Narrow Escape

Chapter Seven: Narrow Escape:

Her violet eyes peeked into the big window. Her heart went into a panic when she saw Anna, passed out on Madam Hatter's table.

Oh no, am I too late? Her stomach turned as Madam Hatter walked over to her target inside. She picked up Anna by the wrist. The other two women watched with bated breath.

"Did it work?" the Hare asked. The Hatter's plump lips curved into a wicked smile.

"Perfect," she purred. Watari's female counterpart turned to her two companions. "Girls," she said, "This is where the party really begins!" The March Hare and Door Mouse had grins like little girls at Christmastime.

"You mean it?" Stella's look-alike asked.

"Oh yes," the Hatter answered. She picked up Anna and took her to the main bedroom. The Hare and Mouse followed behind with their giggles.

Violet eyes bit her lower lip. What should I do? She looked around panicked. I can't allow them to see me, but if I don't act now, Anna-chan will be violated. Violet eyes tried to think in desperation, until she remembered her own powers.

Of course! She closed her eyes and whispered her wish to save her eye of affection. Her body vanished into thin air after thirty seconds. She smiled at the outcome, but knew she had to act fast.

Right, she thought. Violet eyes made her teleport into the mansion.The ladies entered the Hatter's bedroom. She laid Anna down on the bed. The March Hare giggled, like a naughty schoolgirl.

"They always look so pretty like this," she whispered.

"Yes," the Hatter replied. "Now remember, we can't leave any marks." The Door Mouse nodded. The March Hare stepped forward, took Anna's wrist, and knocked it against the wood of the bed.

"What the hell are you doing?" the Hatter hissed. "Did you not hear what I said? Leave no marks!"

"I was only checking if the potion really worked," Stella's look-alike said. "You remember what happened last time, right?" Madam Hatter frowned as she nodded.

"How could I not?" she replied with a bitter tone. "Damn dealer, I think she'll rat us out!" Her mood began to change as she looked down at Anna.

"Never mind," the Hatter said. "We have a nice gift to enjoy tonight." Her friends giggled at their prize.

"Oh yes," the March Hare said.

"Do we get to see her naked?" the Door Mouse asked. The Hatter smiled at such a question.

"Maybe," she said, "But I get the first taste." The other two pouted at her.

"How come?" the Hare asked. The Hatter gave her a sharp look as she grinned.

"Is there a problem?" she asked. Stella's look-alike drew her mouth shut.

"Leave some for me," she muttered.

"Of course," the leader replied. "Leave us now. I will fetch you two when I am done."

"Yes, Madam," the March Hare and Door Mouse replied. The ladies bowed and turned to leave the room. The Door Mouse snuck a peek before the door swung closed. The Hatter turned her attention back to her unconscious prize, her fingertips lightly caressing Anna's right cheek.

"My precious," she whispered in a hungry tone. Madam Hatter unbuttoned Anna's blouse down to her abdomen. She took a sniff at her mark's skin.

"Mmm," she murmured. "You smell good." Her hands slid to Anna's narrow waist. The Hatter feasted her eyes on Anna's shapely hips and legs. Her breathing quickened as her panties grew wet.

"Thank you, Lady Luck!" she muttered out loud. She swallowed back her drool and made herself get back to work. The Hatter's fingers found their way to Anna's cute yellow cotton panties. Her cheeks turned a rosy red at the mere sight of them.

Whoa! This husband is a lucky bastard! He gets to enjoy this every night? The Hatter's heart did wild flips in her chest. She had to shut her eyes and shake her head. Come on, get it together, damn it! She took in a deep breath to collect herself.

"Right," she mumbled under her breath. The Hatter slid down Anna's panties and parted her thighs. She walked over to her private toy box and peeked inside. Tonight called for her favorite special toy.

"Where is it?" the Hatter whispered. "Come on! Come out, come out wherever you are." Her eyes scanned the drawer until she found what she was looking for.

"Ah!" Madam Hatter cheered. "There you are!" A smile resembling a mad woman crossed her face as she pulled out a big pink strap-on. Watari's female double glanced over at Anna, still out cold.

"You'll be begging for more when I'm through with you," she muttered. The Hatter licked her lips before reaching for her favorite lube in the drawer. She counted down from the excitement as she stripped down and strapped up herself. Once she lathered up her toy and her target's lower lips, she began round one of her game.

Once inside, Violet eyes scanned the darkness. She already knew where Anna went. I need to get to her, she thought. Please don't let it be too late. She drew in a breath and dashed across the living room. I don't have long, Violet eyes thought. She used her eyes to find her object of affection. The moans she heard made her stomach churn.

No, Anna-chan! She shook her head. I can't back down! I will be brave for her! I have to… No, I want to save her! A faint pink light grew from her chest and spread through her whole body.

Give me the strength to save Anna-chan! The light shot through the house and raced down the hall. Back in the main bedroom, Madam Hatter paused and looked up.

"What the…?" she asked aloud. Rage pulsed through her body. "No, you little bitch!" she barked. "You will not spoil my fun this time!" She parted her lips to begin a counter spell.

"Mistress!" the Mare Hare and Door Mouse screamed as they ran into the room. The light increased and swallowed everyone whole. By the time it died down, Anna was long gone. Madam Hatter gritted teeth while grabbing the sheets.

"Damn it!" she swore aloud. "Where did she go? I'll get that little bitch for doing that!"Outside, Violet eyes carried Anna on her back as she raced into the woods behind the mansion.

"Hold on, Anna-chan," she whispered. "I'm going to get you out of here!" Violet eyes pushed her beloved's unconscious body upwards and pushed herself to keep running. However, halfway into the woods, the strain caught up to her.

I… can't hold out anymore! Violet eyes collapsed to her knees as the exchange in her power drained away more of her life. She dropped Anna on the ground next to her. The savior pressed a hand to her chest, panting. When she got her back, Violet eyes looked over at Anna's unconscious form.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered. She leaned her ear close to her mouth. Her heart fluttered in relief.

"You're still alive," she whispered. "Thank goodness." Violet eyes leaned over Anna."You really shouldn't be here," she whispered. "I promise I will get you home, but you have to do something for me in return, okay?" Violet eyes whispered her request before planting a small kiss on Anna's lips.

Only for a second did Anna open her eyes. She could've sworn she saw the purple rabbit standing over, looking down, but she wasn't certain as she slipped back into unconsciousness.

However, no good deed goes unpunished in this world. For when Violet eyes unleashed her powers, she attracted hunters to their Wonderland Paradise once again.

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