Voices Carry

Chapter Twenty-Two: Voices Carry:

The sun rose through the thick purple curtains. Anna eyed Bunny-tan in this new, awkward situation. It didn't help that this woman looked like a female version of Tsuzuki. Anna poked Bunny's right breast.

Asato-kun is a big boy, she thought. So would that mean…?

"Hey!" Bunny shouted, slapping away her hand. "They still have feeling in them, you know?" Anna drew back her hand.

"Sorry," she said. Bunny rubbed at her huge breast.

"That hurt," she whimpered. Anna glanced around the room.

"Uh, listen…" she spoke up. "You seem really nice, but…"

"Yes?" Bunny asked. The other woman struggled to put it into words.

"I'm happily married, to a man," she said. "And this is cheating. Imaginary, accidental, or not!" Bunny broke into giggles; Anna gave her a confused look. "I don't think any of this is funny." Bunny gave her a little smile.

"Don't you know the unwritten rule?" she asked. Anna frowned.

"What unwritten rule?" Bunny pressed her forehead against Anna's.

"Sex with courtesans doesn't count," she whispered.

"Huh?" Anna asked.

"I don't count," Bunny said. "I mean, look at me. I'm big, I'm bouncy, I'm good in bed, and I don't count."

The other woman frowned again. "So why are you here?"

Bunny lowered her shoulders. "Well, it's a long story."

"It's okay. I have time to listen."

Bunny glanced down at her heavy breasts. "I am a spirit who's trapped in this story. I originally ran away to escape from a marriage."

"Was it arranged?"

Bunny shook her head. "He was a good man. I knew I would grow to love him soon. But…"

"What happened?" Bunny pressed her lips together.

"I'm no good at commitments," she confessed, embarrassed. "So, I ran away on the night before the wedding."

"But how did you end up in this book?" Anna asked.

"I heard singing," Bunny answered.

"Huh?" The Tsuzuki female-counterpart propped herself up on the bed.

"The pages gave off a soft melody that drew me in," she explained. "One touch of them and I ended up sucked inside the book."

"That's what happened to me!" Anna said with a gasp. "And you've been stuck here ever since?" Bunny nodded.

"Damn," Anna muttered. As she pondered, Anna came to another realization. "My wounds are healed! I don't know how you did it, but thanks." Bunny's cheeks turned bright pink.

"It was no problem," she said, looking away. "I used my powers."

"Wait… how—?" Anna started to ask; then it then dawned on her. "Oh… you… Oh." Bunny ran a finger along Anna's shoulder.

"That was the best way to fix you up," she said in a low voice. The other woman tried not to think about it as she flinched away.

"Uh… thanks again, I guess," Anna said. "So, how do we get out of this book?"

"There's a big gate that leads out of the city," Bunny told her. "I couldn't get out myself because the pages took my soul when I first fell into this book." She gently took Anna by the hands. "But now, I thank you for getting it back to me."

"When can we leave?" Anna asked.

"Sundown," Bunny replied. "The gate will unlock then."

"And your soul?"

"Give it to me at the gate. I myself am a key to end this story. Once the gate opens, you and I will walk out of this city for good."

"Perfect!" Anna said aloud, then paused. "But, what should we do until sundown?" she asked. Bunny gave her a naughty little smile.

"What else?" she asked. Anna looked rather confused by all of this.

"But I don't even know your name," she said in a soft voice.

"It's Bunny-tan."

Anna slowly shook her head. "No, your real name."

The purple rabbit woman climbed on top of her, gently stroking her cheek with her finger. "Baby, where we're going, we don't need names." She leaned down and drew Anna into another deep, passionate kiss.

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