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Drunk On Love…?

Setting a drink down in front of Cedric, Hamza remained standing as he looked around the bar. It was late evening, and the place was packed. Practically every explorer and adventure residing at High Lagaard was at the Sickleback Bar for some kind of celebration. Hamza wasn’t entirely sure what it was. It was probably a made up excuse by Bar-keep Cass for the sole purpose to pull more money into his bar. That man knew how to make a quick buck or two.

Turning his attention back to the silver-haired troubadour, Hamza gave him a slightly pointed look. “I’ll be right back.”

Cedric wrapped one hand around his drink as he waved dismissively with his other. “Yes, yes. Go check on your kids.”

Kids, indeed.

Hamza quickly set about doing what he usually did during such events; make sure that Cedric didn’t drink himself in oblivion, prevent Axel from getting into a fight with anyone who looked at Lynus the wrong way, keep Tobyn from silently plotting the demise of anyone who tried to take advantage of an intoxicated Jhon, keep Macerio from causing intentional mischief amongst the drunken masses and keep an eye on Rahas to ensure he didn’t start wailing incoherently about ‘that bastard’ loudly while face down at the bar.

The last one Hamza took quite seriously. He didn’t want anyone else to know of Rahas’ past circumstances. The other bar patrons that was. They didn’t need to know. It was none of their business.

Keeping Shen from intimidating anyone that came near him was another of his tasks as a leader, but he had already snuck out to keep an eye on Magnus, who was nowhere in sight as he didn’t like the loud noises or the crowed atmosphere such events at the bar held. And Chi-hung had no time for human stupidity, so was probably keeping Magnus company as well.

Lynus and Lirit seemed to be tagging each other as they tried to keep order and prevent any alcohol poisoning. Lynus, the ever care-taker, couldn’t help but check on everyone and anyone within close proximity of where he was at any given time. With the way the alcohol was following, checking up on and keeping an eye out on everyone he was familiar with...ooh, boy, did he have a long night ahead of him!

However, Lynus was currently busy trying to keep Axel from pummelling Simmons, the blue-haired landsknecht who was, no doubt, trying to goad him into a battle between rivals. Lynus was cuddling up to Axel and seemed to be successfully pacifying him for the moment. And as Hamza cast a quick glance in the direction of another potential brawler, he saw that Jhon was practically draped over a subtly seething Tobyn, also placating him. With the two settled for a while, Hamza felt it was best to check on the less…volatile members.

The first person he decided to check on was, of course, the emo white-haired dark hunter.

Slipping into the bar stool next to Rahas, Hamza nodded his head in greeting to Ryker and Darrell who were occupying the stools a couple of lengths away. He then turned his full attention onto Rahas and couldn’t help but allow a smile of amusement to grace his lips. Rahas was face down at the bar with a nearly empty mug of some kind of golden liquid in his right hand. His stance was similar to how Gerald, the gunner from Guild Cosmos, was often found in. It was rather amusing, honestly. Lynus was sure to have a fit, mind, but that’d be amusing also.

Hamza was about to nudge the other to see whether he was conscious or had passed out when Rahas suddenly started lolling his head around. And he appeared to be muttering something.

“Dun worry, Lynus,” Rahas garbled around a fic burps and hiccups. “’m strong. Stronger than that…that jerk…stupid…Fucking Simmons, asshole! Gah…”

It wasn’t surprising to hear the white-haired dark hunter muttering Lynus’ name pitifully as he lolled his head back and forth atop the bar. Hamza knew about Rahas’ obsession, rather unrequired love, for Lynus. What was surprising (and highly amusing), though, was that Simmons’ name had also been mentioned. Several times actually.

And as Rahas slurred Simmons’s name once again, the mentioned landsknecht unexpectedly wandered to Rahas’ other side, somewhat sulking that Axel had turned down his demand for battle once more.

Hamza found himself becoming quiet, leaning against the bar when Simmons boldly reached forward and poked Rahas’ shoulder. “Hey, Rahas?”

Surprisingly, Rahas lifted his head up off the bar and turned in Simmons’ direction. He swayed slightly in his seat, clearly intoxicated. “What youse looking at?” he slurred in a drunken, confrontational manner.

Simmons wasn’t intimidated, though, and unexpectedly frowned, clearly displeased about something. Hamza sat back, wondering what the dark hunter would do next as he seemed to be staring intently at Simmons.

“I think you’ve had enough, Rahas. I’ll take you back to the inn,” Simmons said in a firm, rather stern manner as he reached out to physically manhandle the lithe dark hunter if necessary. He looked more than ready for a struggle, so Hamza didn’t interfere.

However, as Simmons placed a hand on Rahas’ back to help him from the stool, he realised that Rahas wasn’t fighting back (which was very odd), instead simply staring at him. He then raised a hand, seemingly pointing an accusing finger at his face. “Youse an idiot,” he muttered.

Then Rahas…he grabbed Simmons by the collar of his shirt, hauled him close to him and…kissed him on the lips!

Hamza nearly fell of his chair while Ryker sitting on the chair next to him spat out his drink in surprise. The one who was surprised the most, however, was of course Simmons himself. He froze, his eyes wide and unblinking as Rahas keep his lips against his for a few seconds longer than normal for a moment of irrational and impulsive action.

After what felt like a good 30 to 40 seconds, Rahas finally pulled away. Simmons, however, stayed frozen like a statue as Rahas turned away from him, mutter something incoherent under his breath before proceeding to fall face first upon the bar with a loud thud.

…W-well, that was rather unexpected.


A laugh, loud, obnoxious and familiar, suddenly rung out through the bar. Hamza didn’t know whether to sigh or roll his eyes. A bit of both perhaps? Of course Macerio had to be the one to also witness that little ‘scene’. Of course he would find the entire thing amusing.

“Did you see that?!” Macerio continue to laugh uncontrollably.

Turning around in his seat, Hamza faced in the direction the gunner’s laugh reverberated from. He wasn’t hard to spot and Hamza sent a stern stare at the brunette. “Macerio, not a word,” he ordered.

Immediately, Macerio looked aghast at the prospect. “B-but, he-” he started to protest, to which Hamza shut down in a cutting-off motion with his hand. “Not a word,” he reiterated.

Macerio gaped at him for a moment before pouting in an overly grumpy way, crossed his arms over his chest and grumpily sat back in his chair.

Hamza knew that Macerio wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut for long, so the command was more out of curiosity (and his own amusement) than anything else. He knew that Macerio would probably keep his mouth shut about what he had witnessed throughout the night. But come morning, when Rahas was in the throes of a hang-over, muttering about not remembering a single thing, the brown-haired gunner would snap and blurt it out. That was guaranteed.

And, well, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little money from the other in the form of a bet, now would it?

… … … … …

Raha’s head was aching. It felt like he had a hundred hedgehogs lumbering back and forth in his skull. And they were fighting a bunch of woodmai. Or something. His head just hurt.

The worst part, though, was that he couldn’t remember a thing.

Something must have happened, though. Something no doubt highly embarrassing from the way Hamza was looking at him with a smirk on his lips. A smirk of knowingness. Rahas really, really hated that smirk.

Lifting his head up from the table in the nearly emptying lunch room at the inn, the first thing Rahas’ slightly unfocused eyes landed on was, of course, Hamza.

“Stop smirking at me,” Rahas snapped at the war magus.

However, that only made Hamza’s smirk…smirker. Something must have happened alright…unless the bastard was simply doing it to unnerve him. He hadn’t before, but Rahas wouldn’t put it past the war magus just to come up with it now to piss him off.

“Why can’t I tell him?” Macerio suddenly demanded from the other side of the room, crossing his arms over his chest in a clearly agitated fashion.

“You can,” Hamza said in that arrogant, far-too superior tone. “But it’ll cost you.”

Macerio continued to glare at Hamza, the war magus easily holding it with a pointed, one eyebrow raised look of his own. It was like...he was daring him to say something. Daring him to...snap or something.

Whatever it was, Rahas instantly didn’t like it. That Hamza knew something. Something embarrassing. About him. That in itself was infuriating.

Hamza unexpectedly tapped his index finger on top of the table, seemingly indicating to Macerio that he needed to place something down upon it. Macerio frowned and glared harder at the war magus, unwilling to budge.

He then twitched. Then, with a loud and dramatic groan of annoyance and frustration, plunged his hand into his pocket, pulled out a pile of money and stormed over to where Hamza was sitting. Still glaring at the older man, Macerio slammed the money on the table and seemed to pout. “You win this time,” he said.

Hamza barely had a chance to reply before Macerio pushed away from the table and all but bounded to where Rahas was located. Rahas felt a sense of utter dread wash over him when Macerio stopped short of him and drew in a deep breath, readying himself.

Macerio abruptly placed his hands on Rahas’ shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. “You kissed Simmons on the lips.”

...All time suddenly ceased. The world stopped spinning. Nothing existed anymore.

“...Huh?” Rahas squeaked in a stupefied manner, his eyes practically bugging out of his head.

Macerio grinned widely and continued in a far too amused tone. “Yep! Right on the lips! You grabbed him by the throat, pulled him towards you and kissed him soundly on the lips!”

Rahas couldn’t do anything but stare at the brunette. T-that couldn’t be true! H-he…he wouldn’t have, couldn’t have, kissed that blue-haired idiot! T-there was no way!

“Rahas~!” Binah’s singing voice suddenly rung through his ears. “Your boyfriend’s here to see you~!”

…Good god, it was true, wasn’t it?

“I’m not fucking here!” Rahas shrieked as he rushed out of the room, ran up the stairs and barricaded himself in his room.

He was never, ever, going to hear the end of it!

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