The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 3

That night, the wolf pack elders met at Council Rock. Bagheera sat nearby on a tree, as Raksha and Rama waited at the bottom for the council. This meeting was to change Mowgli’s entire future.

“We have no choice! For Shere Khan will kill the boy, and all who try to protect him!” Akela said. “Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done?”

As the council came to agreement, Akela said “and now, it is my unpleasant duty to tell the boy’s parents. Raksha, Rama, come over here please.”

“Yes, Akela.” Rama said as he and Raksha walked over. Akela said “I’m afraid the council has reached it’s decision. The mancub can no longer stay with the pack. He must leave at once.”

“Leave?” Rama said, as Akela added “I am sorry, my friend. But there is no other way.”

“But the mancub is... well... why, he’s like my own son.” Raksha said. “He cares for the cubs. He pulls thorns from our paws. Surely he’s entitled to the pack’s protection.”

“But Raksha. Even the strength of the pack is no match for the tiger.” Akela said. “And you already know the danger which Shere Khan speaks of.”

“Yes, I know... but... the boy cannot survive alone in the jungle.” Raksha said, before Bagheera climbed from the tree and said “Akela. Perhaps I can be of help.”

“You, Bagheera? How?”

“I know of a man-village where the boy will be safe. Mowgli and I have taken many walks into the jungle together, so I’m sure he’ll go with me.”

"No, you can't possibly." Raksha said, before Bagheera answered "I was the one who brought him to you all those years ago... and now, I will be the one to deliver him to his own kind."

“I will go.” a voice said. The wolves turned, seeing Mowgli sitting there. Rama said “son, have you thought about this?”

“Yes. And I don’t wanna see anybody get hurt.” Mowgli said.

"No. I won't let you go, Mowgli!" Raksha said. Akela said "Raksha, please."

"No! You have no right! He is my cub, and he always will be."

"Raksha." Rama said as he looked at Mowgli. "It's the only place where he'll be safe."

Akela said “so be it. Now, there’s no time to lose. You must leave as soon as possible.”

“Come along, mancub.” Bagheera said. “We cannot have Shere Khan returning to find you here.”

Mowgli smiled at his parents before following Bagheera. He suddenly turned back and ran to embrace them both. “I will miss you, father.” Mowgli said, Rama adding “I... know. I know. But you... belong in the man-village. It's time you returned to your own kind.”

Raksha looked hopelessly at Rama, before turning to Mowgli and saying “and never forget this, Mowgli. You are mine. Mine to me. No matter where you go or what they may call you. You will always be my son.”

“I know. And you will always be my family.” Mowgli said as he embraced his wolf mother, before turning away tearfully and joining Bagheera.

Raksha watched as Mowgli and Bagheera walked away, tears filling her eyes as she howled into the sky. Rama joined her briefly, before turning away silently as Grey and the other cubs joined in. Mowgli turned to face them, waving as he and Bagheera disappeared from sight.

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