The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 13

Mowgli ran past the burning trees to Council Rock, where he saw the animals all gathered in a circle. He ran to the center of the circle, seeing Baloo, Bagheera and Raksha waiting for him. Raksha said "son. Oh, thank goodness."

"Where is father?" Mowgli asked, as Akela walked over and said "your father is... here." as the wolves pulled Rama's body over. Mowgli kneeled down, tears filling his eyes as he embraced his father's corpse. He got up, and said "who did this!?"

Bagheera was about to answer, when suddenly a loud, mighty roar shook the flaming trees. Shere Khan burst out of the Red Flower, saying "where is he!? Where is the mancub!?"

Raksha growled, before Mowgli stepped forward and faced Shere Khan. The tiger spotted Mowgli and said "YOU! I told you to stay in that village. And now, you choose to destroy the whole jungle! I should have put you down when I had the chance!"

"But I didn-" Mowgli said, before the wolves stepped forward to defend him. Shere Khan growled in annoyance and said "you still risk yourselves for this murderer's life!? FINE THEN, if that's the case, I'll have you ALL in my teeth!"

Raksha and Akela ran towards Shere Khan, who slapped them aside as he charged Mowgli. He pounced at the mancub, Mowgli ducking as Bagheera tackled Shere Khan in midair. After a brief struggle, Shere Khan threw Bagheera off of him and prepared to attack Mowgli, before the panther once agains stood in his path and said "enough!"

Shere Khan growled and swatted Bagheera to the ground, saying "I didn't want it to end this way!" as he charged Mowgli again. Mowgli stood in fear, before hearing thundering footsteps behind himself.

As Shere Khan leaped at Mowgli, Baloo got up on his hind legs and caught the tiger, spinning around to throw him away. Baloo said "Mowgli is not responsible for this!"

"Do not insult my intelligence!" Shere Khan said. "There is none but man who can control the Red Flower! Now, out of my way, you big oaf!"

Baloo roared at Shere Khan as they charged to fight. Before they met in the middle, a nearby tree exploded into flames as a shadow stepped out.

"NONE BUT MAN, YOU SAY? THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN ME?" Louie said as he stepped from the tree, holding a branch of Red Flower.

"Louie!?" Mowgli said, before the ape answered "I'm no longer the king of swingers. I'm the king of this whole jungle!"

Shere Khan roared as he charged Louie, only to be pushed back by the monkeys armed with flaming sticks. "There's a good kitty, ha ha!" Louie laughed as he climbed onto Council Rock. Grey said "what do we do?"

"There's nothing we can do!" Shere Khan said. "Not one of us is a match for the Red Flower."

Mowgli saw a burning branch, saying "maybe not, but I have a plan."

As Mowgli whispered his plan, Louie laid the branch upright in the rock, saying "I think it's time we established some new laws. Law number one: don't kill another animal. But if it's not an ape, then murder him if you wish. Law number two: all animals serve the monkeys now! And law number three: if..."

"Louie!" Mowgli called from the bottom of the rock. Louie looked down and said "oh, now you want my protection?"

"I want your crown, king!" Mowgli said as he plucked a flaming stick from the burning bush. "This is why the tiger was wise to want you in the man-village. Then I'd have no challengers!" Louie laughed as he grabbed his own branch and jumped down to face Mowgli.

Baloo, Bagheera and the others watched, Baloo saying "now?"

"No. Wait for the signal!" Bagheera said. Louie looked at Mowgli, saying "you really think you can hurt me, mancub. You wanna be a beast of the jungle? Then go ahead."

Mowgli stood silently as Louie leaned forward. Louie laughed and said "I knew you didn't! Ha ha ha-aaaarrggghhh!"

Louie screamed as Mowgli waved the Red Flower in his face, burning his orange hair. Louie looked at his burnt neck and at Mowgli, swatting the mancub to the ground as he said "you little hairless rat!"

As Mowgli got up and cleaned the blood from his face, he said to Louie "if you wanna be happy, you don't need to be king. Or to have the Red Flower. All you need, is the Bare Necessities!"

"RRRAAARRRGGGHHH!" Louie yelled as he knocked Mowgli down, saying "and for Law number three: if you stand up to me, your fate will be like the mancub's! Obey these laws of the jungle as a make an example of the child."

Louie was just about to kill Mowgli, when a voice said "this is the Law Of The Jungle!"

Louie turned to face Baloo, who smiled at Mowgli. Louie pointed the burning branch at the bear, saying "care to repeat that?"

"This is the Law Of The Jungle." Baloo said. "As old and as true as the sky."

"What's this game you're playing?" Louie asked, before Bagheera joined in Baloo's words, as they said "And the one that shall keep it may prosper, but the one that shall break it must die."

"Is this a song rehearsal or something?" Louie laughed as Raksha joined in. "As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;"

Soon, all of the animals were reciting the law, as they said "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

"Oh, I get it." Louie said. "This is a mutiny! Alright then. My soldiers. Kill them all!"

The monkeys grabbed their flaming torches as Baloo and Bagheera lead the army of animals into battle. Baloo said "now THIS is really living!" as the battle began.

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