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"Draco's father taught him obedience, fear, authority, and discrimination. His mother taught him kindness, humility, magical equality, but most of all secrecy."

Romance / Adventure
Diana Maynez
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Chapter 1

Draco’s parents had always been a unique couple. His mother was the exact opposite of his father, yet they loved each other for better or for worse. Sure, they were both from prestigious, pure blood families, but Narcissa had a secret. She believed that all wizarding blood was sacred, not just the blood of purebloods. However, she followed her family’s rules in order to survive... Narcissa begged the sorting hat to put her in Slytherin. From a young age her family expected her to marry the pureblood prince of her year, Lucius Malfoy. However, she never in her dizziest dreams planned on falling in love with Lucius, but she did. And for that reason, she suppressed her thoughts of equality. She hid her feelings until Draco was born. Draco was the light of her life, her key to salvation. Unfortunately though, Lucius had other plans for Draco. He wanted his sole heir to inherit more than money; he wanted Draco to take up the Death Eater ways.

So it was in that way that Draco was raised conflicted. His father taught him obedience, fear, authority, and discrimination. His mother taught him kindness, humility, magical equality, but most of all secrecy. She knew that if Lucius ever knew what she was teaching Draco, they would both end up dead. Yet, she couldn’t stand the thought of raising Draco as a bigot, her son needed to know the truth. So she taught him how to put on a mask, just like she had all of those years. She herself was a master Occlumens; she had to be, so she started teaching her son that too.

Draco played his role perfectly. By day he was an arrogant prick who preyed on the less fortunate. But by night he was truly himself. He didn’t have to worry about impressing anyone or insulting others. He could just simply be.

When it was time for Draco to attend Hogwarts for his first year, his mother took him to Platform 9 3/4 to catch the train. His father had “far more important things to do” and as such, did not accompany his son to the platform. In fact the last thing Lucius said to Draco before he left was “Don’t disappoint me.”

Narcissa and Draco arrived at the platform quite early, in order to avoid the crowds. Narcissa looked around, making sure they were the only two there. Pleased that they were alone, she spoke to her son.

“Draco, you know what to do to survive, but never forget what it takes to truly live.” She said before giving her son a big hug, and kissing him on the forehead. “And above all remember you will always have an ally in your Godfather, Severus.” Her eyes started to water as she said goodbye to her son. “Now go, and pick out the best compartment on the entire train, for you and your friends.”

“Don’t worry mother, Christmas will be here before you know it!” He said before excitedly boarding the train with his trunk.

Once he was on board the train, he looked back, just in time to see his crying mother apparate away.

Draco then decided to do what his mother suggested and pick out the perfect compartment. After a few minutes he found it, in the far left corner of the last car. He used his wand to position his trunk in the overhead compartment; he still wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the rack yet. Once he was settled he waited. He looked out the window as a few students arrived with their families. Still no sign of anyone he knew. As he sat wondered what it would be like to have a normal family...

Finally, he was joined by two familiar faces, Crabbe & Goyle. They were about as bright as a couple of dung beetles, but they were the only friends he had so far. While eating candy from the trolley he boasted to them about how they were going to make Slytherin House the best house and argued about quidditch.

After they had been riding on the train for a while he decided to find the loo. His hands were a bit sticky from the licorice wand he had been snacking on. After exploring the train a bit, he found the bathroom I the last, and most unappealing train car. There directly across from the women’s was the men’s room. He quickly went inside, eager to leave this dingy part of the train.

As he finished washing his hands he heard something; a croak of sorts.


There it was again, he thought to himself, as he opened the bathroom door to leave.


As he exited the bathroom, two things happened at once. He knocked his head into something and he felt a heavy plop on his foot. He rubbed his head and looked down to see a huge wart covered toad!

“Ick!” Draco muttered as he shook his foot to get rid of the toad.

“Are you okay?” A girl’s voice asked. Draco had been too preoccupied with the toad to realize that he had knocked heads with a person rather than an inanimate object.

Embarrassed he slicked his hair back and looked up at her. At first, all he saw was a head of bushy light brown hair, but then he saw her eyes. She had the kindest eyes, they seemed to peer into his very soul and know all of his secrets. She must be an angel, he thought to himself.

“Are you okay?” Hermione asked again.

“Yeah, yes of course,” he said, “who are you?”

“My name’s Hermione Granger, what’s yours?” She asked. But before he could answer, he was interrupted.

“Crrrohk” the toad croaked again.

“You found Neville’s toad!” she said excitedly giving Draco a quick hug. “Help me catch it.”

He was dumbfounded by the hug but also by the fact that someone actually kept a toad as a pet. He figured he had to catch the frog or else the pretty girl would think he was a pansy. Draco Malfoy was no pansy, he thought to himself. He lunged forward and missed the slimy toad by centimeters. It jumped out of the way towards Hermione. This time they both lunged for it. Their hands surrounded the frog, preventing it from getting away.

The toad was cold and slimy, but her hands were warm and soft. She looked at him and giggled, making him blush.

“Well, I better return this to Neville,” she said grabbing the toad and standing up. She smiled and prepared to walk down the hall. “Thank you…” she said quizzically.

“Draco Malfoy” he said offering a hand but then taking it back after realizing her hands were busy with the toad.

“Thank you Draco Malfoy, I’ll see you at school,” she said with a smile before she left.


“Please be Slytherin, please put me in Slytherin, my father will kill me if I’m not in Slytherin.” I thought before the sorting hat was even on. When Professor McGonagall sat the hat on my head, it only needed a moment to see my desperation. I was almost immediately sorted into Slytherin.

But the girl, Hermione, the angel, was sorted into Gryffindor and to make it worse, apparently she was a muggle born ...we could never be friends, not in public at least...


We were headed to Gryffindor tower for the very first time; however I knew where it was already, thanks to Hogwarts: A History. As we, proud Gryffindor students, made our way from the Great Hall to the Fat Lady’s portrait, something happened.

Something, someone, pulled me by the hand away from the group. I was a bit stunned to see it was the nice boy I met on the train, Draco Malfoy. He pulled me down an empty hallway, behind a large statue, out of sight.

“Hermione, I have to tell you the truth.” He whispered as he pulled me aside.

“Draco? What are you- what!?” I asked as we turned a corner.

“Hermione, I’m so sorry,” he whispered, still holding my hand.

“Draco,” I said, “why, what is it!?”

“I am going to act horribly towards you; I am going to say horrible things to you.” He said reluctantly.

“What, Draco-!?” I asked, but before I could continue, he stopped me.

“I know what you are,” he said quietly, “you are muggle born...”

“And you’re a Slytherin!” I snapped back.

“Gah, there is so much you don’t know...” he said in a pained tone.

“Well then, inform me. And quickly, mind you, I do not wish to get into trouble on my very first night!”

“Fine,” he said looking around to make sure we were still hidden from sight, “Meet me here tomorrow after Flitwick’s class, before dinner. Make sure no one sees you. I’ll explain everything to you then.”

And with that he made his way to the dungeons.


It was my first night away from home. I was in a dormitory with 5 other first year girls and I couldn’t sleep. I kept going through the day’s events in my head.

First, I met, Neville Longbottom, a clueless boy looking for a toad that he’d lost within 5 minutes of boarding the train, and decided to help him.

Second, I met the famous Harry Potter and his odd friend. I think his name was Ron-something.

Third, I met Draco Malfoy. The cutest most well dressed boy I had ever seen. He seemed so shy but so sweet. He helped me catch Neville’s frog.

Fourth, we were sorted into our prospective houses.

Neville, Harry, Ron, and I, were all sorted into Gryffindor, a very honorable house. But Draco, he was sorted into the worst house. A house meant for judgmental purebloods and villains. How could someone who seemed so nice, be among those who definitely weren’t nice? What’s more, Draco pulled me aside to tell me that he would be mean to me?! What on earth did he mean? I would just have to find out tomorrow, after class.


I waited for her, but she never came. After an hour I gave up. I decided to make my way to the Great Hall for dinner, maybe she was there. On my way I overheard one of the Patil sisters talking about Hermione.

“She’s been in the girl’s bathroom all afternoon, crying. I think that Ron Weasley was teasing her again...”

I didn’t wait to hear more, I ran as quickly as I could to the nearest women’s restroom. That’s where I found her.

I thanked Salazar that the bathroom was empty with the exception of Hermione and me. I can’t have anyone see me being nice...

“Hermione...” I said as I knocked on the door of the stall in which she was currently crying.

“Draco?” She sniffled, “what are you doing in here?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you if you come out of that stall.” I said chuckling to myself.

“No, I don’t want to; I-I’m a mess.”

“Well, then tell me what happened. Do I need to hex Ron Weasley? I would absolutely enjoy that.”

“No, that won’t be necessary, I can handle him myself” she mumbled through her tears.

“It sure seems that way,” I said sarcastically; girls were so dramatic.

“Draco Malfoy if you are going to make fun of me too, then you might as well leave.”

“No, I, what can I do to help you?” Ughh, I thought, why were girls so overly complicated...

“I think I will be okay, I just need to clean myself up before dinner... Draco I’m sorry I forgot to meet you today.”

“Its fine, we can meet another time, secretly of course.”

“Why secretly? Honestly Draco if you are ashamed to be seen with me, I hardly understand why you bother talking to me at all.” She said rather curtly.

“Hermione, I promise I will explain everything to you soon.”

“When?” She asked impatiently.

“I’m not sure yet, let me get accustomed to school and I will figure out a good time and place for us to meet.”

“Alright,” she said from inside the stall, “ should go on to dinner. I will be on my way soon.”

“Okay. But before I leave I need to be sure you won’t tell anyone about this.”

“You have my word Draco.”

And with that I made my way to dinner.


“TROLLLL, IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!” Professor Quirrill bellowed before fainting on the floor of the great hall.

Everyone started screaming, including me. The dungeons were where the Slytherin common room was! What were we supposed to do!?

“SILEEEEEENCE!” Professor Dumbledore roared. “Prefects, please escort your houses to the dormitories. Slytherin students, you all shall remain here in the great hall while the teachers see to the troll.”

Three fourths of the great hall left as us Slytherin students remained, chatting amongst ourselves.

“How the bloody hell does a troll get into Hogwarts!?” Theodore Nott exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” I said, “but my father will definitely hear about this!”

That was my go to line. Everyone knew who my father was and feared him. By bringing his name into conversation I instilled a sense of authority over my peers. It almost always worked, just not with Theodore Nott, or Blaise Zabini for that matter.

“Oh can it Malfoy, what is your father going to do about it? Besides, I bet Snape has it under control.” Theo said.

“I knew I should have gone to Durmstrang, I bet this kind of stupidity doesn’t happen there.” Blaise murmured.

“Yeah, but playing quidditch in the bloody arctic sounds awful. The weather here in the Scottish Highlands is loads better for the sport.” Theo responded.

At this point my ears perked up; maybe these two were worth talking to. After all, they were both from distinguished pureblood families like my own.

“Yeah I bet those Durmstrang brutes get frozen to their broomsticks!” I chimed in excitedly.

They laughed hard at that and for a moment, we forgot about the whole nonsense with the troll.

After a while Professor Snape, my god father, returned.

“Alright, children,” he sneered, “off to bed!”

A lot of the students questioned him about the troll as he led us to the dungeons. He simply waved them off.

I waited around as all of the students went up to their dormitories. Crabbe & Goyle tried to wait around with me.

“Go on, don’t just stand there, go to bed!” I told them with a nod towards the boys’ dormitory. They silently obeyed my command per usual.

Soon it was just me and my Godfather in the Slytherin common room.

“So, what happened!?” I asked, hardly able to contain myself.

He glared at me for a moment then gave in.

“It seems that the famous Harry Potter, that red-headed weasel, and the bushy haired muggle born saw to the troll.”

“What! Hermione!? What happened!? Is she okay?!” I demanded.

“Lower your voice Draco! I don’t need any of the other students coming down here.”

“Yes, sir.” I said defeated.

“Now go to bed. You have Potions, bright and early tomorrow.”

“But what about Hermione?” I whispered.

He looked down at me with a face that I couldn’t read.

“If you wish to survive in our world, you won’t let anyone know your feelings towards her.” He said as he vanished through the dungeon door.

As I got into my bed a few minutes later I thought about what had happened. My head was full of questions.

Was Hermione okay? How did they come upon the troll? How the hell did a troll get into Hogwarts? What were Harry & the Weasel doing there? How had they seen to it? Why had I let slip that I was friends with a muggleborn girl?

I was only certain of a few things. One, I knew I could trust in Snape. My mother told me a long time ago that he was like us, he had secrets. Two, I needed to find a way to contact Hermione without anyone else finding out. But how? It was hard enough sneaking around without Crabbe & Goyle following me around. I was clever, but I only knew the most basic spells so far. Maybe I could convince Snape to help me, or mother. More than likely mother would be the one to help me.



I need a way to send secret messages to someone. Hope you are doing well.




A few weeks passed and I didn’t speak to Hermione. However when I was certain that no one was looking, I would give her a quick nod. That became our sort of code, our way of communicating. School was going great other than bloody Gryffindor, led by Saint Potter, beating Slytherin in every game. And he and Weasel had somehow become best friends with Hermione. The three of them were hardly ever apart. I really didn’t like that, so I continued to tease the three of them like the pureblood prat that I was supposed to be. As Christmas came closer I wondered what was taking my mother so long. I needed to talk to Hermione. I still hadn’t had the chance to explain to her why I was so rude. But somehow I felt that she understood. I needed to make sure.


Christmas came and went and soon Mother and I were waiting on platform 9 ¾ again. She had ignored every attempt of mine to ask about the request I’d made of her. I think she was afraid of Father finding out. As we stood there, alone, she took me into her arms.

“Draco, my dove,” she whispered into my ear as she hugged me, “Inside your trunk I have placed The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I hope this pleases you.” Then she kissed me on my forehead. Before I could question her as to why she put a children’s book in my trunk, she apparated away.

I knew it must be of some significance so as soon as I found my favorite compartment, I opened my trunk. There on top of my school clothes was the book. I quickly opened it up and skimmed through its pages. On my second go through I found them; two identical square sheets of parchment; about the 17 centimeters long and 17 centimeters wide. I quickly found a quill and a pot of ink and decided to test them out. I quickly wrote my name on one of the pieces of paper.

Draco Malfoy

My name soon disappeared off of my paper and appeared onto the other paper. I wonder how you can erase it from the receiving paper and if it works both ways. I tapped the 2nd sheet of paper with my wand and my name disappeared. Brilliant! I thought to myself. I then repeated the whole process on the second piece of paper. It was perfect! Hermione and I could send notes back and forth whenever we pleased! Now I just had to find a way to get it to her. I quickly put my trunk away and put the two pieces of paper in the pocket of my robes.

As my friends finally joined me in the compartment I thought about something. What if Hermione was waiting for me, where we first met? Maybe, just maybe she was… I decided I had to find out.

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