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Forebidden Love (A BTS Jungkook Fanfic)


After the death of her father, Mina was forced to move from her home in Los Angeles all the way to Gwangju South Korea to live with her strict and rude mom along with her sweet but caring and overprotective brother Young-Jae. There are some things about Mina and those things are that she’s sweet and innocent. She is the most caring person out there and extremely fragile just like a butterfly, if you hold a butterfly too tight you will shatter it’s wings. That’s exactly how Mina was. Even though the young girl comes off as being fragile she likes hiding it and trying to blend in with the others but there’s this one boy that can quite literally see straight through her. He's all around her, and is her butler's brother but she couldn't help falling in love with the young troublesome boy. Love at first sight, I know that's cheesy. But he was just so caring and loving towards her that she couldn't fight her feelings for him.

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One: Makeover

Mina sighed as she packed up her things getting ready to board the plane as the male in front of her at the desk asked for her passport and she gave it to him while he looked over it then gave it back to her allowing her to board the plane.

Not long after she boarded the plane along with everyone else all she saw was the spacious and vast big blue ocean underneath her as she looked out of the plane window.

As much as she wanted to jump out of the emergency exit without a parachute she didn’t because there were chances that she would drown. So this was her life, living with her abusive mother and lovely overprotective brother.

Once the plane landed in Gwangju Mina slowly grabbed her suitcase dreading the very moment of seeing her mother, she hasn’t seen her mother since she was 10 years old and now she was 17 years old.

The young girl sighed as she walked up the stairs to the luxurious mansion but only to be stopped by the most attractive man whom was in a suit looking at her with a bunny smile then another man beside that guy who was flashing her a boxy smile.

“Hello Miss, My name is Jeon Jungkook and this is your butler Kim Taehyung, I’m hoping we can get along and not bicker like 5 year olds and become the best of friends.” Jungkook said as he looked at Mina continuing to flash his bunny smile at her.

She bowed to Jungkook as she followed the butler up the stairs who was guiding her to her bedroom

“Oh Miss Choi.”

“Please call me Mina sir.”

“Okay, Mina there will be a dinner party held at 11:00 p.m. tonight, your mother wants you in something appropriate for the party. So I sent one of my fashion designers whom’s name is Jisoo and she will be helping you out with your clothes and makeup.”

Mina nodded as she bowed towards Taehyung the butler as he bowed back then left the room.

The young girl sighed as she unpacked everything putting her pajamas in the drawers, her books on the bookshelf then her other things where they went.

Once Mina finished unpacking a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in!” She yelled in Korean as the person entered the room, she looked like she was in her twenties.

Must’ve been Jisoo.

Wow she was beautiful, enchanting even.

“Hello my name is Jisoo, I’m the one who’s going to be picking out your clothes and doing your makeup!”

“Miss, may I ask what your favorite color is?”

“It’s red, black, white, or blue.” Mina answered as she sat down on the bed.

“Okay I found the perfect dress for you miss!”

Mina nodded as she slowly undressed slipping on the dress that Jisoo had handed her.

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