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warrior cat fan fiction) Leafshade's Welcome.


Hisses and growls filled a clearing, blood splattering everywhere. A battle was breaking out, and it wasn't pretty. Six cats died that day. Three warriors, a deputy, and two apprentices. None died on the opposing team. Sure, or two were injured, but almost all of the fighters in Shadow clan had been injured in some way. The only reason the other clan retreated is because of one certain cat. The cat's fur was disguised, plastered with mud and leaves.

I silently watched the two clans battle until I decided it had been enough. The team with more cats was somehow losing. I decided to help the loosing team. I have no idea why, but I did. I looked around for the cat that needed the most help and when I spotted it, I kept out of the bushes and onto the cat attacking it. The attacking cat landed with a thump beneath me and started trying to attack me. It's fur was covered with blood. So much blood that I couldn't even see the color of the fur. I clawed the cats eye and it howled in pain. I let it go and it fled into the forest. The cat who was being attacked stared at me in confusion. "Who are y-" Before they could finish, I fled into the forest.
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