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Something I Need- A Luke Evans Fanfiction


Stephanie wants to live her dream of acting and singing, but is kept on a leash. When she meets billionare Luke Galloway who kidnaps her to 'hire her' and uses her as leverage, the unexpected happens. That's what happens when you're with the leader of the mafia. They're both each other's drug; their love is an uncontrollable addiction that has no cure. ***This story was originally published on watt pad, but posted it here to reach more audience, and it's currently ungoing reconstruction. please be patient with my updates.***

Romance / Drama
Effie Lumiere
Age Rating:



Please read author's note at the end of the chapter. Please be patient and excuse the punctuation/grammar errors, I will edit everything in the end of the story. For now, I really hope you like it. Don't forget to vote this story and follow me on twitter for more updates.

UPDATED: 12/6/2020




Luke POV

I leaned against the door frame of my office and facing the desk close to entrance of my floor in the building, watching my now former assistant packing up her things making sure she'd do it at a faster pace.

Emma needed to go. Not only did she know too much, but she broke the rule. The most important rule. Slinging her bag in one shoulder, she picks up the white box containing all of her things and turns to leave her table. She looks up to see me watching her, my face held no emotion but hers showed just how much she knew she fucked up. The makeup running down her face was the evidence.

Emma had blonde hair that was curled and it ran past her shoulders. He has light brown eyes and cream colored skin with freckles. I looked at her appearance one last time before looking at Morris, my head of security, nodding my head once before returning to my office shutting the door only to hear Emma's sobbing grow fainter as Morris leads her to hallway headed to the elevator.

Three years. She wasted three good years of an agreement and not only wasted her time but mine as well. All because she couldn't keep her legs closed and fell for the enemy's trap. I gotta give it to Markus though. The bastard knew his opponent's weakness and he used that information to bring his opponent down. Effective, but stupid. When we fight, we don't bring the women in our messes because when we do it's the beginning of a war. And he's asking for one.

When an hour passes I get a phone call from Morris telling me that she's safely at home but didn't go into too much detail of her current state before hanging up. I put my phone on the inside pocket of my suit jacket and stood from my desk with a sigh. I walk out of my office and glance at Emma's table on my way to the elevator. Great. Now I have to get another assistant. I thought to myself.

Once inside the elevator, I press the button to the basement and leaned back on the elevator wall closing my eyes thinking about my next move. On the other hand, I could just hire another assistant and not get her involved in my shit. Impossible. Upon hearing the sound of the elevator announcing my arrival at the basement parking space I pushed myself off of the wall and walked to my car. When I got in the driver's seat, I drove to my apartment building and went straight to my penthouse bedroom to change into my running gear and went for a run around the park near my apartment to clear my head and eventually planned my next move on Markus and his... family.

When I was done with running and planning I was back to my uneasy state when anxiety crept up on me, so I called Morris to pick me up when I realized I was too far from my apartment building. Way too far. I sat down on a bench near a pond and tried to relax my body and stop my mind from thinking about how much Emma was almost like a spy and nearly ruined my empire. The empire that I rebuilt to its currently strong state, I had to let her go or it would've been the end of said empire. Sitting there with my elbows resting on my knees, my hands covering my face and the light autumn breeze lightly making its way to my body and past, I also thought about how I messed up by trusting her too easily and how careless I was letting my guard down. The sound of an approaching vehicle made me look up to see Morris in the driver's seat of a black car. Getting up with a sigh, I discreetly look around before entering.

"Thanks, Morris." I muttered once we started moving towards the apartment.

"No problem, Mr. Galloway." he nods looking at the rear view mirror for a second to look me in the eye before turning back to the road "Sir, your younger brother was in the office earlier and is headed back to his place after finding your apartment empty. He said he wanted to have a word with you."

"Well this is going to be interesting" I grunted not amused, he probably already noticed Emma's empty desk outside my office "Tell him to call me. And call Alec, tell him he'll be my assistant from now on, I don't want another untrustworthy person on that desk knowing information they shouldn't. Emma was the last straw." I muttered the last part to myself, but I knew that Morris heard it when I heard his heavy sigh. Morris considered Emma as family, my whole family did. They won't be too happy to find out why she was fired.

"Incoming call, sir." Morris informed me as he handed me my phone.

"Bradley." I said as soon I picked up the phone when the divider between Morris and I was raised.

"Luke," he started with a confused tone in his voice "Uhh... Where's the blonde?"

"She has a name, dear brother."

"Don't we all" I could only imagine his eyes rolling as I avoided the question, so he tried again "So, where is she?"

"Emma has been fired." I sighed as I leaned back against the leather seat looking out the window watching the city come to life as the sun goes down.

"Wait, why?" he asked in a hurry "What did she do?"

"Calm down" I told him before he could ask more questions "Markus happened." I informed him with a sigh. On the other end of the line I heard a sharp intake of breath.

"What the fuck did he do now?" Bradley asked after a moment of silence, my guess was that he was going everything in his will power not to get mad.

"The snake tempted Emma and surprise, surprise" I said in a sarcastic, bored tone "She fell for it."

"Fuck" I heard him say "I'll call you back, Luke. I need to take care of something."

"Don't attack" I reminded him "We plan, then attack. No careless moves. Tell Jack the same thing."

"Fine." he grunted as he hung up.


"Hey, Morris?" I questioned when we reached the building "What do people usually do when the weekends in New York City?"

He raised an eyebrow as he stood up taller whilst holding the door open as I step into the pavement of the apartment building's basement floor "I've been living here for a year now, Morris. I need to know how the nightlife works around here, something that doesn't involve me going to bars and clubs especially now. I need to steer clear of those places, no thanks to Emma." I look around the parking lot keeping voice on a low volume, he was doing the same thing.

Morris' appearance reminded me of my uncle, the one that raised my brothers and I. Caring, stern and fatherly described him, but he was familiar enough to make him feel like a brother instead feeling like he's of one of the elders. He was around 5'10", pale skin, salt and pepper hair, wide blueish gray eyes and an athletic built that says he's still strong even in his mid 40's. He always looked presentable; always wearing a suit, and not once did I see him not wearing one. God forbid a strand or lock of hair would be misplaced on his head, that hair product company would be sued.

"I'll see what I can find." He smiles kindly as he walks to his quarters.

An hour after we got back Morris came into my office looking like he just won the lottery jackpot, "I'm pretty sure I have something that will be of your interest." he grins as he passes me an envelope. I look at the envelope strangely before cautiously taking it from his hand. Opening it and pulling out the two tickets that were inside, my eyebrows furrowed and I look back at Morris.

"Theater?" He nodded enthusiastically "You might enjoy it."

"Why? I'm not into theater or musicals anymore, or even movies. How is this appealing, Morris?"

"It's what people do in the weekend from my observation and some in the weekdays even. Besides," he grinned "You might find something while watching tonight's play, sir." I sighed heavily, "Don't talk in riddles. "

"Two words, sir." he smirked "Diego's daughter." I snorted, "Melody?"

"No," he looked me right in the eyes and said the one name I refused to hear for the past decade of my life "Stephanie."

The name he said made my stone cold heart come back to life. I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I could hear it as if it was beating right in front of me. "Stephanie was declared dead ten years ago, Morris. What the fuck are you talking about?" even saying her name was like being shot by a taser gun. It even felt like the oxygen level of the room was depleting.

"She's still alive, sir." he informed me "Living right under your nose for the past year. We found her location and information tonight. Stephanie is alive and well."

"Stop lying to me!" I yelled at him, angry that he had the guts to bring her up, let alone lie to me. But the way Morris was smiling, I could tell he knew something.

"You won't regret it, Luke." he said calmly not wanting to get me more pissed. "I promise."

Reluctantly, and very, very hesitantly I nodded and followed him to the basement parking, into the limo with a car behind ours for extra security and headed to the theater. As we got nearer and nearer to the theater house I grew more nervous.

I didn't plan this. Another careless move. Fuck. What's wrong with me lately? I'm a walking embodiment of bad decisions. I sighed stressed. At least I'm with Morris. I trust him. He's family. I nodded to myself as I stared at the carpet of the car under my running shoes. I should've changed into something more... better. I look like I ran out of the house in a hurry to get groceries. Fuck it! I pray she doesn't see me. For both our sake.

When we arrived, Alec joined us looking like he was dragged out of bed last minute. Good to know I'm not the only one who looks like shit tonight.

"Hey, boss." he greets nodding at me. Alec has been a childhood friend of mine and was my personal bodyguard until last year when he had to go to college because he wanted to have a Bachelor's degree to fulfill his best friend's wish in his will.

"Why are we watching Les Mis?" he asked confused "Besides, isn't it half way finished?"

"Son, we arrived at the perfect time." Morris winked at him, Alec just remained there then his eyes widened and a smile crept up in his face "Ahhhh, I seeeeee."

"Can you sons of bitches tell me what the fuck I'm looking at?!" I erupted. "Calm down, Luke." Alec reassured me "It's just a theater play. Just keep an eye out of Eponine."

"Epo-who?" I asked confused and frustrated, stepping up to Alec, only an inch away from his frace as I grabbed the collar of his shirt. "One more riddle or lie from either of you and I'm putting a bullet between your eyes and feed you to Mama's rottweilers!"

"Relax, man." Alec smiled and motioned to the balcony where our seats were booked.

As we sat down the actors on stage were singing and running around looking like a mess. It was beginning to make me sleepy especially when there was the background noise of rain and a faint sound of the piano playing, and a voice. That voice. I opened my eyes and looked closely at the actress who was singing the song that I heard played over and over again on the piano in my parent's house back in Italy.

It was her.

"Stephanie..." my voice trailed off as I watched her singing with tears in my eyes. It was her. She's alive. I've been lied to. Ten years. For ten years I believed that she was dead.

Alec and Morris stayed quiet beside me as I leaned back on my seat when her part was over. When the lights went down, I turned my head to them and walked to the entrance of the theater and turned to Morris "Safe house." I ordered him "I'll be the one to ask questions." When he nodded and got in the driver's seat of the car, I turned to Alec and in a low menacing tone, I ordered them to do the one thing that Markus wanted - a war.

"Get her."

Alec immediately walked back to where his car was parked a block away to order his men to move out, while we headed back the safe house.


**Author's Note**

December 2020: The story will still focus more in romance than the mafia stuff. This story is categorized as Matured because of the mafia theme and language but not necessarily the sexual stuff. Names will also be different, including Luke just to make a better story out of it. I might also remove the Luke Evans tag, but that's up to you guys. OR if you guys want, I'll make this a whole new story and Luke's gonna be the muse... whataya saaaay?

Follow me on twitter @author_effie and like my facebook page @authoreffielumiere.

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