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You met him at a coffee shop, seemed like a jerk. Was a jerk. But after he became your roommate he was sweet and you couldn't help to have a crush on him. He didn't even know about that. You guys began dating but then he became possessive and aggressive with you, a totally different person. You wanted to end all ties with him but he wouldn't let you. He is a complete PYSCHO.

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Minsyrup ツ
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Chapter 1

I woke up due to the sudden sound of my alarm, I groaned in frustration. I got up and made some breakfast for myself.

Living alone is a great benefit, and I thank the landlord for not making someone be my roommate. I've been living here for the past year.

I showered and dressed myself to go out for some coffee. (like I can't show how you dressed, so you imagine it ok?) It seemed like a great morning. I made my way to the Beany Cream coffee shop.

It's one of the most popular coffee shops here in Busan. I entered the cafe and the scent of fresh coffee entered my nose. One of the most pleasant smells.

I sat on a stool by the big glass window, and there came a pale guy with a mask. I guess he's the waiter.

"What would you like?" he abruptly pointed out

I looked at him and furrowed my eyebrows. What kind of waiter would rudely receive their customer?

"I would like a Long Black, please, and thank you Mr... Mr. Min?"

"Okay is that it?" he asked while he rolled his eyes.

I nodded to assure his question. After a long 5 minute wait, my precious coffee came in. The waiter walked over to me and was about to place my order on the table when someone yelled. The waiter or should I Mr. Min got frightened and spilled the coffee all over me.

The liquid that spilled on me was burning hot. I was so mad, I felt my blood boiling. I got up and grabbed the collar of his shirt and began aggressively shaking him.

"Look what you Fvcking did! Ugh. You're so useless! Fix my outfit!"

The waiter looked at me and scoffed "Am I your servant? Oh baby don't think like that cuz I won't take a second to shoo-"

He got cut off by this middle-aged man, "What is wrong Miss? Did he do something to upset you?"

"Um yes, he spilled the fricking coffee all over me!"

"It was an accident, Mr. Baek. I'm sorry" The pale guy uttered

"Accident? An accident? You've given so much trouble. Look you're fired Yoongi!" Mr. Baek was all out on that Yoongi kid.

A smirk appeared on the waiter's face. He seemed quite glad that he got fired, it felt like I've been defeated.

I exited the coffee shop and behind me came the waiter.

"It's all your fault I got fired" He enunciated

I turned around and sighed. "Just leave me alone, I've had enough of you today, and stop following me"

"I'm not following you, I'm going in the direction of my new apartment" he gloated with a huge smirk plastered on his face.

I rolled my eyes, he was so annoying. I stopped dead in my tracks when my phone began ringing.


"Ah Miss Kim I forgot to notify you earlier but someone will also occupy your apartment, well you're getting a new roommate" the words of the landlord made me very annoyed.

"Okay, whatever. Bye"

I looked around and saw that the pale guy disappeared. I arrived at my apartment ready to see my new roomie. I guess living alone can be quite boring so a roommate won't be bad right?

The apartment door was already open, I hesitantly made my way in. When I arrived there the first time the landlord advised me to not occupy the other room so I listened to his word.

I went to the other room to see my new roommate and to welcome him or her.

"Y/n you're here. Look this is... Oh, where did he go?"

He. So it's a he...

There was no one in the room only Mr. Lee, the landlord. I left the scene and went to my bedroom. I changed into some comfortable clothes because my previous one was stained with coffee.

I sat on my bed and took out my phone. From the living room, I heard Mr. Lee yell "Y/n I hope you get along with your roommate and take care. I'm leaving for now"

The door shut and I left my room to see if my roommate is in.

I saw someone seated on the couch, his back profile seemed nice, well I guess he'd be a handsome dude.

"Hello I'm Kim Y/n, I'm your roommate" I apprehensively greeted

"Hello Y/- Oh it's you" He turned around and looked at me. My eyes widened it was that Yoongi kid, the jerk from the coffee shop.

He always has that smirk, I just wanna slap it off. I didn't even speak and went back to my room.

... To Be Continued ...


Lmao I know it's cringe af, but I hope you enjoyed hehe

Minsyrup <3 -

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