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Chocolate Moments – Part 5

Lynus breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the window to his room. He had given the others the encouragement and reassurance they needed. Whatever happened next, whatever they wish to do; it was up for them to decide. He wasn’t able to help them any further. The rest was up to them now.

And he hoped that they finally reached for the happiness they all deserved.

A pair of warm and strong arms wrapped around Lynus’ waist from behind and he found himself uttering another sigh, this one of contentment, as he leaned back into a familiar chest.

“Finish playing mother-hen?” Axel whispered to him, his heated breath ghosting against his ear and unwittingly making him shiver.

“Hush, you,” Lynus said simply in response as he placed his hands atop of Axel’s, pulling them away from him slightly, only so that he could turn around to face him. As he casually draped his arms over Axel’s shoulders, his fingers interlocking loosely behind his head, Axel wrapped his arms securely around his waist and pulled him toward him to rest his forehead against his.

“Hm. You’re all mine now?” Axel asked.

“Yes,” Lynus murmured as he gently nudged his nose against Axel’s. “All yours.”

Axel didn’t waste any time eliminating the gap between them, pressing his lips warmly against Lynus’ and pulling him closer to him. Lynus uttered a soft sigh as he carded his fingers of one hair through Axel’s hair as the other gripped the back of his shirt. He pushed up onto his toes and tilted his head to the side to allow for Axel to guide him through a long, passionate but tender kiss.

As Axel held him, kissed him, Lynus found himself musing about how lucky he was once again. Sometimes he could barely believe it. How far he had come, how much he had to live for. How much love he could give and receive in return.

He truly belonged here. In Axel’s arms. Living in Lagaard. With his family.

There was nothing more he could ask for.

Slowly, Axel broke the kiss but kept him tightly wrapped up in his arms. “I’ve got something to show you.”

Lynus kept his arms draped over Axel’s shoulders as he tilted his head questioningly to the side. “Another gift?” he questioned. Axel had already given him a couple of leather bound journals as a gift, something he immediately loved and appreciated.

“For the both of us,” Axel said cryptically with a smile. “Close your eyes.”

Dutifully, Lynus closed his eyes and allowed his hands to slip down to Axel’s chest when he felt the redhead reach into his pockets for something. He furrowed his brow slightly when Axel unexpectedly took his left hand in his, but he kept his eyes closed nonetheless, completely trusting Axel.

However, when he felt something cool and smooth slip over his ring finger of his left hand, his eyes snapped open to find a gold band with a small red stone resting perfectly on his finger.

“This is…?” Lynus breathed as the small stone seemed to glimmer under the sunlight streaming through the window. “Is this a garnet stone?”

“It is.”

“This means-”

“Love, commitment, and devotion, I know.” Axel lifted his left hand and threaded his fingers through Lynus’ revealing that he, too, wore a gold band with a red stone on his finger.

Tears appeared in Lynus’ eyes and a swell of emotion appeared in his chest. He uttered a shaky, but happy laugh as he tightened his hand around Axel’s. He was glad that Axel made one for himself as Lynus would have insisted he get one to match him anyway.

“They’re perfect,” he murmured as he idly toyed with the ring around Axel’s finger.

“Hm, I knew you would like them,” Axel said as he leaned forward and gently kissed a tear from Lynus’ cheek.

As Axel pulled back, Lynus tilted his head to the side and caught Axel’s lips with his own, kissing him for a long, slow moment. “Do you know why they place rings on the left hand?” he asked, his lips still brushing against Axel’s.

“Why?” Axel asked as he pulled back slightly, only so he could sweep Lynus off of the floor and into his arms.

Lynus draped his left arm over Axel’s shoulders and gently trailed his right hand along chest, slipping his fingers behind his neck. “Because the ring finger is the only finger that has a vein traveling directly to the heart.”

“Yeah?” Axel murmured as he carried him to the bed.

“Yeah,” Lynus whispered as he allowed Axel to gently place him onto the bed, before he pulled him down with him, their lips immediately meeting once more.

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