Mad Tea Party

Chapter Six: Mad Tea Party:

The Hatter took Anna back to her house. Her jaw dropped when she climbed out of the cab: this lady lived in a mansion of marble. The lawn looked neatly trimmed, and just like Meifu, Anna saw cherry blossoms in full bloom. However, they weren't alone along the pathway.

"Are those… candy trees?" Anna asked, puzzled.

"Yep," Madam Hatter replied. "I grow them myself."

"But how?"

"It's… a… secret!" other woman answered whimsically. She winked and stuck out her tongue. "Let's get going," Watari's female counterpart said. "We have so much to talk about." The blonde woman ushered her target inside.

Violet eyes watched from across the street. She bit on her lower lip as the women went inside. I can't let her take Anna-chan, but I don't know how to her like this. She hurried across the street to the mansion.

Anna gasped as she looked around inside; she had never seen so much gold before in her life. The floor reminded her of rock candy. In fact, the whole entry way looked like it was made of candy. Anna had to fight back the urge to take a lick. The Hatter chuckled at her guest's child-like wonder.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah," Anna murmured. The Hatter put her arm around her shoulders.

"You should see the dining hall," she whispered. Anna glanced over at her.

"Dining hall?"

"Yes," the Hatter with glee. "Come along! Come along!" She pushed Anna down the hall.

"Whoa!" Anna said. "Slow down! Hey! Hey!" The Hatter giggled in response. They came to pair of large chocolate doors. Madam Hatter pulled out the key from her bosom."You're in for one hell of a feast," she bragged as she unlocked the doors. Anna found herself blown away as the chocolate doors opened wide. Everything seemed to sparkle in the dining hall: white and gold danced across the room. Before them sat a long table spread with baked goods and tea. The Hatter gave Anna smile.

"Do you like it?" she asked. Her mark nodded in surprise. Madam Hatter patted her on the back.

"I knew you would," she whispered.

"Hatter, you're back!" another woman called out. The pair looked up and saw two other women at the table. They were dressed in a similar fashion to the Hatter; the woman on the left wore green and black with rabbit ears that complimented her dark skin, and the girl on the right wore purple and black with mouse ears that matched her pale skin. Anna pressed her lips together and waved.

Hi Stella, Hisoka, she thought. The Hatter stepped forward.

"March Hare, Door Mouse!" she greeted the ladies at the table, "So nice to see you!" Stella/March Hare looked over at Anna.

"Oh and whose little girl is she?" she asked. The Hatter patted Anna on the shoulders.

"This baby doll is the guest of honor," she answered. Anna looked up, confused.

"I am?" she asked.

"Yes," the Hatter replied. "Come, take a seat." She ushered Anna to the end of the table, where she sat down, confused and uneasy.

I don't like this, she thought. The Hatter took her place at the table and picked up a gold bell to her left.

"Kittens!" she called while ringing it, "Bring out guest the special tea." The kitty maid bowed and went into the kitchen. All three women focused on Anna.

"So," the March Hare said, "Where are you from?"

"Outside," Anna answered. The ladies looked impressed.

"Is it nice?" Hisoka/Door Mouse asked.

"Yes," Anna said. "I was at a friend's party, in fact. Listen, I really need to get back. They're all worried about me now."

"Whoa, there," the Hatter said. "What's the rush? The tea party just started." Anna looked at her with big eyes.

"Tea party?!" she yelped.

"That's right," the Hatter said. "You are the guest of honor."

"But…" Anna tried to argue. The Hatter came around to her, giggling as she closed her arms around her target.

"Mmm," she murmured. "You're all soft." Anna glanced over, nervous.

"Thanks," she said, her voice trembling. "W-What are you doing?" The Hatter cuddled up closer to her mark.

"I love your hair," she whispered. "You smell nice." Her hands slid down to Anna's white cover shirt. She let her fingers slide the white cloth down to Anna's chair.

"Mmm," the Hatter whispered. "I really envy your husband, you know?" Anna gave off a laugh as her eyes darted around, searching for an escape.

"Stop," she begged in panic. "Stop it, please." The Hatter started to unbutton her black shirt further. Anna struggled to get away when she regained her wits.

"Get off of me!" she barked. Someone suddenly cleared their throat. All four women looked up to see the kitty girl maid standing in the doorway with a tray in her hands.

"Uh-hm, the tea's ready," she said.

"Great," the Hatter said as she let go of her mark. She took a seat at her place at the table. She smiled at Anna's flushed face.

"Aw, honey," she cooed, "What's the matter? It's only a bit of harmless fun." The maid poured the ladies their tea. Anna scanned the room, still hoping for a quick escape.

"Could I please use your restroom?" she asked in a high-pitched voice. The three ladies eyed her like hungry animals.

"What's the matter?" the March Hare asked. "Stay a while."

"Yes," the Hatter said. "Try the cake, have some tea." Anna glanced around at her captors. Maybe the tea could help her escape somehow. Anna tried to play off her nerves as she gave them a fake laugh.

"Of course," she said quickly. "Of course!" Anna picked up her cup.

Please shrink me so I can run away, she pleaded in her head. The hostage hoped to run out the front door as she took a sip. Instead, it all became fuzzy before she sank into a sea of blackness.

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