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~*~*~ Axel/Lynus ~*~*~

Lynus was softly startled when Axel suddenly slipped his arms around his waist and pulled him warmly and tightly against him. Resting his hands on Axel’s strong chest, Lynus tilted his head to the side in curiosity. With a half-smile on his lips, Axel lifted his chin and seemed to motion for him to look up. So he did. And when he spied a plant of rich green leaves and small red berries he shook his head with a smile on his lips.

Mistletoe. So that was what those girls have been doing all day.

Lynus pressed himself closer to Axel, slipping a hand from his chest to gently touch the side of his face. “As if you need some plant as an excuse to kiss me.”

Axel simply shrugged before he leaned forward to press his lips against Lynus’, somehow pulling him closer than before. Uttering a soft sigh, Lynus closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to the side to allow Axel better access to his lips. He got the feeling that this would be a long, gentle kiss. Not that he was complaining. But, you know, someone else might. But, oh well.

~*~*~ Jhon/Tobyn ~*~*~

Jhon knew that Tobyn did not like to display affection in the open where others could see. He had been like that since they were kids, and though he had gotten better in the recent months, he was still self-conscious when it comes to affection. So when Jhon found himself under a sprig of mistletoe with Tobyn, he was fairly certain he knew what Tobyn’s reaction would be.

However, he was surprised to find Tobyn still standing there with him under the mistletoe. Normally, he would have snorted and left without a word. He didn’t like to be forced into anything, you see. So being under a piece of mistletoe, even if there appeared to be no one else around, would cause him to act defiantly in the face of tradition.

So to make things as difficult as possible, Jhon leaned down and kissed Tobyn on the cheek. Soft, but quick, so if anyone did see them, they shouldn’t make a fuss as they still followed tradition. However, when Jhon pulled back he noticed that while Tobyn was blushing lightly, there was an odd pout of disappointment on his lips.

Before Jhon could ask him what was wrong, Tobyn suddenly turned to stand directly in front of him. He then lifted his hands and placed them on either side of Jhon’s face where he abruptly tugged him forward, toward him, and pressed his lips against his.

To say that Jhon was surprised was an understatement. But he soon slipped his arms around Tobyn in return because there was no way he was missing out on this.

~*~*~ Shen/Magnus ~*~*~

With all the sprigs of mistletoe everywhere, virtually hanging from every little nook and cranny of the inn, Magnus knew that it was only a matter of time before he found himself under the mistletoe. In fact he had already been caught under a piece this morning with Lynus. Lynus, however, gently kissed him on the forehead and told him to take care. Which was nice. He also told him that if he found himself under the mistletoe with Shen to not let the opportunity past.

And that was where he was right now. He was under another sprig of mistletoe with someone else. With Shen.

Magnus’ first instinct was to grab his scarf and hide his face into the material. He knew that he was blushing a beet red. He could feel the heat of his cheeks. But he was still staring wide-eyed at Shen, who of which was looking up at the mistletoe with a frown on his lips.

Shen then sighed and Magnus felt a strange sense of panic, believing that Shen would just mutter something about a silly tradition and then leave. So when Shen turned his face down to look at him, parting his lips to say something, Magnus boldly pushed forward. He rested his hands on Shen’s chest before pushing up onto his toes and pressed his lips as firmly as he could against Shen’s.

He felt Shen stiffen from surprise, but instead of pushing him away, he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer. And it honestly felt that he wasn’t going to be letting him go any time soon. Not that Magnus wanted him to, of course.

~*~*~ Lirit/Macerio ~*~*~

It took Lirit a couple of hours to finally get Macerio under the mistletoe with him. Macerio was adorably skittish of the plant and that honestly made Lirit feel at ease because that meant he knew what tradition held and that he didn’t get under the plant with just anyone. In fact, he had witnessed Macerio accidentally step under a sprig with Tobyn, only for the adorable gunner to jump back and all but flee (and Tobyn simply rolled his eyes at the reaction).

So to have Macerio still standing there with him, willingly, absolutely thrilled Lirit to pieces.

Macerio still looked skittish though, glancing around as if waiting for someone to jump out and make fun of him. Or take a picture. Though Cass was he only one to have a camera around these parts, Lirit honestly wouldn’t be surprised if those Pinkettes somehow managed to wrangle it away from him.

Macerio finally turned to look at him, his face almost a cherry red. Lirit half expected him to mumble something about tradition before pecking him on the cheek and scurrying away. A cute reaction, but Lirit wanted a tad more than that.

Still, he was surprised when Macerio mumbled, “This isn’t because of tradition, ok?” before he placed his hands on Lirit’s shoulders and pushed forward to kiss him on the lips. Though the action was sudden and unexpected, Lirit still moved quick enough to wrap his arms around Macerio’s waist and tug him closer. Macerio uttered a soft squeak in surprised as Lirit tilted his head to allow for more intimacy in their kiss. But he didn’t protest or try to move. Which was fortunate as Lirit didn’t think he could let him go now.

~*~*~ Hamza/Cedric ~*~*~

Hamza had just stepped out of the tearoom when he felt a familiar presence appear right in front of him. He barely had enough time to take in the sight of Cedric when he wrapped his arms around his neck suddenly and rested against him fully as he pressed his mouth intimately against his.

Though the kiss was indeed quite suddenly, Hamza had long grown used to Cedric cheerfully and unexpectedly throwing his arms around his neck and kissing him.

So what else was he to do but wrap his arms tightly around his troubadour and kiss him back? He couldn’t taste any liquor on Cedric’s lips so he mused that the man was simply in a good mood that day, as was becoming thankfully common these days.

Ah, perhaps there was a sprig of mistletoe above his head? Never let an opportunity to pass by, as they say.

After a few passionate and slow caresses, they slowly pulled away from each other, Cedric’s arms loosening around his neck, but keeping himself firmly pressed against his chest. With his arms around Cedric’s waist, Hamza tilted his head back to see if there was mistletoe above his head. But surprisingly, there wasn’t.

“Hm? No mistletoe?” he muttered.

Cedric shrugged before he slipped a hand into his pocket and pulled out a piece of mistletoe. “This will do?”

Hamza allowed a smirk to grace his lips before he pulled Cedric in for another kiss.

~*~*~ Simmons/Rahas ~*~*~

Rahas didn’t know what the significance of this mistletoe plant thing was, but when he spied the Pinkettes putting it up everywhere in the inn, he was instantly leery. Anything those girls were planning had to be seen as suspicious, no matter what.

He was even more so when he found himself under a sprig pinned to a tree (a tree he often used to get in and out of the inn so it’s presence there wasn’t coincidental) outside of the inn with Simmons standing next to him and Shiki standing a foot or so away with a wide, far too cheerful grin on his lips.

“Come on, you two, its tradition!”

Rahas defiantly folded his arms across his chest and glared at the older man. “What the hell is mistletoe and what’s so important about this tradition?”

For a fraction of a second Shiki’s broad grin faltered. But he soon recovered and he turned his attention to his son. “Go on, show him.”

Before Rahas could react, Simmons placed hand on the side of his face and inexplicably pulled him toward him. And equally mysteriously, Rahas let him without instinctively pulling away.

Rahas’ eyes widen in absolute surprise and shock when Simmons lightly pressed his lips against his cheek. It took a second for it to sink in what had happened. And when it did, Simmons had already pulled back and was grinning that (adorably) goofy grin of his.

Rahas instinctively touched his cheek. Simmons just kissed him on the cheek. Again!

Shiki threw his head back on a laugh, annoyingly pleased about something before he tilted his head forward and continued to grin at them. “That will do for this year,” he unexpectedly said. “We can upgrade next year!”

Rahas hadn’t a clue what that meant, but he didn’t like it…

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