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It was dark night in Seoul as the power was out and the streets were bare. There had been a rumor of someone going around the neighborhood taking women who cheated on their husbands and boyfriends or even the ones who didn't even care about their kids, this person was known as Killer Bunny. No one ever knew his real identity or real information other than he was a serial killer. Warning! This story includes: fighting, mentions of depression, abusive parents, running away, being kidnapped, being beaten and other horrific things. Please read at your own risk.

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1 (Jeon Gguk)

It had been a long night and long winter for Brittany, she was only 17 years old and was in high school but she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend Cosmo in school and the entire school saw the fight even the boy known as 'Killer Bunny' No one ever knew who he really was and no one even knew that he attended the same school as Brittany.

But one thing was for sure, there was a dark dark past with the male and Brittany, you see they used to be dating but soon people discovered their relationship and they went after Brittany trying to kill her because she was low class while the male was much of a higher class than her.
{Jeon's pov}
I have been killing since I was 16, I thought I was doing good but then I became addicted to killing, infatuated even. I just couldn't stop, I knew then that I was becoming a monster just like my father.
I wish I had known that this would've happened that I would've became a monster like my father but I didn't.
"Jeon get down here!"
What does he want now?
I sighed as I got up off of my bed walking downstairs to come face to face with my father whom was drunk and my mother whom was on the floor crying and pleading.

"What is it?"
"Help me with your mother."
My eyes widened.
I knew exactly what he meant and I wasn't going to do it, I wouldn't let him do it either.
When I saw him pick the knife up off of the table and raise it above his head about to stab my mom I quickly took my gun out of my back pocket and shot him right in the head.
I didn't care that I had killed my father, he was drunk and was about to hurt my mother whom had saved me everytime my father would beat me.
I wasn't a lucky kid.
Yes I had money, and a wonderful mom that always took care of me but my dad was the problem, he was always drinking and when he consumed 6 bottles in his body he would beat me and my mom both just because he was drunk and sometimes he would even do it for fun.
Sick. Twisted. Disgusting.
Those three words lingered in my head but not long after I became just like my father; kidnapping young women and teaching them lessons on how to be grateful for what they got and if I couldn't get them to see how great they have it or even how they should be grateful for what they got then I would kill them in the most horrific way.
I've had it with these ungrateful people who have kids and the best parents, the ones who hadn't got beaten or even hurt like I did.
{End of Jeon's pov}
(2 years later)
It had been 2 years ago since Jeon had killed his dad and now he was living on his own in an apartment in Seoul.
The 20 year old male walked around his apartment feeling lonely as he paced back and forth down the empty hallways.
Oh how he had wished to find the love of his life very soon, he wanted love like a Harley Quinn and Joker love the psychotic kind that had a thrill as well.

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