Harley Quinns Werewolf Mate


First off sorry she not with the joker I wanted to do something different than everybody else and Diablo is alive and the joker didn't break her out of jail When Harley Quinn and the suicide squad were on there second mission it just so happens to be investigating supernatural sightings of so called werewolves. Well Harley Quinn was investigating a noise she happen upon Alpha Braddock the Alpha of the country's stongest pack. What happens When he finds out Harley Quinn's his mate. What Happens when Harley will never see The Joker again well this should be fun

Action / Fantasy
Jesse Streeter
Age Rating:

Wake up Call

Chapter 1

Harleys POV

"I love you puddin you finally came and got me, and you got all dressed up for me." "You know I'd do anything for you." "I lov-.

"Wake up Harley your going to be getting a visitor soon."

"You asshole you fucking woke up during a good part of my dream." I screamed running towards the bars and then knocking myself out again.

"That woman is crazy." I heard a guy say before I let the darkness take over. Hopefully I can finish my amazing dream about my puddin.

30 minutes later

"Harley wake up."

'Why am I feeling like someone is hitting me in the face.'

'Because you are being hit in the face.'

I sure love my voices in my head.

"Harley if you don't wake up I will set the very bomb that's in your neck off if you don't get up right this second."

After hearing that threat I finally snapped my eyes open. I can't die I have to stay alive for Mr. J when he finally breaks me out of this place.

"Ok I'm up devil woman what do you want." I said getting up and away from the devil because that lady is scary.

"There is a mission I need you to get ready now." She said before shoving my trunk into my cell and walking away for me to get ready.

"Yay dress up time."

As you know I chose the very same outfit from when my squad and I saved the word from this witch that nearly got el diablo killed but he's good. Oh my god I get to see my friends even Flagg. Hey he may be a so called good guy but we got closer after the mission where we saved the world.

Anyway I'm rambling so back to what I was doing.

I got ready in no time when a guard came to escort me to the helicopter where everyone was waiting for me.

"Your late Harley." Flagg said when I came inside and sat down next to Deadshot.

"Sorry I was having a good dream about when Puddin will break me out."

"Harley he's not coming he's going to leave you rotting in the place like the rest of us." Deadshot looking at his gun to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

"He will come he just waiting for the right time." Saying trying not to get mad at Deadshot because I really don't want to get mad at one of my best friends.

"He's right Harley he's not coming." El Diablo said this time looking at me with a face that saying sorry.

I'm not going to lie it was a wake up call for me and it kinda maybe really hurt me. Why won't he come get me he cares for me I just know he does.

I decided to ask what's going on to get my mind off of what I'm thinking.

"So what's the mission." Asking Flagg with the biggest smile on my face.

I think he noticed because he smile back. Oh did I mention that he comes and visits me and we play games like cards, or board games a lot of stuff. Oh man I'm rambling again we need to get back to the story that I'm trying to tell.

"I don't know she said she will tell us when we get to our destination." He said before telling the person to take off.

"You know I hate not knowing about what's going on I need to know with what I'm dealing with." Deadshot said and you could tell he was not to pleased about the whole situation

"You and me both." Flagg said before going to look at some papers. My guess trying to figure out what is going on.

Well hope you like this first part come back for the next and see what happens to your pretty little Harley Quinn

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