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He fell in love with a ghost JJK FF


I was only 17 when I was kidnapped and brutally murdered then thrown in the icy waters. My Eomma and Appa soon discovered that I was dead, I watched as they cried and starved themselves but I couldn't do anything unless someone found my body and my soul. "Ae-cha" why did you have to leave us? Please come back to us!" I watched as my parents pleaded and cried in hopes of me returning. "I'm sorry Eomma and Appa. I love you both so much." I said in my head as I bowed crying.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1 (Fights)

Ae-Cha came home from work at 8:25 p.m. As she hung up her jacket and walked upstairs to her and her boyfriend’s shared bedroom but halted when she walked up to the door and saw a girl in the bed with her boyfriend Jae.

“Jae who is this?!” Ae-cha yelled at her boyfriend pointing at the girl in their bed.

“Oh shoot, Honey it isn’t what it looks like.” He quickly said as he got up out of the bed approaching his girlfriend.

“It isn’t what it looks like?!” She continued screaming at her boyfriend while pushing him backwards until he fell over.

“LOOK JAE, I KNOW NOT ANY COUPLES ARE PERFECT, BUT I’M DONE WITH YOU.” She yelled at her boyfriend as she took his clothes out of the closet and threw them at him.


“Don’t even say my name. You have the audacity to go around and sleep with girls and you never tell me, let alone say my name after you ruined our relationship?! You leaving would be way too easy for this situation, so I’m leaving you, meaning I’m packing up everything of mine and walking out that front door and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

“Baby..” The male spoke up again as Ae-cha tried her best to keep herself from crying as she continued pushing him away from her.

“Never contact me ever again Jae, or so help me god I will not hesitate to ruin your perfect scholarship and career.”

“Jagiya…” He said again as he himself was already crying but Ae-cha continued to be strong as she threw her anniversary present for their anniversary at him.

“Happy Anniversary.” She said coldly as she walked to the closet putting all of her clothes and shoes in the suitcase then went over to the nightstand grabbing her passport and phone along with some books then putting them in the suitcase as well as she walked out the bedroom door with her car keys but stopped to say one more thing.

“I hope you’re satisfied with cheating on me Jae, because there will never ever be a second chance with us.” She said in a cold tone of voice as she walked down the hallway and downstairs then out to her car before putting her suitcase in the backseat then getting in the driver’s seat driving off.

A few hours later she arrived in New York City as she got out of her car then walked inside the hotel getting her room key for her suite then walking up the stairs with her suitcase as she stopped in front of her suite number room then unlocked the door with her room key as she walked inside with the suitcase then closed the door back and locked it as she then walked over to her bed and sat down on it slowly starting to unpack her stuff and put the things where they went.

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