Hunt Night

Chapter Nine: Hunt Night:

The hunters could smell her just outside the city. Six months, and now they had a break. A teenage hunter turned to his father.

"Is it time?" he asked. His father listened to the sky.

"Yes," he answered. "I can feel traces of her." He turned to his son. "Go alarm the camp."

"Yes, father," the boy said. He dashed towards the tents. He picked up a big soup spoon and beat it against the big pot.

"Get up!" the boy yelled. "We found her! We found her!" Heads poked out from their tents half-asleep.

"Is it true?" an old hunter with glasses asked.

"Yes!" the boy exclaimed. "Everyone, gather 'round for a strategy meeting!" The hunters dragged their tired feet to the campfire. The leader in camo stepped forward.

"Alright, men!" he addressed his team. "We start our attack today!" Whispers ripped through the men at the fire. The old man with glasses raised his hand.

"You sure this time?" he asked. The leader pushed up his own brown framed glasses.

"Yes," he answered.

"So, what do we do now?" a hunter with red hair asked. The leader grabbed his gun.

"We storm the gate at 0300 hours!" he answered. He looked among his fellow hunters.

"Hiroji," he commanded. "You and Takeru here will hack in and let us through." The leader patted his son on the shoulder as he spoke. Takeru winced at how this would play out. Please don't make me do this again, he pleaded in his head. His father shot him an icy glance. "Is there a problem?" his gaze asked. Takeru looked down at his feet. A boy with dyed blonde hair in the crowd stood up.

"Yes sir!" he said aloud. The leader looked down at his son. Takeru pressed his lips together.

"Yes, sir," he mumbled.

"Good!" his father shouted. "Once you are in, search the whole city for other entrances!""Yes!" the boys answered.

"Hiroji," the leader ordered. "Fire off the signal! We will storm the city from all angles."

"Yes, sir!"

The leader handed his son a mini radio. "Use this to report your findings," he said.

"Yes sir," the black-haired boy said with a salute. The leader shifted his focus to the other hunters.

"Meh, brace yourself!" he ordered. "We will catch her this time!" As the men cheered, water sprites watched them from above.

"Oh no, they're at it again!" they sang. "We can't have that! No, no! We must tell Bunny-tan straight away!" The sprites vanished within the early morning darkness to sound the alarm.

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