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Chapter 1 Harry Styles

Pure Seduction

Harry Styles

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and involvement of Anne Cox, Harry was a gentleman first and he raced around the front of his car as soon as you two wandered to the parking lot after leaving the movie theater. He opened up the passenger side door for you, watching as you texted while sliding into the leather seat.

“Thank you.” Politely, out of reflex, you chimed before he shut the door.

Pulling out of the busy parking lot, Harry kept his focus mostly on the road. You were what he considered precious cargo and he wasn’t about to risk your life. If he was alone or with one of his dude friends in the parking lot, he would have been more concerned about what band was playing on the radio or making sure he didn’t miss any of the jokes going on around the car. Still, he couldn’t help, but notice how happy you looked as you were texting. Small whispers of laughter swiftly leaving your kissable mauve painted lips.

“Who are you texting?” Finally, he asked. He stopped slowly at the red light and took the opportunity to plug his music player into the car radio, scrolling through his selections and choosing Muse. The song ‘Starlight’ always reminded him of you and, therefore, instantly brought a boyish grin to his face.

“Aiden.” (see what I did there) You hummed easily. Harry had known Aiden as casually as you had both met each other’s friend groups from your respective circles. It made things a lot easier on you that Harry and your now best male friend got on swimmingly since it had been a problem in previous relationships that you had a buddy of the male variety you were so close with. As your phone buzzed in your hand, you grinned and instantly began typing back. “He says hi.”

“Oh, uh, hi.” Less enthusiastically, Harry mumbled and turned up the volume of the music before taking the wheel in his hands again and merging into the lane.

“Are you telling him about the movie?” Harry eagerly asked, looking over to see you still on your phone with a smile practically slapped like a scratch and sniff sticker on your face. You two hadn’t been able to be a normal couple who went to movies and ate in food courts before, so Harry had enjoyed taking you to the new Captain America film the way most couples probably enjoyed five-course meals and romantic getaways to Bora Bora. He really had had the nicest time in the theater with his arm draped around you, fingers nervously brushing above your boob, snacking on the salty popcorn that he let you hold on your lap.

“Yeah. He said he saw it a couple of days ago.” Finally, for just a brief fleeting moment, you looked up from the screen and gave Harry the smile he was so fond of. He watched happily, out of the corner of his blue eyes, you putting your phone back into your oversized purse and then resting the purse over your feet on the ground. He took one hand off of the wheel carefully and put it over your hand that was on your knee nearest him, holding it there until he arrived back to his place.

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