everything worked out in End.

Regina was brought out of her thoughts as the reporters flash their cameras and yelled a billion questions at her.

"Please one question at a time" she yells looking at them.

"How does it feel to be the one in charge of your father's company at the age of 23?" A girl with red hair asked.

"It feels great but I'm planning on making the company my own. I don't want everyone to just remember it as my father's company." Regina explained taking a pause.

"In the end I want it to be something more extraordinary. I want it to grow and I will strive to do that till the end," She finished.

"Regina have you found a special someone yet" a man with blond hair asked.

"I-I no I'm not looking for someone at the moment besides I have a lot of things that I will need to start working on so finding an intimate partner is the last thing on my list, but if I happen to become close with someone that would be my own business." Regina replied, getting a bit agitated with the questions.

"Regina can you tell me what inspired you to make this painting and what was going through your head as you created this masterpiece?" A red head asked her.
Regina smiled at the fact that someone is actually interested in her painting instead of her personal life.

"I used an emotion I've chosen to block completely, this piece means a lot more than what you might see. This painting represents pain but the innocence and naiveness that was strung along before being completely snatched away. "

Regina looked at her wrist watch and saw that it was just about time for her to leave to go to her meeting at the Mills tower.

"I'm afraid I will be taking my leave now" Regina says, walking past the news reporters in the gallery and more outside to see her personal driver waiting for her.

"Where too Ms.Mills?"

The driver asked, looking at her through the rearview mirror, "The Mills tower John" Regina say's looking out the window to the reporters and photographers.


Once Regina arrives at the tower John, her personal driver opens the door and she gets out while a security guard comes and stands by her side as more reporters and photographers wait outside the tower for Regina's arrival to bombard her with questions.

Regina walked past putting on her shades as they flash their cameras and shouted questions in her face.

When Regina got inside the building her assistant Ruby Lucas came running to her side.

Not only is Ruby Regina's assistant but she's also her friend.

"Regina, your meeting starts in 20minutes, and there's someone new on the council and her name is Emma Swan."

Ruby says with a smirk, "What?" Regina asked in confusion.

"Nothing" Ruby says looking back down at her tablet with Regina's schedule for the day pulled up.

Regina and Ruby continue walking side by side to the elevator, "What else?" Regina asked as they stepped inside of the elevator.

"You have another meeting but with certain members of the board that are needed for the next presentation. Then there's only paperwork" Ruby finishes stepping off the elevators as the doors open.

Regina goes out after her and starts leading the way to her office to get what she needed for the meeting. As she entered her office she grabbed her briefcase filled with documents and paperwork that she's going to need for the meeting.

"Well you should hurry 8 min left" Ruby says standing by the door, "Oh while I'm out can you grab my salad and coffee plan staying a bit late to finish some work tonight?" Regina asked while leaving out the door to leave.

"No problem it will be here when you get back," Ruby says with a nod.


Regina walked into the large conference room to see everyone was already there.

Regina looked around the room and saw the new blonde sitting a couple seats down in a black suit with her blonde curls put into a back ponytail. (So that must be Miss Swan.)

Regina thought as she walked to her seat.

"Well since everyone's here we might as well get started shall we!." Regina says sitting in her seat.

Emma Swan then stands as soon as Regina is back in her seat "I would like to introduce myself" Emma says making eye contact with everyone but her eyes linger on Regina a bit longer than anyone else in the room.

"I'm Emma Swan, I will be in charge of the tower's income and Mrs.Mills income working at the tower and the money that is taken to use for public projects or other things."

Emma says her gaze falling on Regina once more, "I am glad to have the honor of being able to work here moving forward." Emma finishes surprising Regina.

"Wow" Regina say's standing, "Miss Swan you have indeed piqued my interest." Regina says as she starts going over to the projector to get the powerpoint set up.

"So mostly everyone in this room I will be needing for the new project we're starting, and Miss.Swan you are now included in that group, We will be expanding and starting something new, and above all hotels is something I was going for. Besides I feel we could make a large profit off a hotel including a large casino and dining with swimming and arcades so it's kid friendly and something for the adults who want a break."

Regina finished showing her designs for the hotel and casino on the slides including the arcade and water park design.

George is one of the biggest dicks Regina's ever met and he couldn't wait to get on Regina's last nerve."Well Regina what does your father think about expanding the company because if I remember he was quite against it when he was head of this wonderful tower."

Making Regina jaw clench in anger.

But before Regina could snap at him Emma Swan jumped to her defence.

"It really doesn't matter what her father thinks or his opinion, No disrespect intended Miss Mills, but she is now the head of the company meaning, she is the one in charge regardless of what Mr.Mills thinks." Emma explains receiving a glare from George
"Mr.Mills was and still is a very wise man so if Regina wasn't ready he wouldn't have handed the company over to her, So I'll ask you to stop questioning her position because she is doing way better off than you ever could." Emma finishes receiving a glare from George.

Once Regina got her bearings she looked over at Miss.Swan who was staring at her with a smirk, "Thank you Miss.Swan" Regina said with a slight blush coming to her cheeks.

"Anytime Mills" Emma replied with a smile.

"Now as for your idea for the hotel I think it's fabulous and I have some friends who could help with the decorating and building if you don't mind" Emma says quirking her head to the side in question.

Regina grins in excitement, "Of course" Regina says.

"And if you don't mind, I have some ideas I would like to share with you during your lunch break or whenever you're free" Emma asked, making Regina's belly flutter....

(What the hell was that!) Regina's mind screamed, that has never happened before. (Never mind) Regina thinks pushing the thought aside.

"Of course, we can do it after this meeting since that is my lunch break" Regina says to Emma before turning back to the powerpoint.

"Does anyone else have any more thoughts on the hotel idea?" Regina asked, turning and looking at everyone.

"Do you have a name for it yet?", asked Jefferson.

Regina was kinda surprised he hadn't decked George in the face yet but that's besides the point.

"No not yet but maybe you will entertain me sometime this week with one you've done thought up," Regina says with a smirk, and he just rolled his eyes with a smirk on his face.

"How does it feel to be out done by your sister Jefferson, to know that your daddy picked her over you" George says, egging Jefferson on and Regina honestly prayed that Jefferson would knock his lights out. But Regina knew he wouldn't risk it if it meant getting an earful of mother.

Jefferson just leaned back In his chair chuckling to himself, "See I don't know if you were informed George but I didn't want to take my fathers place despite him asking me, then again it's not my thing. So for the time being I'll stick to the strip clubs if you know what I mean, Oh wait!! but you wouldn't cause you to have to pay beautiful women to come please because you can't charm them with that wrinkled raisin down there."

Jefferson finishes making Regina laugh, but had Emma rolling around with tears as everyone else was trying to hold back their laughter to spare George's feelings.

"Now sister if you don't mind if this was all there is to this meeting may it be adjourned,cause if it isn't I think I just might lose the bit of control I have left?" Jefferson asked.

"Of course, and Miss Swan you can follow me to my office so we can discuss your ideas" Regina finished as everyone started gathering their things to leave.

Regina grabbed her laptop and walked out of the conference room not waiting for the blonde beauty.

"Regina-I mean Ms.Mills!! Wait up" Emma yelled.

Causing Regina to stop and turn around and quirk a brow at the blonde, Regina watched the blonde dash down the hallway quickly maneuvering past people before stopping in front of her to catch her breath.

Regina chuckled waiting for her to catch her bearings "Are you ready now dear?" Regina asked as Emma got up from her bent over position.

"Yeah" she says as she started to follow Regina to her office.

They walked down the empty hallway that leads to Regina's office, well Ruby was at her desk which is a couple feet away from the doors but other than her it was empty.

"Hey Rubes!!" Emma greets loudly behind Regina causing her to freeze and turn to Ruby.

"You two know each other?" Regina asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah we go out partying, Oh and your lunch is on your desk." She says as Regina made her way into her office with Emma closing the doors behind them. "So Miss.Swan what can I do for you?"
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