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Chocolate Moments – Part 2

Magnus hadn’t been able to get much sleep that night. He was too restless, too fidgety. He hid Shen’s chocolates under his pillow and couldn’t stop himself from constantly running his fingertips over the red ribbon that Binah insisted that he tied the box with.

Before the sun rose in the sky, Magnus found himself slipping out of his shared room with Shen and taking the chocolates with him. He then found himself out in the early morning light, in a secluded place of the garden at the back of the inn. A place that was close to where Shen liked to train first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Though it was undoubtedly silly, Magnus found himself hiding behind a nearby tree, the chocolates clutched tightly in his hands as he stared skittishly in the place where he knew Shen would eventually appear.

“I knew I would find you here.”

Magnus jumped nearly a foot in the air before he spun around to face a certain orange-haired medic. “Lynus,” he murmured in surprise and a small sense of shame before his face creased into a frightened look. “I-I can’t do it.”

Lynus smiled warmly at him and reached out to place a hand atop of Magnus’ as he held onto the box of chocolates for dear life. “Yes, you can.”

Nervously, Magnus shook his head as he stuttered, “B-but what if he doesn’t-?”

“Magnus,” Lynus said his name rather sternly, but gently all the same as he tightened his hand against his. “He adores you. More than you realise.”

Magnus unconsciously brought the box of chocolates toward his mouth, his lips brushing lightly against it as he tried to settle his racing heart.

Lynus suddenly tilted his head to the side as he gave him a somewhat amused smile. “Don’t be surprised if he suddenly head-butts something, ok?”

“Ah…” Magnus wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to that. He had only seen Shen do that a couple of times. Though Macerio and Lirit insisted that he had done it a few times behind his back so not to worry him.

B-but why would he repeatedly bash his head against a wall anyway?

Magnus was pulled from his musings when he felt a familiar tug against the leg of his pants. He immediately looked down to find his orange-furred kitten rubbing her head against his ankle, pawing lightly to get his attention.

“Even Zanna is giving you encouragement,” Lynus chuckled lightly as he, too, looked down at the kitten before he uttered a noise of confusion. “Wait, what’s that on her collar?”

Placing the box of chocolates into the pocket of his coat, Magnus knelt down and lifted Zanna up into his arms and against his chest. Lynus was right, there was something tied to her collar. A small silk pouch. And there seemed to be something heavy inside.

With his brow slightly furrowed, Magnus untied the pouch and allowed for Zanna to jump off of his lap and onto the ground. He then opened the pouch, emptying what was inside into the palm of his hand.

A small red stone on a long, black velvet rope.

“I-it’s a necklace,” Magnus murmured in surprise.

Lynus unexpectedly chuckled again. “It’s from Shen.”

Immediately, Magnus felt his cheeks burn with a deep blush and abruptly buried his face into his knees as he clutched the beautifully crafted necklace against his chest. W-was it really from Shen?

Lynus crouched down next to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “All the more to give him the chocolates now.”

Magnus lifted his head from his knees and glanced in the direction where Shen trained in and found the dark-haired ronin just stepping into the clear. “…Ok,” he whispered as he somehow managed to push himself to stand tall. He glanced down at the necklace in his hand before turning to Lynus. “Ah, c-could you…?”

Wordlessly, Lynus helped him to tie necklace around his neck before he took a step back and gave him another warm smile. “It brings out your eyes.”

Magnus felt his blush deepen but found himself smiling back, grateful for Lynus encouragement and understanding. “Thank you.”

“Go,” Lynus said simply as he nudged him toward Shen. “He’s waiting.”

Pulling the chocolates out of his pocket, Magnus shot Lynus one last grateful look before he turned and hurried made his way to where Shen was, his heart pounding in his ears as the red ruby pendant of his new necklace settled against his chest.

“S-Shen…” Magnus said as he paused a foot or so in front of him and lifted up the chocolates he had made with his hands. “I, ah, I-I made these for you.”

Shen looked momentarily surprised and he glanced down at the chocolates. Thankfully, he received his gift quietly, his fingers unwittingly (or maybe not) brushing against Magnus.

“T-thank you,” Magnus said as he hands dropped nervously to his sides. “For the necklace.”

Shen’s gaze flickered from the chocolates over to Magnus and immediately settling upon the necklace against his chest. “…It suits you.”

Magnus couldn’t help but allow a small, shy smile to grace his lips. So it was from Shen! The necklace was beautiful. The chocolates didn’t seem to be enough in return. Maybe…

Swallowing back the lump of fear in his throat, Magnus took a bold step forward to stand mere inches away from Shen and placed his hands upon his chest. Shen looked at him in mild surprise, his arms falling to his sides as he gazed silently, but not at all suspiciously at him, his expression curious.

Magnus was relieved to realise that he wasn’t pulling away from him.

Perhaps it was the ruby necklace that was instilling him with courage, or maybe it was the notion that Shen was indeed the one who had crafted the necklace himself, whatever the cause, Magnus pushed up onto his toes and closed his eyes as he pressed his lips ever so lightly against Shen’s.

He feared that Shen would immediately pull away, step back and utter something along the lines of not feeling the same way, but Shen…didn’t pull away from him once again. He stiffened ever so slightly, surprised by his suddenly boldness and the feeling of Magnus’ lips trembling slightly against his own.

Magnus was about to pull away, to squeak out an apology before he fled to the safety, but Shen unexpectedly wrapped his arms around his back and shoulders, and leaned forward into the kiss, his lips moulding easily against Magnus’, causing his heart to skip a beat.

At first, Magnus was surprised, but that soon turned to relief and he tilted his head slightly to the side. He could barely believe it; he was kissing Shen and Shen was kissing him back.

It was a light kiss, a simple one. A gentle pressing of the lips. And yet it was so utterly amazing. More than he could have possibly dreamed.

How much time had passed, he didn’t know. But it didn’t seem to matter as Magnus slowly pulled away, his eyes fluttering open and immediately becoming lost in Shen’s dark blue eyes.

Magnus pressed his face against Shen’s shoulder as the black-haired ronin wrapped his arms tightly around him, pulling him so close that it would have been impossible to slip even a piece of paper between them. He wrapped one strong arm around the small of Magnus’ back as he threaded his fingers of his other hand through his hair.

Though his face burned with a deep red blush, Magnus nuzzled his nose and cheek against Shen’s strong shoulder, his heart slowing to a more comfortable pace.

He was…he wasn’t entirely sure what this moment meant. Where it would lead. Or…how long it would last. But one thing was certain; he loved Shen. And the way that Shen was holding him, his lips pressed against his temple showed that he, too, cared deeply for him in return.

Right at this very moment Magnus knew…that they, too, would one day form a bond that was as strong as the one that Lynus and Axel shared. And that made him so excited for the future.

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