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"The Occurrence" A Jimin AU Fanfiction

Chapter 2

I hesitate but eventually nod. She seems sincere, I don’t think she’s going to hurt me. I smile at Jessie and she smiles back with a worried expression but stays strong.

The nurse walks out the door past a few hospital rooms, and I continue following her. We walk towards an elevator and she steps in, looking at me.

I step inside the elevator awkwardly and lower my head waiting for her to push the button, but she doesn’t just yet. An average height but fit man steps in the elevator and stands in front of me, against the wall.

I look down at my hands and fidget out of nervousness. The man looks at me in the corner of his eye, and back to the wall. Without speaking, he walks to the elevator button and clicks floor 5 before going back to his spot.

5? Floor 5 is a floor with mental patients I believe. Those in Floor 5 are worse than me because they are at a higher floor, I assume. I wonder if he knows someone there.

I keep to myself and lean against the wall, thinking. I move slightly and the handlebar pokes my hip hard, and I lose my balance.

As the elevator exceeds level by level, I stand myself up carefully with the help of the man and the nurse. I look at the nurse and give a thankful nod and then to the guy.

He’s attractive I have to admit. His silver hair looks silky and soft.

I look at his eyes and stare without realizing.

His eyes are a beautiful blue. I trail my eyes around his face and look at his facial features. Perfect nose, perfectly shaped eyes.. plump lips.

When I notice what I’m doing, I quickly look away and cough under my breath, shifting comfortably against the wall.

Jimin’s POV

Why is she staring at me? Kind of weird. She is pretty though, I have to say. Not my type. I just met her anyways, she obviously isn’t your type, Jimin.

I put a piece of gum in my mouth and look in the opposite direction as her, and rest my eyes.


I finally speak, trying to ease the awkwardness.

“Thank you.”

The man hesitates and looks at me in the corner of his eye. “It’s no problem.” He mumbles before looking away again.

Is he shy?

I look to the nurse and speak. “How long have we been in this elevator? It’s starting to get hot now.” I make a fist and realize my palms are sweaty. I sigh heavily.

“Not long Y/N. Maybe 3 minutes?” The nurse says as she looks at the man and back at me. She smiles slightly and rests her eyes, leaning against the wall.

The man thinks it over before speaking.

“You look pretty messed up. Did you get hurt or something?”

I shift uncomfortably. “Yeah.. I just got out of a coma.” Damn it Y/N. He didn’t ask. Why would you say that?

I shake my head and continue looking at him awkwardly.

The man simply nods his head, leaving it alone. He then looks at the button and back at me.

“4th floor? I see our issues are similar.”

“Well, I know someone will similar issues.” He adds quickly, sighing.

“You do?”

He pauses. “Yes.”

“Time to go Y/N.” The nurse says, and I jump. “Sorry, we need to hurry.”

I look back at her. “It’s no problem.” I say as I step out of the elevator and turn my stare to the guy. “If you don’t mind, could I get your name?” I say and smile awkwardly.

He holds back a slight smile.

“You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Those are the last words he says before the elevator door closes, leaving the nurse and I alone.

I make a ‘hmm..’ face before shrugging and carefully shifting my body around. The nurse and I start walking slowly down the hall.

After a few seconds, reality hits me. I remember my situation, and what’s going on.

Oh no.

I walk down the white halls with the nurse, seeing large rooms with windows and nurses talking with patients. I look all around me and see nothing but white. I mean it’s a hospital, but this is creepy.

After many turns, we finally reach a white door with stickers on it. I examine it and see pink princess stickers, along with some fingerprints of paint.

“Kids?” I ask as I look at the nurse and signal towards the stickers.

“Yeah.” She chuckles slightly and looks back at the door. “I need to stay out here. Please go in. There is someone waiting.” She says as she steps back, pointing to the door.

“Okay, thank you.”

I put my hand on the door nob, sigh, and open it.

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