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Chocolate Moments – Part 4

Rahas wasn’t all that surprised to find the bed that Lirit usually slept in empty when he woke up. The sheets were left ruffled; something the troubadour normally didn’t do. But obviously he was eager to know what Macerio was hiding from him and had gotten up at sun’s first light.

With an irritated roll of his eyes, Rahas slipped out of bed and quickly got changed. He quickly decided that he didn’t want to risk walking through the inn and colliding with any sicking displays of affection. And today, their displays would only be more nauseating than usual.

Like he had done numerous times before, he opened the window to his room and climbed out, hopping effortlessly onto a branch located near his room before dropping silently to the ground. Hopefully he could get away from the inn before some spotted him. Hamza had the utterly irritating habit of doing that. Effortlessly, it seemed.

Unfortunately, Rahas made it only a couple of steps away from the inn when he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

“Rahas. You better be heading out to give those chocolates to Simmons or I will send Binah and Becky to do it for you.”

Rahas bristled wildly and spun around to find Lynus half leaning out of an open window, resting casually against it, his elbow folded atop of the window sill. “It’s too early in the morning for threats!” he hollered back.

A small smile appeared on Lynus lips and he appeared to chuckle, but he made no attempt to chide him. “It’ll be fine! He’ll love it, I’m sure!” he said instead as he waved his hand at him and he pulled himself back through the window and closed it.

Rahas snorted loudly as he shoved his hands into his pockets, wincing when he remembered that he indeed had the chocolates he prepared yesterday hiding in one. He pulled it out to look at it in mild disgust, still not totally believing that he had actually made them. Himself.

Though it was…nice being in the kitchen with Lynus and the others. It…made him feel as if he was part of the guild after all.

Sighing aloud, Rahas shoved the chocolates back into his pocket. He may as well find that blue-haired landsknecht and give him the damn chocolates. Lynus and Binah wouldn’t stop harping on him if he didn’t and they would find out somehow. Besides, perhaps Magnus was right about how sad it was for someone not to get chocolates at least once in their life.

Rahas wandered around town for what felt like hours, contemplating how he was going to give Simmons the damn chocolates while also wondering how he could do it in such a way that wouldn’t entice gossip from the locals. And the locals really liked to gossip. Especially after a few drinks.

Eventually, he found Simmons walking through the streets with Kerri floating next to him, Simmons chatting animatedly while she nodded her head once in a while.

Rahas couldn’t say he was surprised to see the dark-haired hexer following Simmons around. Kerri adored the shit out of Simmons. In a sisterly sort of way. She allowed him to do whatever he wanted (usually something dangerous) and only a selective few were allowed to try to stop him from doing what it was that he was doing (usually to stop him from getting himself seriously hurt). If someone she didn’t know or even liked tried to approach Simmons, or heaven forbid insult him, they would get cursed. No questions asked. She would instil the fear of god in them on the spot.

He had to admit, it was somewhat humorous to witness.

Heaving an exasperated sigh when Simmons unexpectedly glanced in his direction, Rahas roughly ran one hand through his hair as he pulled out the chocolates with the other. He may as well get it over and done with.

“Hi Rahas!” Simmons greeted him cheerfully as he and Kerri paused a foot or so in front of him.

“Catch,” Rahas said as he casually tossed the carefully wrapped box of chocolates at the landsknecht. “Don’t ask why; Lynus and Binah are nagging me, ok?”

Simmons caught the chocolates easily, his expression like that of a confused puppy as he looked at the box. He then lifted his head to look questioning at Rahas, causing him to bite back a groan of realisation. Right, the dumbass didn’t know how to receive gifts.

“Yes, for you. They’re yours. No one else is to touch them, ok?” Rahas quickly stated as he folded his arms firmly over his chest. “Especially not Gerald or Tiffany.”

“Ah, ok,” Simmons said as he still looked confused. He, however, turned his attention back to his gift, and with a gentleness that Rahas didn’t know the landsknecht could possess, he carefully pulled back the wrapping. When he wrapping was gone, a surprisingly warm smile appeared on his lips. “Chocolates!”

His excitement…was kinda cute.


“Y-yeah, well, enjoy!” Rahas said hastily and was about to turn on his heel and leave when Kerri unexpectedly floated toward him, practically placing herself between him and Simmons.

Kerri stared at Rahas for a moment, leaving him feeling a little uneasy. She suddenly lifted a curl of her robes and pointed to her own cheek as she turned back to Simmons. She then used that same curl of cloth to motion in Rahas’ direction and he felt himself tense. She wasn’t motioning to Simmons to punch him in the face or something, was she?

Rahas felt his eyes narrow suspiciously when Simmons nodded his head sharply in understanding before he took a half step forward, closer to Rahas and well into his personal space. He then leaned forward and…

Kissed him on the cheek?!

Rahas jumped back in surprise, his eyes wide as his hand flew up to touch his cheek, which was surprisingly tingling where Simmons had kissed him. He stared dumbfounded at Simmons, his mouth agape in surprise. But Simmons only grinned widely at him, almost as if he was pleased with both his boldness and Rahas’ reaction.

“Like that?” Simmons asked as he turned back in Kerri’s direction.

Floating seemingly contently on the spot, Kerri nodded her head once, and though her expression was blank as per usual, there was almost a…sparkle of amusement in her gaze. And something else.


“Wonderful,” she said simply before she turned on the spot and floated away silently.

“W-what the hell was that?!” Rahas demanded loudly.

Unfortunately for him, though, Kerri was completely out of sight and Simmons was too busy (and rather happily) eating the chocolates that Rahas had just given him to even attempt to answer.

“…Gah, what the fuck?!”

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