Wild Horses

Chapter Twenty-One: Wild Horses:

Bunny laid Anna on her bed. She planted a kiss on the woman's lips, and Anna's heart fluttered in her chest. Images of Tsuzuki flashed in her mind. His face overlapped with Bunny-tan's. It shouldn't have surprised her, but it did. Bunny gently pulled away. Anna gave her a doe-eyed gaze.

"What are you doing?" she asked. Bunny placed a finger to her lips.

"I'm going to make you feel better," she whispered. "You're going to be okay." She rolled off her black bodysuit. Anna's eyes followed her dangerous curves, as if to feel her body. Only her dark purple fishnets and black lacy panties remained. Bunny leaned in for another kiss. Anna sank into the warmth, reaching for the drawstring of her white skirt. A chill went up her spine as the cotton material slid down her hips, thighs, calves, ankles. She couldn't hold back anymore as the wetness flooded her panties. Bunny's lust flared as she pushed her tongue into Anna's mouth. Before they knew it, the women collapsed back onto the bed.

Anna grabbed Bunny's fishnets and ripped them off, as she felt the other woman's hands wrap around her back. Just like Tsuzuki did in reality, Bunny struggled in her feverish rush to unhook Anna's bra. She chuckled in between kisses.

"Do forgive me," she said. "Hooks become so tricky when I get excited." Bunny finally finished unhooking Anna's white, strapless bra. It didn't take long for it to join the ripped up fishnets on the bedroom carpet. Bunny wrapped her legs around Anna's waist. Her big breasts pressed up against the other woman's. Bunny reached toward Anna's panties. One yank and they snapped off, hitting the floor, soon followed by her own. Bunny stared into Anna's eyes.

"I love you!" she said aloud.

The bleak sun rose over the blackened beach. A girl in white drew open her hazel green eyes. The ocean waves hadput her heart in a gentle place. However, she didn't remember how she got on the beach in the first place.

Where am I? The girl, about sixteen, searched for anything familiar. She couldn't even remember where she came from. The girl rose to her feet and began to wander the light red sands. Above her, the stars disappeared one by one into the rising sun. When the last one vanished, the curtains rose for the morning show.

The girl in white was about to walk into the cave, when she heard a bubbling noise from behind. She turned to see the sea foam bubbling away. Curious, the young girl walked toward the sea for a closer look. A white horse's head rose up from the foam, and inch by inch, its body rose from the water. The girl stood back, her jaw dropping. The horse moved aside in the water and another popped up from the foam. This kept occurring until twenty white horses stood in the ocean. The girl tried to comprehend the image before her, but their beauty blinded her to the point that she had to shield her eyes.

What is this?

The leading horse began to walk around in the salty water. They each followed behind it in a circle, and after three minutes of walking, the lead horse began to speed up to a gallop. The foam in the sea reappeared, like diamonds in the weak sunlight. The girl's eyes widened as the sparkles from the sea mesmerized her.

"Wow!" she mouthed. Each horse galloped to a perfected rhyme in the sea. The movements made it appear to have more horses in the pattern than the original twenty. The circle itself shrank and grew with each step of their hooves. Their beauty left the girl breathless.Suddenly, the leading horse broke the pattern. Their circle march became a diamond one. However, the girl noticed something else as well: each splash threw a star on the shore. The girl's heart raced at the sight.

"Wow!" she cried out. One star fell in her auburn hair. She felt a warm, tingling sensation flow through her body.

Oh! I want more! Please! Give me more! More! Don't tease me like this!

The falling stars increased with each splash, floating around the girl. Soon, they all blanketed her withtheir love.

Take me! Please take me! Oh! I don't know if I can… I can't take it anymore! The stars exploded and sailed toward the morning sky. Their light drowned the darkened beach. The girl's own voice even became lost in the rapture.

When the light faded away, the horses vanished back into the sea, one by one. When the last horse disappeared, the girl stood alone on the beach with one remaining star in her hand.

Bunny lay asleep next to Anna in bed with a peaceful smile on her face. Anna's eyes nervously trailed up to the pitch black ceiling.

Oh boy, how did this happen? What do I do now?

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