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Ninjago: VR

Chapter 2

Scarlette sighed happily as she was seen hanging out with friends a light chuckle left her lips as she heard Mai told a joke.

Today was good, or so it would seem Scarlette had soon started coughing up blood as she looked over at her friends and boyfriend with a sudden gripe of worry on her face.

β€œAre you ok?!” Mai quickly picked her up with worry in her voice.

β€œI-I’m fine yeah, don’t worry about me too much this isn’t exactly a new thing to happen. It only reminds me that my mom could be in trouble.”

Logan huffed as he gotten up, β€œWell if that’s the case then we need to check up on her.”

Celeste soon gotten up and tugged on Lily’s arm giving her the look.
Lily returning the look with a nod.

β€œCeleste, Logan, and I will go and check on Mrs. Garmadon, Mai make sure Scarlette is safe.”

β€œRight, you guys please be careful. We may never know what’s out there let alone what could possibly arm the people here.”

β€œDon’t worry, we will.”

β€œOh dear this is bad. . . Why did it have to happen so soon? Why didn’t I stop it while I had the chance. . .? I must’ve put my own family and friends in danger. . .”
β€œScarlette could be hurt now that I think about it. . . I don’t want that to happen, I’ve put her through too much. . .”
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