The Jungle Book (2016 fan-version)

Chapter 9

Meanwhile, the monkeys brought Mowgli up a large cliff, eventually coming to their hideout. Mowgli looked in shock as he saw the large, ruined temple, seeing more monkeys leading him inside. Eventually, he came to the center of the dark temple, seeing a throne covered in fruits and gold. A voice said “so, you’re the mancub. CRAZY!”

“Who are you?”

“You hungry kid? Have a banana.” the voice said. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a massive arm, covered in orange hairs reached at the pile of fruit and pulled out a banana, which he dropped into Mowgli’s hand.

Mowgli said “show your face.”

“Okay.” the voice said. Out of the shadows, a large ape stepped out. His face was almost human-like, and he had shaggy orange hairs over his grey body. He said “I am the king of the Bandar-Log. But you can call me... Louie.”


“Yes, indeed. And you are the mancub who wants to stay in the jungle.”

“How do you know that?”

“Kid. I got ears, and my ears got ears. Word passes quickly here. I hear you’re having trouble with Shere Khan.”

“Kind of.”

“But you wanna live here?”

“I’ll do anything to stay in the jungle.”

“Good. And old King Louie, that’s me by the way, can fix it for you. But I got a price for protection, y’hear?”

“What price?”

“Take a look around, kid. I’m sitting on an ancient throne. I got all the gold and food I could ask for. I’m the king of the swingers and the jungle VIP, see? But, when I reached the top, I had to stop. But you can fix this for me.”


“We make a deal, boy. I protect you from the tiger, but here’s your part of the deal, cousin.” Louie said as he leaned in, and pressed his ear open. “Lay the secret on me of man’s Red Flower.”

“But Louie, I don’t know how to make the Red Flower.”

Louie laughed as the monkeys joined in, before silencing them with “what’s so funny!?”

He turned to Mowgli, saying “now, don’t try to fool around here, kiddo. This jungle’s one dangerous place for your kind. Only I... can protect ya. Now, I won’t ask you’s again: tell me the secret of the Red Flower.”

“What do you want it for, anyway?”

“Because I wanna be like you! But if I’m gonna do that, then I need the power of man’s Red Flower, see?”

Baloo and Bagheera listened from outside the temple, Baloo heard this and said “the Red Flower. We’re too late, Baggy.”

“No. Mowgli doesn’t know how to make the Red Flower. Louie will kill him if we don’t save him. Now, while you distract the monkeys, I’ll rescue Mowgli. You got that?”

“Solid gone, man!” Baloo responded. Back in the temple, Louie said “that’s it. I’ve run out of patience. One more time, in case your ears aren’t workin’ all too well. How can I make the Red Flower!?”

“HEY!” a voice said. The monkeys turned to the entrance, when Mowgli said “Baloo?”

“How’s it goin’ little britches. Just wanted to make sure I was in the right monkey temple.”

“Who are you!?” Louie asked, Baloo answering “me? Just a lazy old bear looking for somewhere to party till dawn. It’s okay though, I know the kid, so that’s like a backstage pass, right!?”

As Mowgli saw Baloo and Louie talk, a voice said “mancub.” as Bagheera sneaked in from the back window. Mowgli whispered “Bagheera.” as the panther said “this way. Hurry.”

Louie said “throw this bear out of here! Now, mancub, about that Red Flow-where is he!?”

Baloo said “well, I better go. Thanks, bye-bye!” as he ran out of the temple. Louie smashed through the entrance after him, seeing Bagheera and Mowgli running out the other way. Bagheera stood by Baloo and said “Mowgli, run! We’ll handle this!”

Mowgli climbed up the steps into the other temple as Louie said “seize them! The mancub is mine!”

As the monkeys surrounded Baloo and Bagheera, Louie swung over to the temple and broke through the door. The room was pitch black, save for the light of the windows. Louie said “I know you’re in here, mancub. I can protect you, you know. Shere Khan fears fire ever since he was scarred by it. Why don’t we take him down together?”

Louie heard footsteps on the top level, as Mowgli ran across a pillar and hid in the other room. Mowgli stood silently, looking around for a way to escape. He saw a window just in front of him down a hallway.

Meanwhile, the monkeys attacked Baloo and Bagheera, as Baloo stood on his hind legs and let out a mighty roar. This frightened the monkeys for a moment, before they continued their attack and knocked Baloo down.

In the temple, Mowgli stepped towards the temple, before the floor suddenly burst open beneath him as Louie said “there you are!”

Mowgli ran as fast as he could until he reached the window. He looked outside it, seeing some soft ground at the bottom. Seeing Louie reaching towards him, Mowgli leaped from the window as Louie’s hand was inches away. Louie clenched his fist, failing to grab Mowgli who landed on the soft ground, before Louie’s momentum crashed into the wall.

Bagheera, Baloo and the monkeys watched as the temple collapsed, trapping Louie inside as Mowgli avoided all of the falling rocks and rubble. Baloo grabbed Mowgli and Bagheera said “come on. We’ve got to get out of here!”

As they ran from the temple, the rocks fell everywhere. When the dust finally settled, the monkeys screeched loudly in fear as they searched the ruins for their trapped king. When they were far enough away, Bagheera said “are you alright, mancub?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Mowgli said, as Baloo smiled and said “that’s great. But I gotta admit that was one swinging party!”

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