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Kiss the Memories Away

“You’ve kissed me like fifty times today.”

Shiki glanced over at Gerald and grinned playfully. “Are you complaining?”

At the kitchen counter, Gerald rolled his eyes and shook his head before he focused his attention back on preparing dinner. “No. It’s just something I notice that you do after you’ve had a bad dream. Or recalled a memory.”

The grin dropped from Shiki’s lips and he uttered a sigh. Of course, Gerald would notice whenever he had remembered a memory he wished he didn’t have. He tried to keep it from Gerald, just because he didn’t want to worry him. He worried enough about him. About his arm. About whether he would disappear on him again.

But Gerald was as attenuative toward him, as Shiki was in regards to Gerald.

Shiki stood up from the chair at the dining table and crossed the kitchen floor to stand behind Gerald. He then slipped his arms around the waist of his beloved gunner and rested his chin on his shoulder.

“I didn’t want to worry you,” Shiki murmured.

And Gerald sighed. “I know.”

“Kissing you gets rid of the memories.”

Gerald shifted in Shiki’s arm, turning himself around to face him before lifting his arms to drape them across his shoulders. He pressed himself tightly against Shiki’s chest and looked deeply, lovingly, into his eyes.

“…You don’t need an excuse to kiss me, you know?”

Shiki just had to laugh as he tightened his arms around Gerald’s waist. Taking that as an invite, or perhaps even an order, Shiki leaned forward and pulled Gerald into the fifty-first kiss of the day.

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