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State of Confusion

Axel released a sigh of relief when he felt the furyhorn cease its struggling, falling limp under his axe that was embedded into its spine. It wasn’t a tough battle, but with the furyhorn’s infuriating skill ‘Baffling Step’, it was a cautiously long battle.

Placing his foot on the monster’s carcass, Axel heaved back his axe and took a cautionary step backwards. Giving the furyhorn one last lingering glare as he holstered his weapon upon his back, he turned around to check on the welfare and status of his guildmates. And the other guild that had unintentionally invoked the deer’s wrath.

Of course Guild Cosmos had to be the guild they saved yet again.

“How’s everyone doing?” Axel asked, his gaze immediately falling upon Lynus, whom of which was attending to the wounds Gerald had received from a confused Tiffany.

“Tiffany has been brought back to her senses,” Lynus replied as he indicated to the rather embarrassed blonde-haired gunner with a tilt of his head, tying off a bandaged around Gerald’s arm at the same time. “Unfortunately, I can’t get anywhere near Simmons.”

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Axel looked in the direction of where Simmons could be seen. He was still suffering the effects of the furyhorn’s confusion attack. He was standing on the other side of the naturally formed room, his hands on his hips, his head back, and laughing almost manically up at the ceiling above.

He then glanced over to the others involved. Macerio was speaking with Tiffany, no doubt teasing her in an attempt to hide his relief that she was back to normal. While Kerri was speaking with Jhon and Tobyn, probably explaining to them how they had managed to be ambushed by a furyhorn in the first place.

That, unfortunately, left him with dealing with Simmons. The brainless idiot might be laughing jovially now, but he was still affected by the furyhorn’s attack. He could suddenly attack anyone within the vicinity without warning. Saved for Jhon, no one else but Axel would be able to keep the blue-haired landsknecht under control until the spell wore off or Lynus was able to refresh him back to reality.

With a sigh of annoyance, Axel carefully approached the unpredictable Simmons. “Hey, idiot.”

“Invincible!” Simmons suddenly bellowed. “Tis I, the Invincible Swordsman.”

Axel didn’t know whether to snort in amusement or roll his eyes in contempt. Invincible swordsman?

“Hark!” Simmons shouted as he abruptly spun around to face Axel, his eyes glazy from the spell, but an expression of intense determination on his face nonetheless as he stared directly at him. “Does thou fair maiden wish to bestow a gift of gratitude?”

Axel felt disgruntled as he planted a hand on his hip. “Who are you calling a fair maiden?”

“We’ve been helping him to expand his vocabulary,” Kerri unexpectedly supplied. “He’s been reading quite a few novels the last few days.”

Well, that certainly explained a lot. But…what kind of books was he reading? Was he trying to get ideas on ‘unique’ or ‘traditional’ ways to ramp up his courting of Rahas?

Oh god, that would be hilarious.

Axel suddenly felt a sense of unease fall over him when he realised that Simmons was outright staring at him. With wide, unblinking eyes. Highly on edge, Axel lifted his hand in attempt to reach the handle of his axe, just in case the still unpredictable Simmons tried to attack him.

However, before Axel could reach for his weapon, Simmons suddenly lashed out, grabbing Axel by his upper arms and unexpectedly pulled him toward him. Axel instinctively felt himself brace, his eyes falling shut in preparation of pain. However, what he felt instead was much, much worse.

Snapping his eyes open, Axel found himself staring at Simmons’ face that was only a few inches away from his, his eyes closed. That…that stupid, idiotic landsknecht was…

…Kissing him…

Axel all but exploded with anger as he threw the other landsknecht away from him. “STUPID FUCKING BASTARD!”

He didn’t remember much after that. Only that he so badly wanted to kick the living tar out of Simmons. And he must have done so as he suddenly had Jhon hanging onto him desperately, yelling at him to calm down. Jhon had his cheek pressed between Axel’s shoulder blades and his arms around his waist, actually lifting him up off the ground in an attempt to stop him from stomping Simmons into oblivion.

“You’re going to beat him into a coma!”

“That’s what he deserves!”

“I know, but think of the witnesses!”

Gerald had Simmons by the scruff of his neck and was trying desperately to pull the dazed and bloodied Simmons out of Axel’s hitting range. “God damn it! Why do you always get me into these situations?!”

“What did I do?!”

“Shut up!”

With Jhon still hanging onto him, holding him back and away from Simmons, Axel looked over at the others, hoping that they hadn’t seen what just happened. However, from the looks on their faces…

Damn it. Lynus looked horrified. “S-Simmons just kissed Axel?” he murmured in disbelief.

Macerio looked sickened while Tiffany seemed to have stopped functioning, her expression in a stony state of utter horror.

“Hey, Tiff. I always said that Simmons has a better chance of kissing Axel then you do.”


Tobyn rubbed his temples in irritation as Kerri looked on with stoic interest.

“He should count himself lucky that he hadn’t kissed Lynus.”

“Indeed. That would have led to a bloodbath for certain.”

…That was one way of looking at it. God damn it that would have really pissed him off.

“Let me go so I can mangle him already!”

“Lynus, please, snap out of it and calm down your landsknecht!”

“B-but, I mean…”

“Just wait until I tell Rahas!”

“Why?! That’s totally not fair!”

“Tiffany, shut up and help me, would ya?!”

“…Ugh. I better warn the hospital of a certain patient.”

“Yes, that would be wise.”

“B-but, what did I do?!”

Shut up, Simmons!”

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