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Chocolate Moments – Part 3

Macerio had initially planned on hiding out in his room for the majority of the day. But Hamza put an end to that, all but literally kicking him out of their shared room, saying something about how his tossing and turning and general restlessness was utterly irritating.

That man was the one who was utterly irritating!

The sun was just starting to rise when Macerio found himself wandering the inn in a bit of a nervous daze, the chocolates he had made yesterday stashed away safely in his coat.

Macerio felt himself blush as he lightly trailed his fingers around the edge of the pocket the chocolates were hidden in. Lirit had followed him around pretty much all night last night, seemingly expecting something. No doubt he knew about the chocolates. He could probably smell them.

But, for the life of him, Macerio just couldn’t give it to him! And he didn’t know why!

It…should be easy to just give Lirit the chocolates, right? Lynus had reassured him that he would just love just about anything he gave him. Maybe he could leave at his door or something? Like, literally leave it at his door, knock, and then hide.

…No, that didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem fair. He…didn’t want Lirit to think that someone else had left it there and maybe think he had a secret admirer or something like that.

Macerio wouldn’t have been able to stand that. Lirit thinking of someone else. He…liked Lirit. He liked him a lot.

But he…didn’t know how to tell him or if Lirit felt the same. S-sure, Lirit was friendly with him, but he was to everyone, right? He…really didn’t want to lose his friendship. Not now. He couldn’t…


The familiar voice from directly behind him made Macerio jump near a foot in the air and utter a sound that was unfairly high-pitched and damn near cute. He immediately spun around to find himself face to face with a certain medic, who of which was looking at him with a slight expression of maternal disapproval.


Lynus clicked his tongue in a tutting manner as he placed his hands on his hips. “You know, there’s no point in hiding. Or running, for that matter.”

“I-I’m not doing either!” Macerio immediately insisted, though his cheeks burned with indignity.

Lynus gave him a purely disbelieving expression as he folded his arms across his torso lightly. “Macerio, just give the gift to Lirit. He’s been waiting since last night.”

Macerio’s hand immediately flew to the pocket the said gift was hiding and he felt his nervousness grow. “I…I can’t,” he found himself stuttering. “What if they’re not good enough?”

“You made them perfectly,” Lynus pointed out before he smiled warmly and rested a gentle hand on his shoulder. “And Lirit will adore anything you give him. Really now, put him out of his misery.”

“…I’ll blame you if it doesn’t work out,” Macerio muttered.

“You’ll be thanking me,” Lynus replied with a knowing look before he dropped his hand from Macerio’s shoulder and glanced over his own. “He’s all yours, Lirit.”

Macerio froze as he looked over his shoulder to find Lirit peering from around the corner, as if he had been hiding there for the perfect moment to appear! He found himself blushing fiercely when Lirit smiled brightly at him and quickly made his way out of his hiding spot toward him.

Lirit gave Lynus a purely grateful look as the medic walked away wordlessly, that knowing but warm smile still on his lips. “Thanks, Lynus!” he called out, receiving a wave from the other before he disappeared into another room of the inn.

Macerio felt mortified and tricked when Lirit turned his attention back to him, an expression of expectation and interest on his face. With his own face all but on fire from his blush, he plunged his hand into his pocket and quickly pulled out a small box wrapped in green tissue paper and planted it in the middle of Lirit’s chest. “H-here.”

Lirit made a small sound of surprise as his hands reached out to touch the box of chocolate, either unwittingly or purposely brushing his fingers against the back of Macerio’s hand. “What is it?” he asked instead of just taking the gift from him.

“J-just shut up and take it,” Macerio stuttered, a very light sense of relief appearing in his chest when Lirit did just that. He, however, had the urge to flee when Lirit enthusiastically opened the box.

“Ah, chocolates?” Lirit said with a mixture of surprise and delight. “You made these?”

“J-just to say for thanks s-staying with me when I had a fever,” Macerio insisted.

Lirit glanced over at him, his eyes shimmering with amusement despite the slight pout on his lips. “Hm? Is that all?” he questioned as he unexpectedly closed the lid on the chocolates and carefully placed them into a fold of his clothes. “Not because it’s Valentine’s Day?”

Somehow, Macerio’s blush grew in intensity and he abruptly turned on his heel, his back toward Lirit. “S-shut up!”

Before Macerio could take even a half step, Lirit came up right behind him and hugged him abruptly, his arms around his waist as he rested his chin on his shoulder. The sudden embrace, however, caused Macerio to utter a noise of surprise and embarrassment, which prompted Lirit to laugh lightly and rest his cheek against his jawline.

“You’re so cute~” he all but cooed at him.

“I’m older than you,” Macerio pouted, though made no attempt to push the other away. It…felt nice, after all.

“So? You’re still cute.”

Macerio felt his pout become…poutier and he gruffly folded his arms over his chest in a huff.

Lirit chuckled lightly in his ear, which made his stomach do a somersault, before he removed an arm from across Macerio’s stomach to seemingly reach into his own pocket for something. “I have a gift for you, too.”

“What is it?” Macerio asked as Lirit snaked his arm back across his stomach and turned the palm of his hand toward him. In his hand was a small token, a green stone tied with red string. It looked like something akin to a keyring.

“It’s a good luck charm,” Lirit explained as Macerio carefully picked it up and placed it into the palm of his own hand. He then tightened his arms around Macerio, his lips mere millimetres away from his ear as he whispered, “I want you to attach it to your gun. I want you to look at it each time you use your gun and remember that I’ll be here, waiting for you to return.”

Macerio felt his eyes widen as his heart leapt up into his throat. He parted his lips in an attempt to say something, but no words would form. All he could do was shakily breathe out as his hand curled around the charm tightly, his fingernails biting into his palm to ensure that he had a firm grip on it. So he wouldn’t lose it.

Turning his face away from his ear, Lirit unexpectedly pulled away from him, only to place a hand on his shoulder to turn him around to face him. “Can I try something?”

Macerio found himself looking into Lirit’s eyes, noting vaguely that they seemed more intense than he had ever seen before. “…Ok.”

“Close your eyes,” he instructed as he placed his hands upon Macerio’s shoulders.

Without hesitation, Macerio closed his eyes. Though his heart was thundering in his ears for some reason, he didn’t feel frightened or uneasy in anyway. It was Lirit, after all. He would never do anything to hurt him.

However, his eyes snapped open a moment later when he felt something soft and warm gently press against his lips. He found himself staring at Lirit’s face that was right in front of his, whom of which had his eyes closed.

Surprisingly though, especially to Macerio himself, he didn’t try to pull away. He didn’t leap back and demand to know what he was doing. He knew what he was doing. Lirit was…kissing him. And he was…ok with it.

It felt…nice.

“W-what-?” Macerio murmured when Lirit finally (and rather unfortunately) pulled back from him.

Lirit didn’t offer a remark or explanation. He just pulled him into his arms again and hugged him tightly as he rested his chin on his shoulder. “Don’t leave me behind, ok?” he whispered as he tightened his arms around him.

“…Ok,” Macerio whispered in reply as he wrapped his arms around Lirit in return and rested his chin atop of his shoulder.

He would…he would have to make sure to always come back to Lirit.

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