End of Game

Chapter Twelve: End of Game:

Anna stood in the study, waiting. Dee and Dum looked around the room. Their target was lucky to have used the invisibility card seconds before; bought her plenty of time to think. Anna glanced around from her hiding spot.

Somehow, this chase ended up upstairs, she thought. Anna looked down at her hand. I only have two cards left. She bit her lower lip. Dee glanced around the corner again.

"Oh, Anna-tan!" Dum sang out. "Where are you?" Anna bit her lower lip.

I don't have time for this! My friends are probably worried about me by now. There has to be a way back to the kitchen. Anna glanced at the door across the room. She drew in a deep breath.

Alright, she began to plan. I just need to run out the door, down the stairs, and make it back to the kitchen. Her focus turned to the clock.

I only have thirty minutes to pull this off. Anna bit her lower lip. Add that with their remaining traps… She nervously shook her head. It was lucky she used a card to take away her pursuers' power; fewer traps made for an easier game. However, this benefited both parties. Dee and Dum took some of her cards and reduced time.

Dum paused and looked over in Anna's direction. Their target's spine went stiff. That's it! I have to go now! She drew in a deep breath and took off running. The twins' face lit up. Dee drew out her last card.

"Pink shade, go!" she shouted. The card flew up and hit the ground. Anna had just made it to the stairs when she heard a rumbling noise. She glanced behind to see a giant pink wave creeping up behind her.

"What now?!" she cried. Anna sped down the stairs as the pink wave grew closer. Dee and Dum ran after the pink debris, laughing.

"We're coming to get you! We're coming to get you!" they sang out. "We're coming to get you!" Anna gritted her teeth as she ran.

Halfway down the stairs she tripped and lost her footing, going down head first.Shit! It can't end this way! Anna pulled out a random card and peeked at it. The wings gave her an idea. Please let this work!

"Flight!" she yelled. "Go!" Anna drew her eyes closed as she kept falling. Just as she hit the floor, Anna felt her body become light. She opened her eyes and saw herself flying down the hall.

"No fair! No fair! No fair!" the twins complained. "No fair!" Dum pulled out her last card.

"Flight!" she yelled. "Go!" Yuma's double grabbed her sister and took off flying. Anna didn't have to turn around to know what was coming.

"Don't tell me…" she muttered. Anna pushed her body to fly faster. I have to get to the kitchen! She maneuvered to the right in the hallway. Being ahead of them, she began to celebrate.

There it is! There's the kitchen! Anna sailed further ahead.

"She's getting away!" Dee and Dun cried. "She's getting away!" The twins propelled forward like bullets, the pink wave covering them from behind.

"So pretty!" Dee and Dum yelled. "We're so pretty!" Anna focused on racing to the kitchen even as the wave hit her heels.

"We can see you! We can see you!" Dee and Dum yelled.

"Shit!" Anna cursed. She tried to fly away as fast as she could until she saw the kitchen table. Her heart raced in her chest.

Come on, I can do this! Don't give up on me now! The pink wave swallowed her ankles."Let me go!" Anna screamed with her eyes closed. With one last push, she sailed toward the table.

"Catch her! Catch her!" Dee and Dum shouted. "Catch her!" They pushed forward as Anna and the pink wave pressed toward the table.





Anna's hand reached out for the table as the pink wave swallowed her calves.

"Six!" Dee shouted.

"Five!" Dum sang out.

"Shut up!" their target screamed. Her fingertips reached for the prized key.



"Two!" the twins sang. "One!" They propelled forward toward their target. The pink wave ate the table and Anna before Dee and Dum grabbed her legs: everything disappeared under a blanket of pink.

Moments later, Anna opened her eyes and looked around. She found herself lying on the kitchen floor with her fists above her head. Giggles below drew her gaze at her legs. Dee and Dum grinned like wildcats.

"Caught you! Caught you!" they sang. Anna chuckled to herself.

"Well then," she said. "I hate to disappoint you, but…" She opened her fist to reveal the key in her hand. "I win," Anna said with a grin. The twins pouted at her.

"Aw, she won," they complained. "She won!" However, their mood did an about-face.

"So now, we owe you some information," Saya's double said.

"Yep, yep!" Yuma's double added. "Info! Info!" Anna eyed them both.

"Okay," she said. "How do I get Bunny-tan out of the city?" The twins came on either side of her.

"Her soul is trapped in the Heart Castle," Dee whispered.

"Yes, yes!" Dum whispered. Anna narrowed her eyes at them.

"Where is this castle?"

"Center of the city," Dum told her.

"The caterpillar with show you the way," Dee tacked on.

"The caterpillar, huh?" Anna asked. "You must mean the smoking caterpillar."

"What?" the twins asked. Their guest shook her head.

"Nothing!" she lied. "So how do I find Bunny-tan again?"

"She frequents the Wishing Dream bar," Dee answered.

"That she does," Dum replied. Anna took in this new information to heart.

"And the caterpillar will tell me where?" she asked.

"Yes," the twins answered. But then, their faces went grim.

"But you have to be careful," Dee warned. Anna.

"Why is that?" she asked.

"The hunters are coming for Bunny-tan!" Dee chanted.

"The hunters are coming for Bunny-tan!" Dum repeated.


"Yes!" Dee and Dum cried. "You must hurry! You must hurry!" Anna pushed them off and rose to her feet.

"Okay," she told them. "But where exactly does this key lead to?"

"Our back garden gate," the twins answered. "It leads to a dirt road back to the city."

"Thank you!" Anna said with a bow. She took off running to the back door. However, not before Dee and Dum caught up to her and groped her breasts. That sure made her take off running and screaming.

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