The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 4

After a few hours of walking, Mowgli yawned and said “Bagheera. I’m getting a little sleepy. Shouldn’t we wait till tomorrow.”

“Time is of the essence, mancub. This jungle is not safe for you anymore. You’re sought after by someone I hope you never to meet. And because of that, you’re being hunted by a tiger as well! Now, come on. We’ll sleep here. Things will look better in the morning.”

After finding a tree to hide in, Bagheera sat on the branch, saying to Mowgli “now, get some sleep. We’ve got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.”

“But Bagheera. Can’t I just stay in the jungle?”

“Pah. You wouldn’t last one day. Now, for the last time, go to sleep.”

As morning came, Mowgli and Bagheera continued through the jungle. Mowgli said “why doesn’t the tiger trust me anyway, Bagheera? Can’t we just explain to him that I’d never hurt anyone?”

“Nonsense, Mowgli. No one explains anything to Shere Khan. As they reached a sunlit canopy, Bagheera heard thundering footsteps and a trumpet sound, as voices said “Hup! Two! Three! Four! Keep it up! Two! Three! Four!”

Bagheera said “come along, mancub.” as they reached a path, Mowgli looking to his left to see a parade of elephants marching through the jungle. The elephant at the front held a branch in his trunk, saying “keep it up, troopers! Company! Sound off!”

The elephants chanted to themselves. “Oh, the aim of our patrol... is a question rather droll... for to march and drill, over field and hill... Hup! Two! Three! Four!.. is a military goal... it’s a military goal!”

“Bagheera.” Mowgli said. “Is that a parade?”

“No. It’s the dawn patrol. Bow your head, mancub.”

Bagheera bowed as the elephants passed, Mowgli joining him on the ground. A young elephant looked down at Mowgli and smiled, before it’s mother led it away saying “come dear. We don’t want you getting lost.”

As the elephants left, Mowgli and Bagheera continued on their journey. Mowgli asked “Bagheera, why were we bowing?”

“They may seem a little eccentric, Mowgli, but the elephants are ancient, noble creatures. They built everything that belongs in the jungle, and they will protect and preserve it for all time. Now, come along.”

After a while, they came into a forest. Bagheera said “you must be hungry, mancub. Come, we’ll eat here.”

Bagheera climbed a tree to get some food for Mowgli, as Mowgli waited for him at the bottom of the tree. Mowgli sat and waited, looking where Bagheera was. Suddenly, a small pebble hit him on the head. Mowgli turned to see a small grey langur laughing at him. Mowgli said “hello? What’s your name?”

The langur turned and ran away, Mowgli chasing it and saying “hey, where are you going? Come back here.”

Mowgli chased the langur across the jungle as other monkeys began watching from the trees. The langur stopped at a rock, as Mowgli pounced and said “gotcha!”

The monkey jumped up, dodging Mowgli who gripped the rock to avoid falling off of the steep cliff behind it. At the bottom of the cliff was a small ravine, where hundreds of buffalo stood peacefully. Mowgli struggled to hang onto the rock, as the langur laughed and stepped on Mowgli’s fingers, causing the mancub to lose his grip slightly. Mowgli tried to hang on, before the langur cupped his face and laughed. Mowgli laughed as well, before the monkey spat in his face, causing Mowgli to let go of the rock and fall into the ravine. Mowgli landed in the ravine, startling the buffalo and causing them to panic.

Bagheera climbed down the tree and said “Mowgli? Where are you? Now is not the time for hide-and-seek, mancub.”

Suddenly, a loud scream said “HELP!“, prompting Bagheera to run to the cliff edge, seeing Mowgli in the stampede. He yelled “Mowgli! Hold on! I’m coming!”

Bagheera carefully climbed down the cliff, as Mowgli climbed onto a rock to avoid being trampled. Bagheera said to him “MOWGLI! WATCH OUT!” as a buffalo ran past, Mowgli falling onto it and holding on for dear life. Bagheera was forced to climb away from the stampede, looking across to see Mowgli be carried away. He yelled “MOWGLI!” as the herd disappeared from sight.

The monkeys returned to their home, an ancient temple long forgotten by man, and climbed into the dark room. They scampered across the long hallways of the temple, stopping to see a large figure in the dark. The figure said “you lost the boy? AARRGGHH! This is the last time you fail me, you hear what I’m saying? Now, go get me that boy before he reaches the man-village! I want a word with him! What are you standing around here for? GO!”

The monkeys ran out of the temple to find Mowgli.

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