Love At First Sight: Adam Driver Fan Fiction


A Single Woman meets and falls in love with the man of her dreams.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chance Encounter

Martha Baker had been living In New York City all of her life, She was 5'4', shoulder length long blonde hair, blue eyes, She lived in a one bedroom apartment.

On that day, Martha was at a party, it was getting too Crowded for her, she started making her way out to the balcony, She walked out on the balcony and started looking at the view.

She was looking at the view, not knowing that she wasn't alone on the balcony.

"Nice View, Isn't It?", a voice asked.

Until Martha looked, She was surprised to see a 6'2, Black Hair, Hazel Eyed Man wearing under-wear, pants, shirt, suit, tie, He was looking over at her, Martha was wearing underwear, bra, pants, shirt.

"Oh Yes It is", Martha answered as he walked over toward her.

"So, It was too loud in there for you too, huh?", The Black Hair, Hazel Eyed Man asked as he looked at her.

"Yes It was", Martha answered as she looked at him.

"Oh, My Name is Adam Driver by the way, I forgot to introduced myself", The man said.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Driver, I'm Martha Baker", Martha replied as she looked at him.

"Nice to meet you too, Martha, but please call me Adam", Adam said as he looked at her with a charming smile on his face.

"All Right, Adam", Martha replied as she looked at him.

The two of them continued talking to each-other for over an hour and a half.

"Martha, do you want to go out on a date with me?", Adam asked as he looked at her.

"Oh Yes, I would love too", Martha answered as she looked at him.

"Good, I'll pick you up at your apartment at 5:00?", Adam asked.

"Oh That'll Be Fine", Martha answered.

"Good, I'll see you soon", Adam said as he looked at her.

"I hope so", Martha replied.

They went their Separate ways, about an hour later Martha was at her apartment, She was getting ready to go out on her first date with Adam Driver, She heard him knocking outside of her apartment door, She walked toward the door, looked through the peephole and saw him standing, She unlocked the door, and opened it, She saw him standing outside, He was looking at her with love in his eyes.

She unlocked the front door of her apartment, she opened the door and saw him standing in the hallway.

"Hello Martha, you look so beautiful", Adam said as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Oh Thank You Adam", Martha replied as she looked at him.

"Oh, I've brought these for you", Adam said as he gave her a Bouquet of red roses.

"Oh they're so beautiful, Thank You", Martha replied as she took the Bouquet from his hands.

They were surprised that their fingers were touching each-other, Martha put the Bouquet of Roses in a vase of water, while Adam was watching her, She put on her Jacket, grabbed her purse, She and Adam walked out of the front door of her apartment, walked down the hallway, to the elevator, Martha pushed the down button, the Elevator door opened, they both walked inside the Elevator, Adam pushed the button, the elevator door closed, and went down, they walked through the main level of the apartment complex, walked out of the door.

Martha was surprised to see a Taxi cab waiting for them, Adam took her by the hand, as they walked toward the parked taxi cab, he opened the back seat door in his gentlemanly way, Martha got in and sat down in the seat, he sat down in the back seat beside her, he told the taxi driver where to go, the taxi driver drove the taxi away from the apartment complex, they drove off.

About an hour later they arrived at a romantic restaurant, they got out of the backseat of the taxi cab, Adam paid the taxi driver some money, He and Martha walked inside the romantic restaurant, They sat down at a privet table in the back of the restaurant, they started having a romantic dinner.

another hour later they started dancing with each-other, another hour later Adam paid for the romantic dinner, they walked out of the restaurant, he took her back to the apartment.

"Martha, I had a really great time", Adam said as they were standing at her front apartment door.

"So Have I Adam, will I ever see you again?", Martha asked.

"I'm sure you will", Adam answered as he looked at her.

They shared one last kiss before going their separate ways, Martha started thinking about Adam Driver, she was thinking about what a charming gentleman he was, seeing the way he was looking at her, the longing looks in his eyes, and his body language, She wondered if he was thinking about her too, Meanwhile at his upscale Apartment on the other side of Central Park, Adam Driver was thinking about Martha, until they realized that they were falling in love with each-other, Until Adam dediced to tell Martha his feelings for her.

The Next Morning Martha was doing her Morning Jog on the Jogging Trails of Central Park, Until She noticed someone else was Jogging too, Until She realized that it was Adam Driver, She started Jogging up toward him until He saw her.

"Hi Adam", Martha said as she was looking at him.

"Hi Martha", Adam replied as he was looking at her.

"How about if we sit down and talk?", Martha said as she looked at him.

"All Right", Adam replied as they sat down on a bench.

"Adam I wa/Martha I wa", Martha and Adam said in Unison, until they both realized they were talking at the same time.

"Martha, I have something to tell you", Adam said.

"Oh what is it, Adam?", Martha asked

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