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Don't Go

“I love you, please don’t go.”

Gerald uttered a deep sigh when he felt a strong, rough hand snare his wrist. He glanced down at the hand holding him still, preventing him from taking another step forward. His gaze followed along the arm until he was met with a pair of piercing red eyes.

“Shiki,” he sighed again. “You do this every morning; I’m just going to the kitchen to start breakfast.”

Sprawled lazily across the bed, Shiki kept a firm grip on his wrist as he pouted both childishly and sleepily up at him. “It’s too early,” he practically whined. “Who could stand being up at this god-awful hour?”

“It’s 8am.”

“The sun is barely up.”

“It’s been up for hours.”

“It’s too chilly.”

Well, Gerald couldn’t outright ignore that complaint. Especially when he was dressed in nothing but his briefs. He was in the process of getting dressed when Shiki lazily rolled over in bed to seek his heat. And when he couldn’t find him immediately by his side, his arm flailed out and snared his wrist.

How he was able to do that without opening his eyes, Gerald had no idea.

He did this every single morning.

And Gerald promptly responded how he always did; utter a sigh before letting the other man pull him back into bed. Once under the covers, Shiki wrapped his arms around him tightly with a smug little smirk on his lips and nuzzled his nose against the side of Gerald’s neck.

Gerald rolled his eyes slightly, but did little else other than get himself settled. A few minutes lounging in bed with the man he loved wouldn’t hurt…

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