The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 8

Raksha followed Mowgli’s scent, and eventually came to a fallen tree, shrouded in fog and vines. She called “Mowgli! This is your mother!”

She had always been fearful around foggy trees. Whenever she saw one, it was practically guaranteed that it would be unsafe. As she thought about this, she sniffed a familiar scent, though it was not Mowgli.

She heard slithering in the vines, but she could not sense where it came from. As she turned around trying to track the sound, the scent became closer and closer.

“Good afternoon, Rakssssha.” a voice hissed. “You’re looking nicssse.”

Raksha growled as she prepared to defend herself. “Yesssss. You’re looking good... what are you doing in my neck of the woodssss?”

Raksha turned and pinned the python down, saying “Kaa. I should’ve known you’d be behind this!”

“Why are you sssso tenssse?”

“I’m looking for my boy.”

“Oh yesssss. The mancub. He came by here not a day ago. He wasss very lossst.”

Raksha pressed her claws further into Kaa’s neck, the python gasping for air as the wolf said “I swear, if you have harmed my son, you will suffer pain unlike any you’ve ever imaginied!”

Kaa said “ssso it ssseemss.” as she slowly wrapped her coils around Raksha’s tail and waist, using the tip of her body to run like a finger down the wolf’s spine seductively. Raksha tensed as she felt this contact, as Kaa continued “But you need not worry about me. The bear took the mancub from my coilsss. I sssenssse he is now in the possssessssion of the monkeys.”

“The ancient ruins. I must go at once.” Raksha said, unable to move as Kaa’s coils trapped her body. Kaa moved her head closer, saying “oh, but you mussst be tired. And hungry.”

“Kaa, no!” Raksha said, before the snake’s eyes became multicolored. Raksha looked away, as Kaa said “just relaxsssss. You’ll be perfectly sssafe here.”

“Kaa, I mean it. Please, don’t.” Raksha said fearfully as she was brought closer to the pythons face. Kaa said “I was jussst about to have a sssnack, and I would be honored if you would join me.”

Kaa brought Raksha closer as she used her forked tongue to slowly lick the side of Raksha’s face. “Enough!” Raksha said as she used her free paw to claw Kaa’s face.

As Kaa winced back in pain, her coils released Raksha as the wolf ran out of the tree. Suddenly, she was tugged to the ground and screamed as she was dragged back by her hind legs. Kaa said “where do you think you’re going!”

“Kaa, please! Stop. No!” Raksha said, whimpering and trying to crawl away as Kaa slowly pressed her closer. Kaa pressed her nose to Raksha’s fur and inhaled it’s scent, groaning in satisfaction as Raksha cried in disgust, before Kaa said “hmm. You have a beautiful fragrancssse, you know.”

Raksha snapped her jaws at Kaa, before Kaa wrapped her coils around her mouth, saying “ooh, you’re feissssty. I like that.”

Raksha shook her head as she struggled to free herself from Kaa’s coils. Kaa said “oh yesss. Keep doing that. Keep ssstrugling. I’m gonna open your mouth so you can ssscream again. I know you can. Come on, honey. Ssscream like a monkey. Ssscream!”

Raksha’s mouth was unclamped as Kaa’s tail slithered slowly down her face. Raksha screamed quietly, as Kaa tightened her tail around the wolf's neck, saying "ssscream louder! I want to hear you ssssuffering!"

Raksha bit her lips together as her eyes filled with tears. As Kaa came closer, Raksha said “no. Stop! Please, Kaa. Don’t. AAAAHHHH!”

“Yesss. Yess. Yesss! Ssscream for me now! Sscream!”

Suddenly, a small creature jumped onto Kaa and bit into her spine, Kaa hissing in pain as she released Raksha. She turned to see Grey on her tail, taking bites out of her flesh. Kaa hissed and said “you hairy little brat! I will have you both in my coilsss!”

Grey ran past Kaa as he helped Raksha to her feet, before Raksha slapped Kaa and knocked her down. Raksha picked up Grey in her mouth and carried him from the tree. Kaa looked where they had gone, smiling as she licked the blood from her face and said “sssome other time, perhapssss.”

Once Raksha and Grey were within a mile from Kaa’s tree, Raksha said “Grey, why are you here! I told your father to take care of you all!”

“I want to find Mowgli, mama!”

“It’s not safe out here son. I cannot lose two of my children.”

Raksha looked back. She sighed and said “Fine. Come on then. It’s too late to take you home.”

Her heart filled with the frustration from her cub’s recklessness and the humiliation from her treatment at the coils of the snake, the mother wolf groaned and carried her son on her back as they ventured into the jungle.

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