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Chocolate Capers

Chocolate was a rare treat in High Lagaard. Ryker and his guild had managed to get their hands on some and were enjoying them in full view in the bar, much to the jealousy of so many. Darrell was with them, the guild more than happy to share their bounty with the medic after he had helped them out on many of their quests. With Shania devoting her time to raising her son, there was a spare spot in their guild. Darrell fitted in easily.

While engaging in idly conversation with Shelia, Darrell reached out to take the last piece, but Ryker snatched it before he could and popped it into his mouth. A smirk graced his lips as Darrell sent him a slight glare.

“Too slow,” he teased smugly as he allowed the chocolate to melt in his mouth.

Looking mildly annoyed, Darrell sighed as he removed his glasses, taking his time to wipe them in a rather methodical manner. He then replaced the glasses upon his nose and ears, turning his full attention to Ryker. Then, without any warning whatsoever, he leaned toward Ryker, placed his hand on the back of Ryker’s seat and practically loomed over him. Darrell’s face was close to Ryker’s, so close that the blue-haired survivalist tilted his head back in reflex, his smirk falling from his lips. Then, totally unexpectedly, Darrell pressed his mouth against Ryker’s, Darrell’s eyes closing while Ryker’s eyes grew wide in utter surprise.

Ryker stared at Darrell’s face as a roaring blush swept across his cheeks when he felt Darrell’s tongue brush against his lips, prompting them to open. His blush deepened further when he parted his lips on a gasp, allowing Darrell access to his mouth. He couldn’t help but whimper when he felt Darrell’s tongue move against his own, the velvety feel of the chocolate totally forgotten.

After a few prolonged caresses, Ryker panted soft as Darrell pulled his mouth away from his. And all Ryker could do was stare up at him with wide eyes, his blush from the neck to his ears burning.

Not looking even remotely frazzled, Darrell licked his lips, teasingly, as he pulled back and stood up. “Thanks for the chocolate,” he said with a smirk before turning on his heel and sauntering away.

As if in a trance, all Ryker could do was stare.

However, a giggle from his teammate pulled Ryker out of his trance.

Bristling wildly, Ryker abruptly stood up, his hand reaching out to grab the chair he was just sitting on, more than willing to throw it at that red-headed medic. However, with protector Shelia holding a leg of the chair in one hand, effortlessly preventing him from doing anything more threatening, Ryker had to settle yelling at the other man.

“Y-you ass-hat! Don’t you ever try something like that again!”

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