Reunited once again (why dont we fanfic)


You are a famous singer and actress. You life was messed up. You want to find the hidden truth in your life. You want to find the real you. Everything changed when you meet five incredible boys.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


I was on the porch of my house, with my best friend Jonah. Both of us were waiting for my boyfriend to come, so we could head off to school together. Akmal and I were best friends before we became more. We met Jonah in middle school since then we are close friends.

"Where is he? We're getting late," Jonah puffed.

"I don't know, he must have overslept again." I shrugged.

"Are you sure you don't want a jacket? It's pretty cold," said Jonah looking at my Outfit.

"Yes, I'm sure. By the way, I'm gonna send a text to Akmal. If we wait a minute more, we're going to be late," I said sighing.

"Come on let's go then," he said, putting his hand over my shoulder.

We walked the ten-minute walk to school together, laughing at each other's jokes. When we arrived, I knew we were probably late, but I went over to my locker and put in the combination without saying a word about it. I took out my books for my first three classes.

"See you in history, "said Jonah walking away.

"See ya."

I went to my first class which was French. I went inside, the teacher wasn't there yet--which was pretty lucky, because again, I was most likely tardy. I went over to my table and sat down quickly. But then I frowned--Akmal isn't here, maybe he's sick? He'll tell me if he is. He's usually early to school.

"Bonjour la classe, veuillez vous asseoir."

I took out my notebook and started writing, my mind still wondering about Akmal.

"Miss Miller, the Principle wants you in his bureau," said my teacher.

I gulped. I didn't do anything wrong to go to the principles office--at least that I could think of. I hope Jonah didn't get in trouble.

I packed my bag and went outside, I went down the hallway and saw Jonah coming out of his classroom.

"Jojo, did you do something again?" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"No, I didn't I swear. The teacher said the principal wants me in his office," he said.

"Ms. Iris said the same thing," I said sitting on the couch that was outside of the principles offices.

"Maybe he wants us to do something?" Jonah suggested.

"I don't know, " I said, sighing. "Akmal didn't come to class today."

"He didn't?" said Jonah his eyes wide. "He never skips school unless something important came up."

"The principal would like to see you know," said the student secretary.

Sighing, Jonah and I went inside.

"Good morning Miss Miller and Mr. Frantzich, please sit down," said Mr. Lewis. "I have grave news to tell you."

I looked over and saw Jonah frowning. I took a seat and looked over to Jonah giving him a look. Sighing he sat down.

"What happened, Mr. Lewis?"

"You are friends with Akmal, is this correct?"

Jonah looked at me and answered, "Yes we are."

"His mother just contacted me, she wants to tell you that Akmal is in the hospital."

I gasped. "W-what happened to him?" I said, my voice cracking.

"He has been in a car crash, I'm sorry Miss Miller--"

"N-no," I said tears going down my face. I took my bag and ran off.

"Julia! Wait"

I started crying hard. Tears coming down my face. I ran out of the school and sat on the stairs. The only person who understood me was in the hospital.

"Julia! shhh he's gonna be alright" said Jonah coming out of the school and sat beside me and put his arms around me.

"I want to see him," I said.

"wait let me call my mom, she can give us a ride," he said.

After a while, a car pulled up to the school. We went in and went into the hospital. Jonah's mum kept asking him questions, he answered them while I kept quiet.
We stopped in front of the hospital. I went out and took off running inside the building. Jonah running behind me.

"Hi um... Can we see Mr. Wilson please?" I said to the receptionist.

"He is in a critical condition. He is still in surgery. He is in the emergency room on the left." she said.

"Thank you, "said Jonah. He took my hand and went to find the emergency room. We saw the emergency room about five minutes later. We saw the Akmals family sitting in the chairs outside the room. His mum was crying while his little sister was on his father's lap crying.

Mrs. Wilson saw me and stood up, came towards me crying. "Akmal h-he is in a very critical condition. The doctors said he might not make it alive".

"N-no why?" I said crying, I fell on my knees my head in my hands.
"Shh calm down he is gonna be ok," said Jonah putting his arms around me.

It's been an hour since he's been in the operation room. The Doctor hasn't come out yet.
Suddenly the door to the operation room opened. The Doctor came out with a sheet of paper in his hand.

"What happened?" said Mr. Wilson

"He is in a coma. He might live. If he doesn't wake up in 2 weeks we are assuming he will be dead" said the doctor.

"He can't be n-no," I said no voice cracked.

"I'm sorry," said the doctor "you can see him if you want".

I went inside the room. I saw Akmal bandages wrapped in his forehead and stomach. Silent tears came down my cheek when I saw the pain he was in.

"I love you, "I said in his ear.

It has been two weeks since Akmal was in a coma. The doctor said that he might be dead. Jonah was depressed he didn't say a word to me since Akmal was in a coma. I went to his house wanting to talk to him. I knocked on the front. The door opened revealing his mum.

"Hi, Mrs. Frantzich uh... Is Jonah here? "I asked.

"No dear, no he isn't here he left for America yesterday "


"He said he didn't want to be here when Akmals body gets buried he said, he wanted to leave the life he made here"

I felt something warm on my cheek, more tears started to fall. The people who understood me the most left me.

"He said to give you this," she said handing me a pen drive.

"Thank you," I said wiping my tears.

"No problem honey, and I'm sorry"

"it's ok," I said, I went to my house, took my shoes of,f and went up to my room crying.I slammed my bedroom door.

I took my laptop and put the pen drive in it. I opened the file in it. There was a video, I clicked on it and saw a picture of all three of us on the beach. The picture changed then came writing.

To the person who made my life Awsome. I can't live without you so I made this song in order to resemble our love. I love you.

Love Akmal.

The song started.. (the song belongs to its rightful owner)

Not trying to be indie

Not trying to be cool

Just trying to be in this

Tell me how you choose

Can you feel why you're in this

Can you feel it through

All of the windows inside this room

Cause I wanna touch you baby

And I wanna feel you too

I wanna see the sunrise all the sins

Just me and you.

I started crying, I can't stay here every place reminded me of him. It's time I change completely. The whole world is gonna know a new Julia Miller. It's time they know the real me.

A/n: Hey guys hope you guys liked this chapter I was literally crying when I wrote this chapter have a good day. Also, the first few chapters will be flashbacks so hope you like it. :-)
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