The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 14

As the two armies waged war against each other, flames set the dry grass alight as animals from both sides fell dead and unconscious. Mowgli ran up the rock and swung through the battle, as Louie said "get the boy!"

Several of the monkeys chased Mowgli into a chasm, only for rocks to roll in their path. Mowgli nodded at Grey, who said "go Mowgli!" as he jumped down and attacked the trapped monkeys.

Mowgli then swung up into the trees, where Louie's soldiers followed him through the burning branches. Mowgli grabbed onto a vine that hoisted him up, allowing the monkeys to land on the branch of a dead tree that fell into the flames.

Then the mancub landed on the ground as he was pursued by more monkeys, before water was poured onto their torches. As the birds dropped the water, the monkeys came face to face with Raksha, who said "run or die, you decide!" before fighting them.

Mowgli ran throughout the battle, past the wolves who ripped the monkeys apart and the hooved animals that trampled the remains. Eventually, he was cornered by an squadron of langurs, who grabbed Mowgli and carried him off. Suddenly, an echoing roar was heard as Shere Khan leaped down and swatted the monkeys aside, saying to Mowgli "hurry! You must get his branch! Lure the king away from here!"

Mowgli nodded and crept up behind Louie. As he grabbed the branch of Red Flower, a voice said "oh, creeping up on people now, are we?" as Louie turned to face him. As Mowgli waved the branch, Louie said "you can't hurt me, mancub." before suddenly becoming dizzy as a rock hit him in the back of the head.

Louie fell from Council Rock, as Baloo said "but I can." before Bagheera added "and so can I. Mowgli, GO!"

Mowgli ran with the branch as Baloo and Bagheera fought Louie, Baloo pushing him back while Bagheera jumped on his shoulders and attacked his face. Louie said "enough!" as he pushed Baloo away and pulled Bagheera off. The panther stuck his claws onto Louie's head, clawing the ape's face before being thrown into a shallow river.

Louie swung his fist at Council Rock, causing it to collapse and disintegrate as he ploughed through it, shouting "show yourself, coward!" before looking up and seeing a small, red light in the trees. "There you are."

Raksha attempted to block Louie's path, before the mighty ape swished her out of his way and followed the light into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Mowgli laid the burning branch in the ground as he heard hooves nearby. He finished tying two branches up to a rock and tree as he grabbed the branch.

Finally, the trees fell apart as Louie entered the canopy. He said "there is no escape, this time, mancub! It's a shame, you seem like a good kid. But I can't have any challengers to my throne, see? But you'll see. It's true, you know, that an ape like me can learn to be human, just like you!"

"I am no man." Mowgli said as he held the branch. "I AM MOWGLI, SON OF RAMA AND RAKSHA, AND THIS IS MY HOME!"

"RRRAAARRRGGGHHH!" Louie shouted as he charged the man cub. Mowgli tugged on a vine to pull himself out of the way, dropping the branch near the vines as he left a puddle of honey in his place. Louie's feet made contact with the sticky substance, causing him to slip over and crash into a rock. Louie held onto the rock, for it was the only thing keeping him from falling into the ravine of stampeding buffalo. He turned to face Mowgli, saying "you're gonna have to do better than that, kid."

Suddenly, both their lungs were filled with the scent of burning vines, as the vines holding the rock to the tree were burnt. Louie scrambled to escape, reaching for Mowgli as the rock fell of the cliff and dragged him with it. Louie realized what was going to happen, turning to Mowgli and saying "well... oo-bee-doo." as he was pulled screaming into the ravine.

Mowgli watched as Louie was dragged away by the buffalo into the foggy distance, never to be seen again.

After a while, Louie eventually found himself on a raft, floating through the streams to a fallen tree surrounded by fog. He got up, and said "where am I? Who's there?"

"I am here. Your worshipfulnessss." a voice hissed as vine-like coils wrapped around Louie's legs. Louie said "who is that?"

"Just harmlesss little me." Kaa said as she appeared to Louie. "You mussst be hungry.. your gracsssse. Caussse I'm sssstarved."

"I could eat. What's on the menu?" Louie said as Kaa dragged him with her coils into the fog. As they became invisible in the thick, black fog, Kaa's voice hissed "oh, you'll love it. It's a meal fit for a king."

As the fog shrouded them both, Louie's voice said "wait, no, no no, what are you doing? No, no, that's not how you eat-I mean treat your king. No. No-no-no-wait a minute here. No! NAAAAAOOOOWWWW!"

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