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Take a sneak peek into Dragonite's (secret) Diary, and find out more about his life as the only mega evolving Dragonite in the world. Being special has its ups and downs - You are the star of every show but are chased by Paparazzi every day. What can you do if youre the only mega evolving pokemon of your species, huh? From gung ho trainers randomly coming up and challenging you to evil organisations trying to steal you every day, this young pokemon's life is a wild rollercoaster. Read on if you want to!

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Discovering a diary

Tuesday 8 December 2020, 12.30pm, inside my pokeball

Wow, I didnt even know I could write. Did I spell any of that wrongly? Maybe I should ask my trainer for help. But wouldn't it be strange if I just popped out of the pokeball holding a pen and a book with lines on every page? Um, never mind. So anyway, I found a very interesting thing called... uh, let me just see it. "Felicia's Diary." The font is rather handwriting like... and there are glittery stickers in all shapes and sizes all over the cover! Wow, the publisher must have gone to many lengths to decorate this pretty book. How many books have been published? 10? 100? 1000? There are 10 stickers on the cover, so 10 times 1000 is... 10000?! Wow! I didnt know someone could afford so many stickers, let alone ten of them. When we go to the big bookstore in Cliffhang City, Im going to search for this pretty book in there and buy it. This one's pretty old and battered and illegible.
Oh, gotta go now! My trainer is calling me for a battle now, bye~
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