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Finding the Moon


You don't believe in things you cannot see, right? But the moon is still there when it's hidden by the clouds. Some things are never visible, and you believe in them nevertheless. Maybe learn to be open-minded, to believe in things you'll never be able to register with all of your five senses. Jeongguk learns that when he meets someone he thought didn't exist.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Welcome to Finding the Moon!

This one is pure fantasy, so I hope you don’t mind! This is also my first ever try at writing fantasy, so forgive me for any mistakes.


I do not own BTS. I do not want to force any ships onto the members. Everything is fiction. This book is written solely for entertainment purposes.

This book contains:
• romance
• fantasy
• violence
• death
• switch!taegguk
• sideships
• mentions of abuse
• eventual smut


IT was a beautiful morning in Vaehearion. The sun slowly rose over the tall mountains in the east, its silvery rays reflecting in the trees’ crystal clear leaves, the clouds shining in a warm rosé.

The air was still crisp from the night, arising goosebumps on the skin of those who were out at this hour. The birds began to wake up, proudly singing their songs, which echoed through the vast forest.

The ethereal beauty of Vaehearion had no end, or at least that is what most of its folk believed. The beautiful land, adorned with vast forests, crystal clear rivers, and the plains in the south possessed a beauty many sought to decipher.

It was the land of the elves—graceful creatures with pristine robes and even more impeccable morals.

Except for one of them.

“Prince Taehyung, wake up!” a frustrated voice echoed through the white walls made of stone, shooing away a bird resting on one of the railings.

No answer.

The elf sighed and brought his hand up to his face, ready to turn around and report back to the king, but the jarring of the big double doors brought his attention back to them.

Once fully opened, he saw the one he was searching for. Prince Taehyung.

But against his expectations, the prince still wore his sleeping attire, a long white raiment, made out of silk.

“Yes, Aranrath?” the young prince questioned, tilting his head. The servant despised the cocky smirk plastered on his lips; he has been looking for the prince since the first rays of sun shed light onto the still cold earth.

“Breakfast is ready. His majesty is wanting to talk to you.”

At that, the prince’s smile fell. What could his father want from him this early in the morning? Now the servant had a pleased smile etched onto his features, bowing to show his respect for the heir to the throne. As Aranrath stood straight again, he raised a brow.

“You might want to brush those leaves out of your hair before entering the hall.”
And with that, the servant was walking away, his green robe flowing in the soft breeze.

Taehyung pressed his lips into a thin line and closed the doors again, looking around his room. A view he has grown accustomed to, but he never found himself liking it.

He never liked the huge soft bed, curtains of the finest material draped over its upper frame, accompanied by sheets made out of exquisite silk.

He never liked the huge walk-in closet or the commode with golden details, made out of the wood from the western forests.

The only thing he liked were the huge windows, the glass thin because it never grew too cold in Vaehearion. He liked the delicate lines connecting the different sized panels, looking like the wings of the fairies, which used to wander here quite often.

He turned to his closet and dressed appropriately for the day, brushing the crystal leaves out of his hair. He knew Aranrath had caught him leaving the palace again, but today he didn’t take the time to reprimand him. It was unusual.

He took one of the leaves which fell onto his dresser, turning it around in his hand. It looked like a crystal up close, sheer but with the most delicate structure.

He didn’t like being kept in the palace like some pet, even though he knew his parents only wanted the best for him. He wanted to walk through endless forests, go swimming in the crystal clear rivers, and ride across the vast plains.

But the royal family’s image would be destroyed if they just walked along the regular countrymen, or at least that is what his father believed. But how could he care for people if he didn’t know them? How could he possibly command a whole country in the future without knowing their needs and what their daily lives were like?

So he snuck out quite often, walking through the city near the palace, trying food the vendors offered him, and appreciating the beautiful songs about Vaehearion the maids sang.

He sighed and placed his brush down onto the commode again, looking at his crown with disdain. He was glad that they weren’t as ostentatious as the former human kings; their crowns weren’t made out of jewels and gold.

He took the delicate object into his hands, carefully placing it into his silver hair. It was a tiara, made out of silver with one of those leaves in the middle of it, the crystal shimmering like a rainbow bursting into all its colors.

He opened the door to his chamber and stepped out, closing it behind him again. He smiled upon seeing the view of the enormous valley lying beneath the palace, the wild horses running around the vast fields of grass which continue growing into the Epiroth Mountains.

He walked along the open corridor, his raiment swaying in the cold but soft breeze. The tendrils hugged the massive columns, contrasting beautifully against the stark white stone, their leaves swaying in the wind and giving off the tiniest whisper.

He strutted towards the hall, opening the doors to see his family already assembled at the huge table, obviously waiting for him. The maids holding the trays with various delicacies bowed their heads in respect, while his father looked at him with a frown.

“Son,” he said, his deep voice booming through the room due to the high ceiling, “You are late again.”

Taehyung bit back a comment and bowed, careful that the crown did not slip off his head, “I am sorry father. It will not happen again.”

His mother just sighed and wore her signature warm smile, the one which made Taehyung feel like a child again, running around the palace, causing mischief with his brother. But times change.

His brother sat at the table, looking at him with evident dissatisfaction painted across his handsome features. His brother was that type of elf everyone aspired to be, flawless light skin contrasting his charcoal hair, combed back to show off his crown. He was tall and broad, yet gave off that irresistible charm which had the maids falling to their knees.

Taehyung was the opposite, he may be tall, but he was meager, lanky even. He walked over and sat down, watching the hot tea already set up for him. He knew his father would talk to him after breakfast, but Aranrath’s behavior was suspicious. He needed to know now.

“You wanted to talk to me, father?” he spoke up, gripping his cutlery for some sort of emotional assurance. His mother’s face sank, and his brother looked away, focusing on the food displayed in front of them. His father sighed and set his tea down, worry etched across his timeless features.

“I do, indeed.”

Taehyung gnawed at his lip, tracing the delicate silverware with his pointer finger. He knew this wasn’t ending well for him.

“Aranrath told me that you have been ignoring my orders again. I have told you to stay in the palace.” his father said, his amber eyes narrowing down onto his youngest son. “I will not tolerate your careless behavior anymore.”

Taehyung opened his mouth to protest but was silenced by his father holding up his hand. “Your mother and I have long thought about it, but it is time that you learn to appreciate what you have and how to respect rules.”

Taehyung gulped, the flicker of worry in his mother’s eyes told him that she had disagreed, but his father was strong-headed. A trait Taehyung inherited.

“You will be going to school.” his father declared, and Taehyung sighed in relief. If that was all, he was lucky to receive such a light forfeiture.

His father did not look happy, and that irritated Taehyung. There was something he wasn’t telling him, something more than only attending school.

“Let me finish.” his father said, leaning forward and folding his hands on the table. “You will be going to school in the human realm. Seokjin will accompany you to teach you the royal etiquette, as he is the next in line.”

All color left Taehyung’s face, his once tanned skin now resembling his brother’s light one. School? In the human realm? He did not know much about humans, but it is told that they’re dirty and heartless, one of the reasons the elves terminated their alliance. They could not stand for human morals anymore.

“But father—” he started to protest, but this time his brother silenced him.
“Trust me; I am not happy about it either. But if it helps you to stop causing trouble, I volunteer to be a part of your journey.”

“You will leave in two days.” his father concluded, beginning to eat and declaring the conversation as finished.

Taehyung didn’t want to eat anymore. He didn’t want to leave Vaehearion. As much as he despised the royal etiquette and the restrictions which came with it, he never wanted to go.

He would miss the whisper of the trees, the endless sunshine, and the wild nature of Vaehearion. He would be catapulted into a world of darkness, sinister morals, and two-faced people. He would miss his archery classes, and he would miss learning about the history of their world.

Little did he know that the human realm had light hidden deep in its shadows; he only had to look for it.

A light hidden in the shadows like the moon in the night sky.

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