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Reversion (Star Wars Fan Fiction Story)


The Jedi have been wipe out for nearly a decade. Now the empire is fully established. Amoz Eero is a rising imperial officer tasks with various missions to justify his soon to come promotion; when he is faced with his greatest task yet, The Force. Amoz discovers he posses a strong connection to the force. Doing his best to suppress this new found and unwanted connection, his status as an imperial has garnered him the attention of one powerful Sith. Darth Vader is coming to personally oversee his final mission. Amoz must do everything in his power to either suppress his gifts or accept his inevitable showdown with the Sith Lord.

Scifi / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Denial

The cold air restricted his breathing. His head still rested on his firm pillow. Turning over he felt a familiar warmth. It was the only warmth in the room. His dreams ceased and his awareness returned. Eyes clothes, the figure placed one arm over the other to enjoy one more moment before he had to arise. Suddenly a loud siren rang and as red strobe light flashed continuously. The human male slowly returned to his back and opened his eyes. He reached over and gently place his thumb on the corner of a dark glass night stand. One second ticked and the stand began to scan his thumb for DNA recognition. The thin red line slid back and forth before lighting a thumb shape print green. “DNA Recognized. Good morning Senator Eero.” said a soft voice above their head. Red lights slowly dissipated and the sound quieted.

The senator sat up and leaned against the wall behind him. Rigid and damp it felt on his back. He sat still blinking rapidly as he attempted to gather himself. Looking around the room he finally laid eyes on her. Beautiful long dark hair. He brushed over her rough purple skin with one finger. Her face was flawless to him; even with a long gash diagonal down her right cheek. She was similar to human in makeup, but her home planet of Arabel was known for its strong warrior race of people. Her body was covered with battle scars; each one telling a unique story of her war torn planet. Somehow, she had survived. Arabel survived because she helped defeat the perpetrators of evil.

Gazing upon her, he always felt proud and lucky she chose him to spend her life with. The senator adjusted himself to land his feet onto the side of the bed. The bed was a hard a solid rock, but he enjoyed its feel. Reminded him of his own home planet. Standing to his feet he walked over to a solid wall before placing his hand on it. The solid appearance peeled back to reveal a vibrant city life below. Ships and speeders flew across the window at incredible speeds. The room was quickly illuminated by one of the bright suns in the sky.

He made his way into the scrubbing quarters. Standing over a drain he looked into his own eyes. A massive pressure pulsed through his chest. His body involuntarily jerked back as if he had been forcefully push. Senator Eero halted his body with one step backward. His eyes closed, while flashing a purple light. A sound he did not recognize always accompanied this feeling. The episodes always end with an unrecognizable force stating the single word “Oppression”. Hunched over he placed one hand on his chest and began to try to calm down. A voice familiar to him called out. “Amoz!” He waited to catch his breath before replying. “I’m ok.” He said midly gasping for air. The sound of ruffling preceded the thuds of steps on the solid ground. His eyes met hers in the mirror as she stood at the threshold. “Just another episode.”

Senator Amoz Eero stood up right again; reaching about six feet two inches tall. He was a slender man with dark brown skin and short slick dark hair. “They’re happening more frequently.” She said walking to embrace her husband from behind. She wrapped her arms around his body and closed her hands together. Still taking deep breaths, Amoz nodded. “It’s ok, the headaches are worse than the episodes. But I’m fine Kinaaz.” He wasn’t telling the truth. The episodes had become painful and sometimes the splitting headaches were too much to handle. It felt like something was manifesting within him and he couldn’t stop it. Kinaaz was no fool and immune to the misleading words he would often tell to the people. She knew he was feeling different.

“You know you’re even having them in your sleep. Back then only the bed used to shake. Now the room.” She said squeezing tighter. Amoz chuckled trying to break up her strong grip. “Who knows maybe I’m only half human.” The two shared a brief laugh. Amoz rotated to look down at his wife’s face. She was a head shorter than he was, but vastly more intimidating. The worry was visible on her face. “Hey, I promise, I am fine. I’m gonna have the physicians take a look as soon as I have a free moment.” He said as he placed both hand on her shoulders for reassurance. He gave her a kiss and began to continue his morning routine. Their conversation echoed through their cold residence. “You know, I have the overseeing of clean up on Naboo and I still have to finish the proposal for the base on Hoth.” He called out as he walked from room to room gathering his attire for the day. Kinaaz leisurely strolled over to the bed and sat back down. She was used to him ranting about his busy schedule in the morning.

“But right after the senate session I am coming back home and getting the full work up.” Quickly hopping in his long gray slacks and same color jacket; he grabbed his small black communication device from the stand next to his side of the bed. Finally, he picked up the small rectangle shaped glass with the top left corner shaved inward. He waved it as his wife. “You know how to reach me and I’m never too busy for you.” Amoz gave her another kiss before swiftly moving toward the door. “Senator.” She said; only using his title when he has made a mistake. He turn to see a long metal plate hurling toward his head. Catching it just in the nick of time. Amoz smiled at the woman of his dreams. “That’s why I love you.” Placing the metal badge with six red blocks and six orange blocks beneath the former on his chest. “I love you too.” She said as she return to her sleeping position.

Senator Eero made his way out of the door directly into a private elevator. His thoughts racing on all of the things he had to do before the day was complete. He couldn’t help but notice the imbalance in his chest still lingering. Almost like a pull toward a direction behind him. He did not have time for these episodes. He was at last making strides toward becoming a governor. Spearheading these important projects and gaining favor in the senate. He had been given multiple great opportunities. He couldn’t allow his health to jeopardize his future. Who knows how high he could reach in the empire? First things first he had to finish the cleanup and subjugation protocol on the former affluent planet of Naboo. The war caused so much damage across the galaxy. Many of the planets inside the empire’s reaches were able to bounce back and prosper under the benevolent leadership of the Emperor, tactical genius of Governor Tarkin, powerful grasp of the rarely seen Lord Vader and unrelenting efforts of the newly reformed Stormtrooper military.

A senator’s job could be very easy. Not much to do personally, well paid and minimal tough decisions. The hard work was left to most of the highest officials in the Galactic Empire. A safe and secure society. But being a well to do senator wasn’t enough for Amoz. He wanted recognition. He enjoyed being a big presence and the influence he had gained. His reputation always preceding him. The one thing he longed for was his own planet to govern over. He could never be on the same level as Tarkin but being a governor like him was close enough. Tarkin had military experience Amoz didn’t have. Tarkin proved invaluable during the clone wars. Meanwhile, Amoz slowly climbed the ranks the grunt way. Working and serving locally in the senate. Gaining influence and power from the inside.

Although most senators were too terrified to admit it, Amoz was far more welled liked and approachable than Governor Tarkin. But Tarkin had the credentials and most of all the favor of the Emporer and respect of Lord Vader. Amoz knew his time was coming. He was on the cusp of achieving the next level. Naboo had such a rich history in the Republic days. This task was no easy feat and has been entrusted to him specifically by the senate. There was no doubt in his mind he was being groomed.

The elevator descended, exposing the hangar bay housing the local security ships, cargo and the sleek chrome black ship. The Masir was Amoz’s personal vessel. Shaped like a thin sphere, it was very easy to maneuver should the need call for it. Amoz, received the ship as a gift for winning his senate race. Fast and as a standard of the Empire, armed with ion cannons. Below the security team practiced formations and blaster handling. Arabel rests in a system beyond the outer rim. The Empire’s influence and accessibility is very limited. Funding was provided to ensure the planet had its own security detail.

Ulltima Gurre. head of planet security and a veteran of 10 years. He was a well-respected soldier and close friend of Amoz. Ulltima had the special honor to be trained by the imperial guards who currently protect the emperor. It is said he can defeat and army of men armed with blasters just using his blue force pike. A mammoth of a man, yet as agile as a tiger. His brute strength was unmatched on the entire planet of Arabel. Skills second only to that of the imperial guards. Ulltima refused a high position amidst the military as a favor to his friend. He accepted the task of head of planet security. His vast knowledge base and intense training regimen transformed a normal security detail into an elite squadron of troops.

The elevator opened to reveal the sound of air traffic. The multiple engines of ships revving to depart for patrol. The harsh sound of boots landing on the durasteel floor of the hangar. Soldiers running drills. Amoz exited making his way toward the Masir. Ulltima waited patiently at the foot of the ramp. “I know my love……..Mhm. No just on arrival detail. After that I am returning home. Shouldn’t be more than 3 to 5 days.” Ulltima spoke to a small light blue hologram of a beautiful Twi’lek woman. “I have to go. See you soon. Love you.” The image blinked away as Amoz approached. “Everything good?” Ulltima nodded in response. “She still gets worried after all these years” He said patting the senator on his shoulder. “Everything set on board?” Amoz inquired. “Yes sir, engines fueled prepped and ready. Should be around 8 hours in lightspeed.” Amoz’s eyes bucked at his friend’s words. “Eight Hours! I thought we had a faster course charted?” Ulltima’s face scrunched up to verify his answer. “We did sir, but there has been some recent rebel activity in on of the systems we charted through. We have limited detail and fleet assistance on this “clean up” mission. Therefore, we would much rather avoid the potential hostiles altogether.”

The impatience of his next big assignment was difficult to control, but Amoz knew this was the best decision. “Well, you’re here to keep me safe, so I trust your judgment.” The two friends smashed the backs of their right fists into each other; holding their positions per their ritual before every mission. “Come back together?” Amoz spoke. “Or don’t come back at all.” Ulltima returned. The two most influential figures on Arabel board the Masir together. The ramp lifted as they entered the ship. Walking around the curvature of the inside, Amoz noticed the extremely light detail as Ulltima explained moments ago. “You meant really light detail.” Amoz spoke as he was led through the ship. The boarded the cockpit which seated four. The pair sat in the front two seats, separated by a walk way.

As the two men sat down and strapped on their protective gear, Ulltima continued on. “Well, there has been some briefings I haven’t had the chance to discuss with you. In short, that’s why I can’t be gone long. I left Urshire in charge, but there has been some unrest with the troops.” Amoz nodded to acknowledge what he had heard. “Well, we have plenty of time on this course to talk.” Ulltima chuckled. “You’re really struggling with this huh?” Blinking his eyes profusely at his counterpart the anxious senator spoke purposefully. “You have no idea.” The duo engaged the engines, checked course charts, and prepared for takeoff, as they have on countless missions. “So, I will probably start out and then hand it over to the Nash twins. I have some forms I need to look over before we arrive.” Twin copilots entered the cockpit and sat in the parallel seats behind Amoz and Ulltima. The Nash twins were great pilots. Two of the best in the Security detail.

They were assigned to the Masir crew over two years ago. Both have the complete trust of the senator and head of security. “Senator. Captain.” The twins addressed the pilots as they strapped in. “Gentlemen.” They returned. Ulltima began the lift of sequence. The ship elevated inside the hangar. “Engage wings.” Ulltima called out to Amoz. “Engaging wings.” He responded. The ships wings consisted of 3 rings around the center sphere. The rings separated and began to rotate about each other continuously. “Wings engaged.” Amoz called out. Ulltima boosted the engines and proceed outside of the hangar. Arabel was a beautiful sand planet. Very different from the wet and dark home world of Amoz. The ship entered the atmosphere quickly. Getting further and further from the planet surface.

Finally, the Masir and crew entered dark space. “Let’s explore some star and galaxies gentlemen!” Ulltima yelled as he slowly moved the handle in his right hand forward, engaging the hyper drive. The crew made their successful jump to light speed.
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