Infiltrate Wonderland

Chapter Thirteen: Infiltrate Wonderland:

Takeru hated this part. Usually, he went along with his father's plans, but this was the worst in his eyes.

"Why do we have to do this?" he asked.

"Shut up and zip my dress," Hiroji ordered. Takeru reluctantly zipped up the blue dress. The other young hunter straightened it out.

"Why aren't you getting dressed?" he asked.

"I will," Takeru complained, rolling his eyes. He pulled on the new yellow dress that his father bought from the last town, frowning as he zipped up.

"Seriously through," the boy complained. "Why do we have to do this?"

"'Cause," Hiroji answered, putting on his wig. "We are the only ones who can pass as girls in our camp."

"Not that," Takeru said. "Why are we on this hunt, anyway?" His fellow hunter eyed him.

"Are you dense?" Takeru shook his head.

"No," he said. "It's just pointless now." Hiroji tilted his head at him.

"Seriously, are you mental? We have to catch the bunny!"

"But why?"

"Look," Hiroji snapped. "Don't ask questions! Finish getting dressed already!""Yeah, yeah," Takeru grumbled. He put on his blonde wig. I feel so stupid doing this, he thought, staring in the mirror. With a little make-up, the girl-like boys were ready to go. Hiroji and Takeru headed down the dirt road.

"You remember the plan, right?" the boy in blue asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Takeru muttered in his suffocating yellow dress. "Go up to the gate, get the key, unlock said gate, and go inside."


"You do all of the talking," he added.

"Very good," the "girl" in blue said. Takeru sighed and rolled his eyes. Isn't that how it always goes? He still didn't see the point.

"Now remember," Hiroji said. "These clothes are sprayed with a special musk to fool the gate. Not only do we look like girls, we smell like them too-underneath. Got me?"

"Yes, yes," Takeru grumbled. They made it to the gate in ten minutes. Wakaba's double woke when she heard footsteps.

"Good morning, ladies," she greeted them. "How can I help you today?" Hiroji cleared his throat and got into character.

"My sister and I would like entrance into your city," 'she' said, sounding quite ladylike.

"Okay," the Doorway Girl said. "Just what are your names?"

"Sylvia," Hiroji answered. "And this is my sister, Ruriko." Takeru bowed his head. Wakaba's clone scanned both "girls." Takeru held his breath though Hiroji remained calm. The Doorway Girl perked up.

"The potion, key, and cookies are on the left," she said.

"Thank you, miss!" 'Sylvia' said with a bow. Takeru bowed and followed his "sister" to the secret grassy spot. While they got to work, the Doorway Girl made her own report.

"There are two of them here," she whispered telepathically. "What should I do?"

"Leave them for now," a female guard answered in her head. "Let's observe them."

"Okay," Wakaba's double whispered. The "girls" returned to the gate, now as miniatures. Hiroji used the key to unlock the gate.

"Have a good time," the Doorway Girl said. She closed the door behind them as the hunters infiltrated the sexy city.

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