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Not the Usual Patient Type

Normally Lynus would have had the day off from the hospital, but today he was heading in for a few hours to be an extra set of hands while Dr Stiles dealt with an essential but still agitating meeting from officials of the Grand Duchy. Dr Stiles never looked forward to their meetings but he had to deal with them as essentially they were giving the hospital grants that allowed him to keep the number of staff he has.

So he has to play nice and not cut any of them down with a scathing retort, no matter what nonsense they threw at him.

It was honestly no surprise to find Dr Stiles stalking through the halls after the meeting, bristling and muttering about how out of touch the Grand Duchy could be.

As Lynus moved down the stairs from his room and through the foyer he noticed that Axel was speaking with Jhon and Tobyn, the two blondes appearing rather alarmed and irritated at the same time. Their sharp nods of understanding before quickly departing caused Lynus to feel a sense of trepidation as he approached Axel.

“Is something wrong?” Lynus asked almost nervously.

Axel turned to him with a slight frown on his lips, clearly displeased about something. “Just learnt that someone had robbed the Sitoth Thompson, taking money and some accessories before fleeing.”

Lynus’ hand flew up to his mouth to smother a gasp of surprise. “Really? Oh, Abigail, is she all right?”

“A little shaken up, but unharmed,” Axel answered which drew a sigh of relief from Lynus. “Thompson, on the other hand, is fuming. As you can imagine.” Unexpectedly, the corner of Axel’s mouth twitched into a half smirk. “Thief didn’t get away scot free, though. Thompson managed to get one punch in. Thinks he broke his nose if not some of his teeth.”

Lynus was never the one to advocate violence, but the thief clearly deserved it for frightening sweet Abigail like he did.

“I’m going to poke my nose around a bit with Chi-hung to see if I can help find this thief,” Axel continued as he slipped his hand to the small of Lynus’ back and pulled him towards him. “You heading to the hospital?”

Lynus leaned up onto his toes to press a quick kiss to Axel’s cheek. “Yeah, but only for a couple of hours,” he said, pouting slightly when Axel arched a sceptical eyebrow at him. “Yes, really.”

Axel chuckled before he leaned forward to press a kiss of his own to Lynus’ lips, successfully turning his pout into a soft smile. “I’ll hold you to that. See you in a bit then.”

“Be careful,” Lynus said as he slipped away from Axel and moved to head out of the inn.

“I’m always careful,” Axel responded.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Lynus returned with a grin before he quickly turn his attention where he was going, taking his usual route to the hospital.

As per usual, it only took him a few minutes to reach the hospital and make his way inside. And as customary, he was given a patient right off the bat.

With the patient’s file in hand, Lynus thanked the reception clerk and headed in the direction of the examination rooms. As he walked, he flipped through the patient file and immediately red the reason of complaint. And he felt his steps falter for just a second when he read ‘possible broken nose’ as one of the symptoms.

He couldn’t help but feel a frown tug at his lips as he quickly remembered what Axel had told him just before he entered the hospital. But he was probably just jumping to conclusions. A patient walking in with a bloodied nose and sketchy appearance wasn’t at all unusual. There were often fights amongst guilds, bar fights quite common. It would be unusual if the hospital didn’t have at least one patient with a broken nose and surly attitude.

Besides, would a thief really be that arrogant to head to the hospital for treatment right after pulling a heist?

Lynus shook his head to clear it as he shoved the file under his arm and stopped in front of his assigned room.

“Morrison?” Lynus questioned as he stepped into the room, toward a man with very dark brown hair and vivid apple green eyes who was sat on the edge of a bed with a white cloth stained red pressed against his nose. He wore the clothes one would expect survivalists to wear and he had a large carry bag tucked at his feet, his free hand grasping the strap of said bag tightly, his knuckles almost white from the grip.

Instead of verbally answering, the man simply nodded his head in the affirmative.

Lynus smiled as he stepped further into the room, allowing the door to fall only partly shut behind him. Though it was uncommon to close the door of the examination room completely when dealing with a patient, Lynus wasn’t all that comfortable with that practice. Only if he knew the person well enough would he be comfortable to close the door completely.

“Sorry for the wait,” he said out of habit. “I hear you’ve possibility broken your nose. You didn’t happen to get into a bar fight, did you?”

The question was asked more in gest, but Morrison didn’t respond to it like other patients had in the past. He simply shook his head no and stayed tight-lipped. But that was fine. Some people found hospitals daunting and would act out of character whenever they were inside. Lynus wouldn’t take it to heart.

“Well, let me have a look at you.”

As he set about inspecting and healing him, Lynus idly tried to engage with Morrison in some way, but all he got in return were a few grunts or nods as responses. He wasn’t that put off, though. He had dealt with far worse and the man had been very compliant so far.

He couldn’t help but notice how edgy Morrison felt to be. His aura was all but quivering with nerves. And Lynus also couldn’t help but feel a sense of…distrust toward him. Morrison felt to be hiding something. Nothing he would consider malicious, but maybe…illegal?

Finishing up with the cleaning of Morrison’s face, Lynus accidentally nudged the man’s carry bag with his foot as he stepped back. He immediately felt a sense of guilt when he heard the sound of something, a lot of things actually, spilling and scattering across the floor.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” he immediately said as he jumped back and looked down at the floor, his mind set on helping the man pick up his belongings.

But as he opened his mouth to offer his assistance, he found himself falling silent when he realised what had been spilt out across the floor. And he found himself staring in shock.

It was coins. Gold coins.

And…there were a lot of them.

…He doubted that the man earned it through legal means.

Lynus found himself swallowing thickly as he tried to act normal while inwardly trying to find an excuse to leave the room without arousing any possible suspicions.

But it seemed that he had failed to do that. Instead of hastily scooping the cash back into his back and making a break for it, Morrison jumped up and turned on him. Lynus instinctively tried to make a break for the door with a call for the guards on the edge of his lips. But Morrison snared him by the wrist with one hand to tug him back as he clamped the other over Lynus’ mouth, muffling any sound he wanted to make.

“Mmph!” Lynus mumbled feebly as he grasped at the hand over his mouth and winced as his arm was pulled painfully behind his back.

As Morrison pulled him back, he lashed out with his foot to kick the door shut. Shut, but not locked. It however was still a barrier and it could muffle the sound of their struggling.

Lynus tugged desperately at the hand covering his mouth as Morrison manoeuvred him away from the door and toward the furthest side of the room. And Lynus struggled the entire way, his efforts increasing when Morrison mumbled something incoherent and made the motion as if he wanted to grab something as his hand was slowly slipping from its position over Lynus’ mouth.

He then cursed under his breath and removed it completely.

As soon as the hand was gone, Lynus tried again to yell out for help, but something of thick cloth immediately replaced the hand. Morrison was attempting to gag him. As Morrison let go of Lynus’ wrist he had pulled behind his back, Lynus immediately reached up with his hands to tug at the gag, but Morrison had moved far quicker than he, having all but tied it in place the second Lynus’ fingertips brushed over the somewhat familiar material. It was then that he briefly realised that Morrison had somehow managed to snare a sling from the shelf and was using the thick material to gag him.

With the gag securely in place, Morrison harshly pushed Lynus down onto the hospital bed face first, causing Lynus’ stomach to clench in fear and his heart to leap into his throat. He grimaced when Morrison leaned over him and roughly grabbed at his arms, to pull them behind his back. He then began to tie something around his wrists before grabbing a handful of his coat to lift him up off the bed to wrap something around his chest.

Lynus had to blink back tears of fear when he realised that Morrison was actually doing. He was restraining him. Actually tying him up with the very things Lynus had used to help numerous patients.

He was using the bandages from the supplies each examination room had.

Morrison used the thick wadding to bind his arms behind his back, the bandages looping several times over his arms and chest, with his inner wrists pressed together against his lower back. The bindings were tight around his wrists but not enough to cut off circulation thankfully. But the way he had bound him pulled his shoulders back painfully, the position was exceptionally uncomfortable. He could barely move.

After Morrison had ensured that the bindings were in place and secure, he dropped Lynus back onto the bed before mercifully stepping away from him.

As Lynus rolled to his side on the hospital bed, he watched as Morrison hurried to the door and engaged the lock before snaring a chair and barricading it against the door. He then stepped away from it and seemed to take a moment for everything he had done to sink it.

With the sound of his heart pounding in his ears, Lynus twisted and pulled at his wrists in a fruitless attempt to loosen his bindings. He kept his frightened gaze on Morrison as he reminded himself to regulate his breathing. He couldn’t afford to get worked up and hyperventilate. He couldn’t afford to pass out, even though it might be for the best since he couldn’t exactly fight off…whatever Morrison might intend to do with him.

The reality of his situation caused tears to spring to Lynus’ eyes once more and he desperately scolded himself not to get upset now. Even though there was literally nothing he could do.


He couldn’t try to engage with the man, attempt to find some rapport with him; the gag over his mouth successfully hindered that. And, from the way the man was currently pacing back and forth, frantically running his hands through his hair, it was obvious that the man was panicking. Speaking with him would have been pointless. He was too deep in his own anxiety to listen.

One thing was clear, though; he hadn’t anticipated taking a hostage when he emitted himself into hospital.

Not overly reassuring, but it was something. He was making things up as he goes. Which, in itself, could also be a bad thing.

…He really wasn’t in a good position right now.

“Fuck!” Morrison unexpectedly shouted, causing Lynus to jump slightly from fright. That was the first word he had heard him say and it was from frustration and anger.

And he soon found himself wincing in fear when Morrison spun on his heel and stalked over toward him. He grimaced and closed his eyes as Morrison stood right in front of him. However, he opened his eyes again when he heard the sound of coins rattling against each other and he breathed a shaky, muffled sigh of relief.

Morrison was knelt down in front of him as he swept up the money that had scattered across the floor, his movements frantic and hasty.

Lynus could only pray that he decided to cut his losses and make a run for it, leaving him behind and unharmed. When he was healing Morrison, he never felt anything of malicious intent from him. He didn’t sense him to be a violent person. If he left now, no one would be any wiser until the came looking for Lynus or to reuse the room for another patient.

While being restrained and gagged, holed up in a room against his will and without anyone else knowing the fear he was going through wasn’t exactly the epitome of peaceful; there were other violent ways Morrison could have used against him to subdue him.

That wasn’t to say that Lynus wasn’t frightened of what Morrison might want to do with him after he gathered up his stolen money. He was inwardly terrified. And while he did want to let out a few whimpers and tears of fright, he forced himself to keep that need at bay. At this point it would only make things worse. Morrison was busy. Lynus didn’t want him to focus his attention back on him again.

But…he wished he wasn’t gagged. He could explain to him a way to escape without endangering any lives, even his own.

Silently, and hopefully not appearing obvious, Lynus continued to tug at his wrists and flex his jaw in hopes to loosen the bandages and dislodge the gag. The bandages were strong, but they weren’t overly so. They weren’t support bandages. They could be cut and shredded into the ideal shape and size for the diversity of different injuries. If he could just hinder the structure enough…

A trill of familiarity raced down Lynus’ spine caused him to pause and to look over at the door.

As he looked, he could see a strange shadow under the door. Then there was suddenly the sound of something sniffing just outside the door.

Lynus felt his heart skip a beat when he recognised the two main auras that were just outside. Axel and Chi-hung. Chi-hung must have caught the man’s scent and followed it here. Everyone must be so confused to see Axel stalking the halls with Chi-hung. Probably even Axel himself.

Suddenly, Chi-hung snarled menacingly, the sound echoed in the halls outside, and the door rattled as if the white tiger had thrown himself against it violently. The door buckled and the chair creaked from the force, but it stayed in place.

Morrison immediately leapt to his feet and stared at the door with wide, frightened eyes as Chi-hung did it again. He seemed to panic as he looked between the door, his stash of stolen goods, and Lynus on the bed.

As the man hesitated on what he should do, Lynus rubbed his cheek desperately against the sheets of the bed and somehow managed to slip the gag from covering his mouth. “Axel, help!” he yelled the second the cloth fell loosely around his neck.

“The fuck?” he heard Axel mutter in confusion from the other side.

But a mere second after that, the door bowed violently. The sound of wood splintering and metal creaking filled the room, and fuelled Morrison’s panic.

The second hit was enough for the door to open violently, slamming against the wall and tilting off of its hinges as the chair crashed to the floor and skidded in the direction of the bed. And Axel stood in the threshold, one hand on the doorframe to lurch himself into the room if needed while the other gripped the handle of his axe tightly.

Axel’s confused gaze immediately collided with that of Lynus’ and his eyes abruptly widened in shock when he realised that Lynus was tied and bound on the hospital bed with an unknown man standing between them, whom of which was staring back at him also.

“Lynus!” Axel shouted as he hurled himself into the room, Chi-hung right behind him.

With his aura peaking with sheer terror, Morrison clutched the bag desperately against his chest and tried to make a break for the window, not realising that it was one of a few that had locks that could only be opened with a key.

Not that the man was able to reach it. The second Morrison turned toward the window Chi-hung growled lowly and launched himself at him.

Morrison crashed face first to the floor violently, his bag of stolen goods virtually thrown across the room from the force of Chi-hung’s attack. Morrison tried to get up, to continue with his escape plan, but he dropped back down in surrender when Chi-hung leaned menacingly over him. He desperately covered the back of his head and neck as Chi-hung took a mouth of his shirt in his mouth and tugged at it, growling as he shook his head.

It was as if Chi-hung was telling Morrison; “one more move and your neck will be next”.

Seeing that Chi-hung had Morrison completely subdued, Axel raced over to Lynus and effortlessly scooped him up off the bed, and placed him back onto his feet. It took him only a matter of seconds to snap the bindings keeping Lynus captive and Lynus breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled his arms from behind him, idly rubbing his wrists.

Axel then pulled him against his chest, one arm wrapped securely around his waist as the other threaded through his hair. “Are you all right? What the hell happened?” he asked, his voice a mixture of concern and protective anger.

Lynus hugged him back with tears of relief gathering along his eyelashes. “I found the thief,” he murmured against Axel’s shoulder.

Axel made a sound that was similar to a growl as his arms tightened around him and he shifted to glare hatefully at the man Chi-hung was restraining. “He’s in the right place. He’s going to need all the medical treatment available when I’m through with him.”

Lynus heard himself give a half chuckle before he winced when he heard the voices of his fellow medics chattering and whispering just outside the room. And he outright grimaced when Dr Stiles suddenly appeared, looking utterly bewildered as he stood in the shattered remains of the door.

“What on earth is going on here?” he demanded.

Oh dear…looks like Lynus would be spending the rest of the day explaining what had happened to a lot of people. And in turn those same people were going to looking for a piece of this thief…

So Lynus sighed. “Let me start from the beginning…”

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