Filling Our Pages

Chapter Eleven: Filling Our Pages:

Meanwhile, Anna's friends began to look for her. Tsuzuki glanced around Hotaru's living room.

"Has anyone seen Anna-chan?" he asked. The crew stopped talking and eyed him.

"No," Hotaru answered, tilting her head.

"Didn't she go to the bathroom?" Mike asked.

"Then why didn't she come out?" Tsuzuki asked, looking down the hall.

"Maybe she's alright?" Watari suggested. His words did little to convince his friend.

"I'm going to go check on her," Tsuzuki said. He stood up and wandered down the hall. Hotaru clapped her hands together.

"Okay!" she said aloud. "Looks like Anna wants to play hide-and-seek with us!"

"What?" the others asked.

"Yes," Hotaru said, quickly nodding. "We're all it!"

"Isn't that… backwards?" Vivian asked.

"Yeah, but I'm not complaining," Hotaru said. It didn't take much for Tatsumi to catch on.

"And what's the prize?" he asked. Hotaru tried to think.

"Name it!" she replied. Tatsumi gave her a look of intrigue.

"Negotiable, huh?"

"You could say that."

"I see," he said. Hotaru clapped her hands together again.

"Right," she began. "Let's play along with Anna!" At first, everyone remained uneasy in their seats. Hotaru stamped her foot.

"Get going!" she ordered. "You don't want Anna to win, do you? Chop! Chop!" Though still unsure, everyone got up to look for Anna. Hotaru followed behind them.

Hotaru glanced around the hall. From where she stood, the bathroom looked vacant. The loli demon tilted her hand.

Okay, you aren't in the bathroom, she thought. So where did you go? Hotaru scanned the hallways as everyone looked from room to room. It was then she noticed Emiko's old office light was on.

Hm? Didn't I turn that off this morning? Curious, Hotaru walked over to the room in question and peeked inside. To her heart's relief it looked the same as when Emiko last used it. She could still smell the cigarette smoke inside. Hotaru felt warmth stirring in her heart.Emiko-sama…

Hotaru looked at the sturdy desk and found their book writing itself. She walked over with a dreamy look in her eyes. I remember this!

Fifteen years ago, Emiko and Hotaru spent their anniversary in Kyoto. The butch demon told her she could have any souvenir she desired. At first, Hotaru couldn't think of anything, but on the last day of the trip, they came to a book store. When the loli demon first spotted the pink leather and silk blank book, she just had to have it. Emiko bought the book, to please her lover.That now half-filled book was special to both demons. Every evening, they wrote sexy lesbian love stories in it. Sometimes, they would go in as characters and act out the stories being written. Hotaru's mind got lost in such pleasant memories. She placed her hand to her chest. The loneliness started up again and Hotaru felt like crying.


The loli demon wiped her eyes to prevent them from forming tears. After all this time, she thought. I can't believe it. Then, something out of place caught her eye.

"Anna?" Hotaru asked. She read over the last page. Her eyes widened as her mind pieced together what happened.

"Guys!" she screamed. "Come quickly! I found Anna!"

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