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Tension Relief

Lynus was feeling torn. A few days had passed since he had learnt (rather abruptly) that Rahas was in love with him and he still hadn’t told Axel about it. Axel was getting rather worried, and maybe even a bit agitated. Not that Lynus could blame him.

He knew he couldn’t keep it from him, but he also didn’t want to put a strain on Axel’s tolerance of Rahas. They didn’t exactly get along, and after what happened, Lynus now knew why. Things would only get worse when Axel found out. But if he didn’t tell him, there was a possibility that Axel would accidentally find out another way. Rahas may even shout it at him in order to goad him.

There was only one thing he could do. He needed to tell him face to face. He should have probably told him about it earlier, but he was trying to fathom how and when it all happened. He still hadn’t worked out how or when, or even why. He may never be able to pin-point it. Maybe Hamza was right. Maybe Rahas was simply confusing his affection for him as romantic love rather than familial love.

Lynus had to admit, though, he was slightly nervous. Not of Axel or his anger – Axel would never do anything to scare or hurt him. He was just nervous because regardless of the outcome, Axel and Rahas won’t be able to stand each other.

And, to make it worse, it was over him.

Lynus waited until they had dinner at the inn…with Rahas suspiciously missing (Hamza, however, nodded in his direction and mouthed to him that it was fine), using that time to pool his courage. The others of the guild must have sensed his preoccupation as they never asked him what was wrong. He could feel their stares of concern on him, but they didn’t say anything, of which he was thankful for.

After they had eaten and they parted ways to head to their rooms to retire for the night, Lynus took Axel’s hand in his and led him to their bedroom. Axel didn’t protest in the slightest, himself wanting them to speak privately ever since that…event in the labyrinth with Rahas.

“Axel, I need to tell you something,” he said as he tugged him up the stairs. “But first, promise me you won’t get angry.”

Axel blinked before his brow furrowed in suspicion as they walked into their shared room. “Something happened?” he asked as he kicked the door shut behind them. “What?”

“Just promise me first,” Lynus pleaded as he kept a firm hold of Axel’s hand.

“I can’t promise that,” Axel unexpectedly said. “I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll succeed.”

Lynus couldn’t help but allow a small smile to grace his lips. He, however, shook his head and tightened his hand around Axel’s. He paused in silence for a moment, trying to find the right words to use to tell Axel what happened. However, he soon decided to simply be blunt and get straight to the point. He had worried Axel long enough.

“It’s about Rahas,” he said as he nervously looked into Axel’s blue eyes. “He’s in love with me.”

Axel didn’t so much as blink in surprise. He did frown, though, appearing agitated. “I thought as much.”

Lynus was momentarily speechless…Did everyone know but him?

“He told you?” Axel asked him.

“…He kissed me,” Lynus confessed, wincing at his own words.

Axel was instantly angry. “What?” he snarled.

Lynus immediately released his hold on Axel’s hand to instead press himself against his chest, desperately hoping to pacify him before the redhead could turn around and storm through the inn, looking to beat up the said dark hunter. “Don’t be angry,” he pleaded with him as he gripped at the front of his shirt with his hands.

“He took advantage of you, didn’t he?” Even though Axel was furious, when he placed his hands upon Lynus’ shoulders to hold him, his touch was gentle. “How can I not be angry?”

“Because I pushed him away,” Lynus said as he looked straight into Axel’s eyes as he knotted his hands in his shirt. “I told him that it was impossible. Nothing you can say or do will hurt him anymore than that.”

Axel became still, his anger unexpectedly subsiding, but not completely. For a few silent moments, he simply looked into Lynus’ eyes, and Lynus could see in Axel’s eyes that while he was still angry that someone had taken advantage of him, he was feeling a small sense of pity as well.

“Can’t say I blame him for falling for you,” Axel murmured as he slid his hands down Lynus’ arms to rest against his sides, leaning forward so that their foreheads were touching. “…I’m still pissed, though.”

Lynus felt tears of relief sting his eyes and he smiled, pushing forward to gently kiss Axel on the nose. “I know,” he said as he pushed himself deeper into Axel’s embrace, resting his cheek against Axel’s chest and nuzzling his head under his chin. “I’m sorry.”

Axel sighed as he wrapped his arms tightly around him. “Why are you apologising?” he asked as he wound one arm around the small of his back and threaded his fingers through Lynus’ hair with his other hand.

“For not telling you sooner,” Lynus replied softly, slightly aware that he wasn’t able to hold back the tears of relief anymore. “I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have the faintest idea he felt that way. I really didn’t.”

“You’re crying,” Axel said with a light tone of alarm in his voice. “What else did he do?”

“No, nothing,” Lynus quickly replied as he removed a hand from grasping at Axel’s shirt to wipe hastily at his eyes. “It’s…I feel sorry for him. I’ll never be able to return his feelings like that.”

He heard Axel sigh again as he pulled Lynus’ hair free from the small pony tail he had taken to keeping his hair in. “You’re honestly too sweet for words,” he said as he trailed his fingers through his hair.

Lynus wasn’t entirely sure about that. But he couldn’t dwell on it for very long. The hand in his hair was caressing him gently, and imperceptibly tilting his face toward Axel’s. Lynus felt his head go back and his lips part in anticipation.

He felt so relieved when Axel gently kissed him. Slowly, lovingly, his lips moving against his. Everything felt right again. Only Axel could kiss him. Only him.

Rahas…just needed to find someone else to love. Someone who would love him return. He deserved to feel the love Lynus was experiencing with Axel. And, he truly believed, one day he will.

“If he tries anything like that again,” Axel said as he pulled back from the kiss, giving Lynus a rather stern look. “I will beat him senseless.”

Lynus pushed up onto his toes to kiss Axel quickly on the nose again. “He won’t,” he said before trailing his fingers along Axel’s jawline, motioning for him to lean forward and kiss him again. Of which he quickly did, pulling him up against his chest and holding him tightly.

With one heavy burden off of his shoulders, Lynus could now concentrate on helping Rahas realise that they’ll always be brothers.

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