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Ninjago: VR


A story full of ships and lore! This story takes place in the Virtual World, the ninjas decide to relive the most important part of their lives: the time they met the ones they love! Though now a war has broken out and the ninja must help a young woman who looks just like Arlette restore peace. [ships featured: GreenRebirth, VermillionStone, and CyberAmore, and more!!]


A small yawn had left Arlette’s lips as she sat up in bed the warm spring breeze came and kissed her face as she gotten.

β€œLloyd and the others must’ve gotten up and went out somewhere, I hope they make back in time for the picnic I’ve planned.”

She went to take a shower, a small happy grin sat on her face as she soon began to think about the picnic but soon felt something off.

β€œPlease be safe ninja, there’s something off this spring something elsewhere isn’t safe. . . A woman is in danger, please do help her. . .”

She decided to skip the shower and quickly ran off to Downtown Ninjago City the arcade should be open, but if not then she’s screwed.
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