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The End of Bad Dreams

Title: The End of Bad Dreams

Pairings: Axel/Lynus

Lynus tried to run as fast as he could, but it was so dark, his surroundings so dense. His feet scrapped and slipped over the rocky terrane as he desperately tried to put distance between him and the dangerous shadow that was pursuing him. He didn't know where he was. He was alone. Alone and defenceless.

"You can run but you can't hide!" A voice, so familiar and unnerving.

A sob hitched in Lynus' throat as he continued to run. No, not that voice. Not him. He couldn't be alone with him.

"We're alone out here, Precious. No need to delay the inevitable~!"

Something suddenly snared Lynus' ankle, making him trip and fall. He hit the dark, rocky ground so hard that it winded him. He tried to get up straight away. He needed to. He couldn't get caught. No, he couldn't let Avith-!

"Well, well," Avith smirked, his sharp shark-like teeth seemingly glinting despite the darkness. "Looks like you're finally mine."

Lynus suddenly found himself flat on his back against the hard ground, with Avith leaning over him. Lynus tried to move, but to his horror, he couldn't. Avith had his arms pinned over his head, holding them there so effortlessly with one hand, pinning his wrists together. Lynus was so vulnerable and Avith was so close.

"Get away!" Lynus yelled, but that only earned him a cruel chuckle from the Dark Hunter hovering above him.

"You're mine, Precious," Avith sneered at him, his face so close that his breath was ghosting against Lynus' cheeks. Reaching into his jacket, Avith suddenly revealed a knife. Long and silver, yet rusty and jagged.

"You're my property."

Lynus unwillingly released a cry of shock and pain when Avith suddenly embedded the knife into his arm. He drew in a sharp intake of air when Avith started to twist and turn the knife. He could feel the metal slicing through his arm, Avith purposely moving the blade slowly, yet with a casual flare.

It was almost as if he was trying to write something.

"A…" Avith said in a horrifyingly playful manner. "V…"

Lynus gritted his teeth as pain erupted from his arm. It felt as though red-hot metal was being seared into his flesh. He was writing his name. Avith was scarring his flesh with his name.


Tears rolled unimpeded down his cheeks. It hurt. It hurt so much.

"S-stop, please," Lynus whimpered as he squeezed his eyes shut.

"T…" Avith said in a mockingly sing-song voice. He was having fun. Far too much fun.

Axel…? Where are you?


Snapping open his eyes, Lynus stared up at the softly illuminated wooden ceiling. He wasn't outside anymore. He appeared to be inside now. He sat up quickly, the blankets of his bed thrown off of him, and ripped back the sleeve of his clothing so that he could look at his arm. He ran his hand over the flesh, his heart thundering in his chest.

Nothing. No blood. No scarring. No letters etched into the skin. Nothing was there.

Suddenly, a pair of arms appeared and wrapped around him, holding him tightly. At first, Lynus was startled, but those arms were so warm, comforting and real. Only one person could hold him so reassuringly, so powerful.



Sighing with intense relief, Lynus turned toward Axel and pressed himself against his chest. Axel tightened his hold around him as he nuzzled his head under his chin. He was safe. There was no safer place than being in Axel's arms.

"What's wrong?" Axel asked him, his voice warm and full of concern. One of his strong arms was wrapped around Lynus' waist, while he ran the fingers of his other through his hair, so gently, so reassuringly.

"It's…" Lynus breathed in Axel's scent. "Nothing but a bad dream."

Yes, that was all it was. A dream. A nightmare. Stress getting to him.

"I've got you," Axel murmured as he pulled them both down onto the bed, keeping his arms around Lynus.

Lynus rested his head on Axel's chest and snuggled against his side, a small smile appearing on his lips as Axel lifted the blankets around them. The memories of his nightmare quickly disappeared, his heart-rate slowing to a steadier rate.

He was safe. Avith would never be able to get his hands on him ever again. Axel would make sure of it. Axel would keep him safe. He would keep the bad dreams away.

The next time Lynus had a dream with Avith in it, it wasn't as bad. Sure, it was violent. But that was because Axel was also in his dream…

Beating the shit out of Avith.

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