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Improper Advances

Lirit licked his lips nervously. He didn't like the situation he was currently experiencing. It was late in the afternoon and he was in the bar, promising to look after it when Bar-keep Cass spoke to the guildmaster about a competition or something. It was supposed to be easy and safe, especially with Lynus agreeing to keep him company.

However, Lynus was the unintentional reason for Lirit to be feeling so nervous.

He did not know how or why, but a small group of explorers he had never seen before were gathered around Lynus. And they had managed to slip something into his drink. So that meant Lynus was either drunk or drugged.

And very vulnerable.

Upon seeing the way they were trying to talk Lynus into leaving with them, Lirit tried to push his way into the group in order to get to Lynus, but because of his lithe frame and lack of physical strength, he was roughly pushed aside. It was obvious at that point that the explorers had some less than honourable intentions toward Lynus. He needed help, badly!

"Be cooperative, babe," a roughly shaven explorer drawled. He then abruptly grasped Lynus by the shoulder, in what looked like a very harsh and tight grip. Lirit immediately felt his fear and panic increase, and he desperately tried to think of a way to get to Lynus and help him. Where was Bar-keep Cass when you needed him?

However, Lynus did something surprising – he jerked himself from the explorer's grip, spun around and punched the man right in the stomach!

As the man doubled over in surprise and winded from the surprisingly powerful punch, Lynus staggered backwards and glared drunkenly at them. It wasn't a very effective glare, though, thanks to the way his lips seemed to be twisted in a pout and the flush to his cheeks.

"I want Axel," Lynus said rather firmly and suddenly, despite appearing unstable on his feet, his eyes glazy and his hair dishevelled. The pout on his lips became 'poutier' and his medical coat slipped rather seductively from his shoulder. He didn't appear remotely fearful or nervous. He seemed almost childish as he folded his arms over his chest. "Where's Axel?"

The explorers were starting to get rather annoyed with Lynus' surprisingly combative behaviour and quickly circled him.

"You're not Axel," Lynus said as he slapped away a hand, glaring drunkenly and somewhat defiantly.

Thankfully, before they could even reach out to grasp at Lynus, to either hurt him or have their way with him, the doors to the bar suddenly burst open. And who should be standing there, looking rather dishevelled from his trek in the labyrinth was Axel himself. He appeared to have spent a long, tiring day in the labyrinth and was looking for Lynus, and not in the mood for any nonsense.

Lirit breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness!

"What's going on?" Axel asked as he strode deeper into the bar, suddenly finding himself the centre of attention when the bar grew uncomfortably silent. "I heard that something is going on with Lynus?"


Axel's eyes widen almost comically as Lynus stumbled over to him. He immediately opened his arms, his face creasing into a look of confusion and concern as Lynus practically fell into his arms and rested fully against his chest. Axel drew in a sharp intake of air and when he did, his brow furrowed. A look of realisation soon appeared on his face, though, no doubt smelling the alcohol on Lynus' breath.

As Lynus snuggled himself happily against his chest purring like a kitten, Axel wrapped his arms tightly around him as he looked around the bar, his brow furrowed and his face like thunder. Seemed like whoever told him that something was going on with Lynus failed to tell him what was really going on with Lynus.

"Who is responsible for this?" he asked, his voice barely above a hiss.

While the other explorers that were mingling within the bar were suddenly very quiet, turning away to look busy, Lirit wasted no time in literally pointing out those responsible for Lynus' drunken state.

"It was them," he said plainly and with a small sense of relief.

Slowly, Axel turned his head to look at the small group of explorers that Lirit was indicating to and his eyes narrowed menacingly. Those who were the recipients of his glare visibly and physically shuddered and tried to make themselves as small as possible. One even tried to reach for his own weapon as he skittishly looked for an exit.

But it was far too late. Resistance would only prove to be futile.

… … … … …

Lirit watched with great amusement at a small group of explorers, whom of which were covered in roughly adorn bandages and multiple bruises and scrapes, replace the glass in the windows of the bar. Every movement they made seemed to cause them pain, yet they kept working.

The fact that they were being watched by an infuriated Cass probably helped.

Not to mention the more than dangerous Axel.

Lirit couldn't help but feel amused. And impressed. It was absolutely amazing to him how Axel was able to beat the living snot out of a small group of explorers with Lynus drunk and nearly asleep in one arm and free of any armour or weapons with the other. It was also a bit amusing how he was able to throw them out of the windows – closed windows, mind you – when he was done with them.

And not a single person tried to interfere. They didn't have the guts.

Bar-keep Cass was surprised to find his bar in completely disarray when he returned. At first he was spitting mad, but when he learnt the truth he became furious. He demanded that the one who broke the windows fix them. And being completely technical, the explorers that Axel threw through the closed windows were the ones to have broken them.

So, hence, they were replacing the windows they had unwillingly broken. And they knew that if they tried to do what they attempted to do last night, they won't be thrown through a closed window. Oh no, they were going to be thrown through the wall.

With that coming from Axel, that was no idle threat.

Throwing an uncharacteristic smirk in the direction of the busy rebuilding explorers, Lirit turned his attention to Lynus that was sitting next to him and gave him a sympathetic look. Lynus was resting his head on Axel's shoulder as Axel gently massaged his temple, nursing him through a headache brought on by dehydration.

"Why won't you tell me what happened last night?" Lynus was heard mumbling to Axel.

"Nothing…" Axel murmured as he pressed his lips against Lynus' other temple. "…That will happen again."

Lirit had to laugh to himself.

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