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Fainting Spells

Lynus's morning did not get off to a good start. He woke up with a piercing headache and a slight fever. He didn't know what temperature as he didn't want to waste a thermometer, but he was more than certain that it was a low grade fever. His headache was what was troubling him the most. It wasn't a migraine - those things were absolutely appalling. No, it was a headache that lingered, like there was a tight band around his head. It was more annoying than painful. Not enough to warrant a lie down, but enough to grate on his nerves.

He attributed the headache and fever to the rough night he had. Axel, along with four others of their guild, had spent the night in the labyrinth searching for a supposedly mysterious monster that only came out at night. A quick glance over to the bed Axel normally slept in told him that they weren't back yet as the bed was undisturbed. And he most certainly wasn't lying asleep next to him in his bed.

With a sigh, Lynus set about getting ready for the day. Hopefully Axel and the others will return safely soon and he can ensure that they truly were unharmed before heading to the hospital with a clear conscious.

Slipping on his medical coat, the one he would wear at the hospital (the other was solely for the labyrinth as it had great defence. He didn't need any defence in the hospital, after all) and ran a hand through his hair to push the orange strands back. He tried to ignore the way his coat felt hot and heavy against his arms and shoulders. He knew that he was slightly more sensitive to the heat thanks to his very light fever.

Leaving his medical bag in his room for the time being, Lynus stepped outside to see if his fellow guildmates had returned from their quest and to check up on the others before getting himself some breakfast.

"Morning, Lynus."

With his room next to the stairs, Lynus turned his head to look down the stairs, immediately seeing two familiar blonds. They stood at the foot of the stairs, looking rather relaxed.

"Morning Jhon, Tobyn," Lynus greeted in return.

"We just wanted to inform you that the others are back," Jhon said as Tobyn stayed silent in the background.

Lynus nodded as he started to descend the stairs to approach them. "Did everything go well?" he couldn't help asking.

"I believe they're having a quick debrief before resting for the day," Jhon answered with a smile.

Lynus was instantly relieved. Having a quick debrief meant everything went well.

"I'll check for injuries as soon as they're done," Lynus said as he forced a smile to his lips, his headache abruptly increasing.

Jhon went on to say something else as Lynus continued down the stairs but Lynus couldn't hear him. His surroundings suddenly became muted and dull, like his world was closing in on him. He quickly realised what was happening as he had experienced it before.

He was on the verge of fainting.

In a desperate attempt to pull himself out of it, Lynus fumbled toward the wooden banister of the stairs, only to find that his reflexes were seriously compromised and his foot caught the edge of a step. Before his world turned black he remembered the distinct feeling of falling.

As Lynus waded through the murky bleakness of sudden and short unconsciousness, he quickly realised (with immense relief) that he was still standing on the stairs. The next thing he realised was that someone was holding onto him.

Tobyn, his guild's agile speedster, was holding onto him, one arm across the front of his chest to hold him up as his other arm wrapped around his back to hold him steady. Lynus was practically limp in his arms.

And Jhon was a couple of steps lower, seemingly as if he too has rushed forward to catch him before he could do any damage to himself.

"Are you all right?" Jhon asked him, his surprise and concern evident.

"Y-yeah," Lynus replied, his throat suddenly feeling dry. "S-sorry about that."

Tobyn's grip on him only lessened slightly as the blond-haired survivalist helped him to sit down upon a step, choosing to hover next to him in concern. Lynus uttered a small 'thank you' and 'sorry' as he rested his head in his hands, willing the room to stop spinning. His head was throbbing now.

Still, he could hardly believe that he had a dizzy spell from a tension headache and a low grade fever. He was sure it was nothing important. It was most likely due to not having anything to eat since yesterday afternoon.

"Hey, what's going on?"

Lynus couldn't prevent a wince. While hearing Axel's voice after a few hours separation was a good thing, Lynus didn't want to worry him. He hadn't fully recovered yet.

"What happened?" Axel asked a split second later and Lynus could hear his landsknecht all but running over to him.

"It looks like he nearly fainted," Jhon was the one to supply as Tobyn dutifully took a step back to allow Axel to be the one to crouch in front of Lynus. "His eyes went all glassy before he took a stumble."

"Sorry," Lynus automatically said when he felt Axel place his hands on his upper arms, causing him to look straight upon his face. His concern was abundant, even through the cloudiness of a post-fainting.

"You fainted?" Axel asked, his eyes searching his face.

"A dizzy spell," Lynus answered with a forced smile. "From a tension headache."

Before Lynus could offer further reassurance that it wasn't anything to worry about, there was suddenly a cool hand pressed against his forehead, followed by a disapproving hum. The touch caused Lynus to lift his head up slightly higher and forcing him to realise that every member of his guild had gathered around, all wondering what was going on.

To be the centre of attention after a dizzy spell…was rather embarrassing.

"He has a fever," Hamza stated as he removed his hand from Lynus's forehead.

Lynus glanced up at Hamza to find him looking displeased before looking away and gingerly touching his forehead, subconsciously leaning closer to Axel. "It's only a low grade one," he stated. "It'll pass."

"I agree," Hamza unexpected said. "It'll pass with rest, which is what you're going to do."

But Lynus shook his head. Resting was something he wasn't entirely used to doing.

"I'll work it off," Lynus insisted. "Dr Stiles has asked for my opinion on a-"

"We're not hacking that," Macerio interrupted him as he folded his arms over his chest in a stern manner. "After all, you're always telling me that fevers are due to an infection or illness. So since you have a fever, that means you're ill."

Lynus couldn't help but wince. He couldn't deny that. Whenever someone else had a fever, he always said that it was important not to ignore it as it could mean something serious. But…saying it to someone else and then applying it to himself was two completely different things.

"Don't bother arguing," Axel said as he carefully lifted Lynus to his feet and then practically carried him back to their room. He heard the others mention something about what they should do about a fever and whether or not they should ask Matron for help.

Although it wasn't all that necessary, Axel helped Lynus out of his jacket as Lynus kicked off his shoes the second they stepped into their room. He knew at this point that there was no point in arguing. And to be completely honest, he was feeling rather washed out. He was, however, adamant that Axel was also going to get some rest.

"You," he said as he poked Axel on the chest. "You've been up all night trekking through the labyrinth. You're also getting some rest."

Axel smiled as he leaned forward to kiss his forehead, his lips lingering for a moment to test his fever as well. He pulled back after a moment. "We'll both get some rest."

While Lynus still wasn't comfortable to be on the receiving end of concern and fussing, the thought of spending a lazy day or so with Axel wasn't at all unappealing.

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