The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 7

Meanwhile, at Council Rock, Raksha looked in the direction that Mowgli and Bagheera had gone. Grey sat next to her and said “Mama?”

“Yes, child?”

“When is Mowgli coming back?”

“Mowgli is... never returning, dear.” Raksha said, on the edge of tears, before turning and seeing Rama looking at something. She walked over to her mate, saying "Rama, are you alright."

She saw what Rama was holding, revealing several small inventions and contraptions that Mowgli had made over the years.

Rama said "I just sent him away... I never even told him that I loved him."

"He knew, Rama. We all did."

"Did he really?" Rama said. "All these... tricks. I always said, it's not the wolf way, but now... it's all we have left of him."

Suddenly, Akela howled into the sky. Raksha turned and said “what is it?”

Akela stepped down from the rock, followed by a small, skinny jackal.

“What is your business here, parasite?” Rama said, before the jackal answered “I wouldn’t be so rude if I were to learn more about my mancub’s predicament.”

“Mowgli’s in trouble?” Rama asked, prompting Raksha and Grey to walk over. The jackal said “well, ha ha, you could say that. Last I heard, he was lost in a stampede. He could be anywhere in the jungle.”

Raksha thought for a moment, before running back to her den.

Rama followed his mate to the den, seeing Raksha looking at her sleeping cubs as she lay Grey down as well. Raksha sighed and said “I’m going to find Mowgli. If he will not make it to the man-village, then I will bring him here myself."

"But Shere Khan..."

"Will not come between me and my son! It’s my intuition.”

“You cannot go alone.” Rama said. “The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack, remember?”

“But I cannot leave my cubs unprotected.” Raksha said. “Which is why you must stay.”

Rama nuzzled Raksha, saying “I do not wish to argue with you. But if you find our son, bring him home, so I can see him one last time.”

“I will.”

As Raksha left, she was watched from a tree by Shere Khan, who said “so, the mancub is lost? Well, I’ll just have to remedy that.”

Baloo and Mowgli returned to the cave, as Mowgli began to build more contraptions. Baloo said “so, you made up your mind yet, kid?”

Mowgli thought for a moment and said “well, they said I couldn’t go home, but I don’t like the sound of the man-village either. So, I think I’ll stay here with you Baloo.”

“Well, I don’t think you will.” a voice said as a figure entered the cave.

“Bagheera! It’s you!” Mowgli said as he ran to embrace the panther. “I’m so glad I found you Mowgli, though I wish maybe you’d end up with someone more trustworthy.”

“Like who? A mongoose? Ha ha. There may be better, but there’s definetly worse, Baggy.” Baloo laughed.

“Right yes. Come on Mowgli. Let’s be on our way.”

“But I can’t leave now. I’m helping Baloo get ready for hibernation. See, I've built some things to help him.”

Mowgli pulled down a curtain to reveal the contraptions he had made. A large hammock hung over the entrance, with several plates of food attached to ropes.

"What do you think?" Mowgli said. Bagheera watched in awe, saying "Mowgli... have you lost your mind?!"

"What, I'm only trying to..."

"Have you not been listening to anything Akela has told you. What Rama has told you? For goodness' sake, mancub. There's no place in the jungle for your... tricks! So, if you want to do this, you do this in the man-village, you hear?"

"But Baloo needs to hibernate comfortably."

“Bears don’t hibernate in the jungle, Mowgli. What have you been teaching him?!”

Mowgli looked at Baloo, who shrugged and said “well, not full hibernation, but I do nap. Quite a lot!”

Bagheera rolled his eyes and groaned, before saying "now come on. You're going back to that man-village right now!”

"But Bagheera..."

"No Mowlgi! You only have two days left! If we leave now, we'll get there before tomorrow's sundown."

“Baggy, Mowgli already decided he wants to stay here.” Baloo said once he finished swallowing some honey.

Bagheera turned to face Baloo, a violent fury in his eyes, before suddenly becoming calm and collected as he turned to Mowgli and said “wait out there, mancub.”

As Mowgli went outside, Bagheera suddenly snapped “Baloo, you cannot keep Mowgli in this jungle!”

“Aw, come on Baggy, what’s the point." Baloo said as he rested on the hammock. "You can’t take him back to the man-village. They’ll ruin him there. Make a man out of him.”

“It’s safer than him staying here. The jungle is not the place for him.”

“I grew up in the jungle. Take a look at me.”

“Yes, just look at yourself. Living like a recluse in a dirty cave.”

“Well, you’re not a basket of fruit yourself, Baggy. The mancub’s fine with me. I’ll love him like one of my own.”

“Baloo. Birds of a feather must flock together.. you wouldn’t mate with a panther, would you?”

“Hey, you gotta take me to dinner first, buddy.”

“And furthermore Baloo, Mowgli seems to have man’s ability to get into trouble.”

“Ah, stop worrying, okay, just stop. I’ll take care of him.”

"Baloo, there are those out there who are after Mowgli. And if he doesn’t leave soon, Mowgli will cross paths with Shere Khan.”

Mowgli waited outside the cave, when suddenly, a small flash of bright fur caught his eye. Suddenly, the langur he met earlier jumped down at him. Mowgli said “you again?!”

The monkey looked up and nodded. Mowgli looked in the same direction, only for several hairy arms to hoist him up into the trees.

“Shere Khan? The tiger? What’s his beef with the kid?” Baloo said.

“He hates man, and he will do anything to keep man’s influence out of the jungle.”

“But Mowgli doesn’t have those things.”

“And Shere Khan cannot wait until he does. And neither can we. If Mowgli learns to control the Red Flower, the jungle will be finished.”

“Well, I love that kid. He’s special.”

“I know he’s special, Baloo. I raised him. I've protected him since he was a cub. But I can't do that anymore, so now, I will return him to where he belongs.”

Baloo sighed, and said “alright. Okay, come on, we’ll go talk to him now.”

Bagheera and Baloo walked outside the cave, as Baloo said “Mowgli? Little britches?”

“Baloo! Bagheera! Help me!” Mowgli shouted from the trees as the monkeys swung from vine to vine, branch to branch, passing Mowlgi forwards between them.

“Hey, come back here with that cub!” Baloo shouted as Mowgli was carried away. The monkeys began pelting them both with fruits and leaves, as one of the monkeys said “there’s some food for hibernation! Ha ha ha!”

Baloo jumped up to grab Mowgli, only for the monkeys to lift their arms up, causing Baloo to fall into a shallow stream as Mowgli was carried away.

Bagheera looked where Mowgli had gone, looking down at Baloo and saying “I knew he wasn’t safe with you!”

“Can’t a guy make one mistake?”

“No, not in the jungle! Now, I will find that boy and you will return to your cave!”


“Baloo, I will not argue about this with you!”

“Whether or not you want my help, I’m going to help. Because if anything happens to that little guy, I’ll never myself.”

Bagheera thought for a moment, before saying “come on, then. They’re taking him to the ancient ruins. The fate of the jungle depends on us saving him from that king of theirs.”

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